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01-14-2003 06:16pm

Hey Bud What's up? I never talk to you anymore... in which case I miss you.
Luv ya,


06-04-2003 11:15pm

hey, if you don't add me to your friends list, well, well, i won’t allow you to be in any more of my orgy dreams, or is that incentive to not add me to your list? hummmm... 6 of one, yet a half dozen of another. but, no no it's not baylee ur stupid. just stop talkin' can you do that?


08-31-2003 06:49pm

Nate! Hey. I've missed seein' you and stuff. Hope we hang out soon.


09-25-2003 10:31pm

Hey there! You are an awesome friend and bud! Hope all goes well for you future! Keep in touch ~ Sara

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