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User:PhoenixNaito (user# 24061)
Name:Nikki White (Ikken)
Location: Cortland, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:InxDeathsXShadow [add buddy]
Yahoo! IM:Radioactive715 [add user]
Friends:(2) acidtears, TornPrince
Friend Of:(2) dragon-bearer, tornprince
Interests:(69) Sirus, Art, blood, boots, Carley, chains, Chelsea, darkness, drawing, Eric, eyeliner, fishnets, Jenna, old books and novels, rain, ravens, roses, shadows, silver, snow, storms, swords, torn fishnets, wolves, ~Apocalyptica, ~Bauhaus, ~Bella Morte, ~Black Tape For A Blue Girl, ~Cinema Strange, ~Claire Voyant, ~Clan of Xymox, ~Cruxshadows, ~Diary Of Dreams, ~Enya, ~Epica, ~Evanescence, ~Fear Cult, ~Feilds of Nephilium, ~Flowing Tears, ~For My Pain, ~HIM, ~Johann Sebastian Bach, ~Joy Division, ~Katatonia, ~Lacuna Coil, ~Lisa Gerrard, ~London After Midnight, ~Mozart, ~Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, ~Nightwish, ~Nine Inch Nails, ~Peter Murphy (He is so gorgeous!), ~Rammstein, ~Rasputina, ~Rozz Williams, ~Shinedown, ~Siouxsie and the Banshees, ~Skinny Puppy, ~Smile Empty Soul, ~Tchaikovsky, ~The 69 Eyes, ~The Cruxshadows, ~The Gathering, ~This Mortal Coil, ~TMITG, ~VNV Nation, ~Wumpscut, ~Zeraphine, ~Zeromancer
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