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User:PRiNcESsJuLiA186 (user# 8686)
Location: Texas, United States
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Bio:My name is Julz and I live in Texas. I am 14. I hate my life...sometimes. I like to sleep, read, write, and listen to music. I hate school. I *heart* my friends very, very much...they're the only thing that makes going to school fun at all. Dunno what I'd do without them! ^_^
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Interests:(90) a perfect circle, acting, aim, anger, art, astrology, beauty, blink-182, bubbles, butterflies, caffeine, candy, care bears, cats, chad michael murray, chinese food, chopsticks, christmas, clothes, clouds, dancing, depression, disney, dreaming, ducks, duct tape, eating, emotions, evanescence, fire, flaw, flowers, friends, fuel, glitter, guys, hanging out, happiness, hearts, hoobastank, hot topic, ice cream, jewelry, josh hartnett, legally blonde, linkin park, lost prophets, love, matches, mexican food, monkeys, movies, music, nail polish, oasis, penguins, pizza, poetry, popcorn, puppies, rain, rainbows, reading, reese witherspoon, sailor moon, saliva, sanrio, save the last dance, seether, shopping, singing, smile emtpy soul, south park, sparkles, spring, staind, stars, story of the year, stuffed animals, sunsets, swimming, system of a down, talking, the beach, the color pink, the hot chick, the nightmare before christmas, tv, vampires, writing
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