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User:NNY (user# 14259)
Name:Beef Elric
Location: in a hole, Ohio, United States
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Bio:Bio? Like my life? Psh! Who in their right mind would read that?

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Edo is tough love

Edo is happy love

Edo is kesenai love

Edo and Aru is kyoudai love

Edo is movie love

Ed is don't call me short! love

Edo is serious!love

Ed is evil plotting love!
Think I love Ed? ^.^
Edward Elric is love
Jean Havoc is love
Alphonse Elric is love
Maes Hughes is love
Envy is love
Fletcher Tringham is love
Lust is love
Martel is love
Riza Hawkeye is love
Roy Mustang is love
Izumi Curtis is love
Greed is love
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