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watch it roll
Dream Free
This community is where it all happens and or goes down, place your bets, you know your right.
When you joing plz enter information about yourself following these First name, nick name, location, age, marital status, job title, kids and there ages, monthly income if u want, and a description of your self or a pic if you enter a pic plz put it on tags not into the communtiy.
all information in this top box is what the community is about at updates on whats is going on, all links this half of the journal will take you to information about the designers.
the bottom box is where users posts will be entered and all links will take you to the users information.
20/6/03 + 15:56

This is where updates about the community will be wrote in.
at the moment its like this until someone gives me ideas, feel free to send me any thought by clicking on feedback.

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you took my dreams away...


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Now i can dream no more, im dead inside.

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