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User:SavedByTheBell (user# 10710)
Name:'Saved by the Bell
Location: Illinois, United States
Information:Hey everyone. This is a journal for everyone that has been an avid follower of "Saved by The Bell." The shows are dwindling down to a mere few episodes a day, it's becoming harder and harder to follow the show. This community was set up in order for fellow SBTB-aholics to support each other, and just to discuss any questions or post a favorite episode, etc. However, we are sticking to old school SBTB. None of this New Class nonsense. "Good Morning Miss Bliss" and "The College Years" are naturally accepted. If your addiction is to New Class however, I highly suggest you don't post it here. Remember, we're all just here to have some fun. Nobody will judge you...or your sad obsession!
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Created:>2003-08-14 00:37:21
Last Update:09 17 2003
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