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:: 2011 21 November :: 10.56 pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: Nicki Minaj



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:: 2010 3 February :: 6.52 pm

Dear June 21st 2006...

I'm gonna do it!!!!!!!!!! Yyyaaaaayy!!!

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:: 2010 14 January :: 7.48 pm

Life's not fair.

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:: 2009 28 July :: 11.04 pm
:: Mood: annoyed

There's a burning smell in my apartment that's not going away. We called maintainance, but they only come out for emergencies.

...So what's an emergency? Hopefully the fire department around here doesn't work the same way.

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:: 2009 16 July :: 10.04 pm
:: Music: Mos Def - Quiet Dog

All about yourself...the survey.
Created by adawg and taken 427948 times on Bzoink
All about yourself...
First name?:: Shannon
Middle name?:: Alyssa
Like your name?:: of course
Named after anyone?:: not that I know of
Any nicknames?:: Sunshine, little Sha-nay-nay
Age?:: 19
Birthdate?:: 2/15/90
Birthplace?:: GR
Time you were born?:: ??
Current location?:: Tampa, FL in my apt
Height?:: 5'4?
Like your height?:: yeah
Eye color?:: brown/green
Contacts/glasses?:: both
Hair color?:: brown/blondish now
Natural hair color?:: darker, auburn brown
Dye your hair often?:: nope, never
Righty or lefty?:: righty
Your favorite...
Type of music?:: indie, R&B, bhangra and on occasion, rap
Band or singer?:: Regina Spektor
TV show?:: Degrassi
Movie?:: Breakfast at Tiffany's?
TV channel?:: eh... CNN?
Radio station?:: WBULL
Place to be?:: w/ my friends in Michigan
Thing to do?:: kayaking
Food?:: pizza
Non alcoholic drink?:: V8 Splash
Alcoholic drink?:: vodka and sprite or SoCo
Animal?:: zebra. definitely
Holiday?:: Valentine's Day
Season?:: summer in MI, fall in FL
Sport?:: ...kayaking
Place to shop?:: Forever 21
Clothing brand?:: none
Restaurant?:: IHOP
Fruit?:: peaches
Vegetable?:: taters
Fast food restaurant?:: Taco Bell
Pizza topping?:: pineapple
Ice cream flavor?:: Cookies n Cream
Magazine?:: Rolling Stones
City?:: Tampa, for now I guess.
Color?:: pink
Number?:: 5
This or that...
Chocolate or vanilla?:: chocolate
Pepsi or coke?:: coke
Hot or cold?:: cold
Black or white?:: white
Dog or cat?:: cat
French toast or pancakes?:: pancakes
French fries or onion rings?:: ugh neither
Hamburger or hot dog?:: ham.. burger?
Pepperoni or sausage?:: neither
Britney or Christina?:: Christina can sing.
McDonalds or Burger King?:: Burger King
50 Cent or Eminem?:: Eminem
Canada or Mexico?:: Mexico!
Hug or kiss?:: kiss
Movies or TV?:: movies
Truth or dare?:: dare
Do you...
Shower daily?:: yup
Sing in the shower?:: of course
Like to sing?:: yup
Like to dance?:: uh huh
Smoke?:: no
Drink?:: once in a while
Cuss?:: depends where I am
Talk to yourself?:: yes. Tampa has made me nuts
Believe in yourself?:: in what situation? I'd say mostly yes
Play an instrument?:: guitar? sorta?
Go to school?:: yup
Go to college?:: USF
Have a job?:: Camilles
Like your job?:: sure. I just got a raise
Want to get married?:: yup
Want to have kids?:: yeah
Get along with your parents?:: yup
Get along with your siblings?:: yup
Drive?:: yes
Do you think you're trustworthy?:: yes
Think your funny?:: yeah sometimes. I'm horrible at re-telling jokes
Ever toilet papered someones house?:: I was involved in the act. That's all I can say.
Gone garbage can tipping?:: no that's lame
What are your parents names?:: Michael & Stacey
Siblings names?:: Brandon, Jess, Stef
Do you wash your hands frequently?:: yes
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?:: four
Collect anything?:: no
Ever been in love?:: infatuated
In love right now?:: no
What color pants are you wearing right now?:: blue skinny jeans
How does your hair look?:: HOT! I'm going to a party
Ever had your heartbroken?:: mmhmm
Ever broken the law?:: sure
Been arrested?:: nope
Been out of the country?:: Canada
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?:: no
When was the last time you got drunk?:: Magic's game
Do you do drugs?:: no
When was the last time you were high on anything?:: never
Do you prefer the lights on or off?:: on
Would you ever get plastic surgery?:: no
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?:: boxers
Do you like to laugh?:: yes
Ever had a bloody nose?:: yes
Have you ever caught a fish?:: yes
What was the last thing you ate?:: a poptart
What time do you go to bed?:: whenever
What's your favorite color?:: ugh
Do you like to give or recieve?:: recieve
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?:: nope. maybe facebook?
Do you live alone?:: yes sorta. I have roommates, but it's pretty much just me
Do you own a blender?:: no
Do you like the snow?:: no
Ever been up a mountain?:: no
Ever been rootin'?:: no
Do you like surprises?:: yes
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
Take This Survey | Search Surveys | Create a Survey

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:: 2009 5 May :: 3.40 am

Today I got jumped on Clearwater beach. Wow. How about that.

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:: 2009 17 March :: 11.03 pm
:: Mood: alive
:: Music: Ben Folds - Landed

We'd hit the bottom
I thought it was my fault
And in a way I guess it was
I'm just now finding out
What it was all about

We moved to the west coast
Away from everyone
She never told me that you called
Back when I was still
I was still in love

But I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's "bye-bye. Goodbye. I tried"
And I twisted it wrong just to make it right
Had to leave myself behind
And I've been flying high all night
So come pick me up
I've landed

The daily dramas
She made from nothing
So nothing ever made them right
She liked to push me
And talk me back down
Til I believed I was the crazy one
And in a way I guess I was

Until I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's "bye-bye. Goodbye. I tried"
Dragging the sea of a troubled mind
Had to leave myself behind
Singing bye-bye, goodbye I tried

If you wrote me off
I'd understand it
Cause I've been on
Some other planet
So come pick me up
I've landed

And you will be so
Happy to know
I've come alone
It's over

When I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's bye-bye, goodbye I tried
Down comes the reign of the telephone czar
It's ok to call
I will answer for myself

Come pick me up
Come pick me up
I've landed

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:: 2008 2 December :: 8.08 pm
:: Mood: restless
:: Music: Wallis Bird - Counting to Sleep

Counting 1,2,3,4
Consequence can bear resemblance
To a swinging door
The way Iím acting is ridiculous
Like a dog in heat Ė following and sniffing your tail
What is wrong with me?
I know, I know

'Cos you're a delicate feather that swings in the air
Itís a vision I carry so sorry if I stare
And I have to be careful youíre a
Bubble in my hand

So we stole a car, for some release
But we didnít get far Ė cos I couldnít drive
And I made up words, for some release
Cos all we could say was gibberish slurs
And I distanced myself, for some release
Then developed my love for you, when I couldnít sleep

Counting 1,2,3,4
The times I couldnít breathe when I kissed you
Wanting more and more
I never felt this way before
Really something new
Or really something deliciously dangerous
And itís only you
But youíre wild, youíre wild

And you're a delicate feather that swings in the air
Itís a vision I carry so sorry if I stare
And I have to be careful youíre a
Bubble in my hand

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