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10-28-2003 04:58pm

I wuv you, Ambular!


11-15-2003 11:09pm

Heh, not as much as I love her.


12-04-2003 12:35pm

yeah, well i gots ya both beat......

take that.


04-16-2004 05:13pm

You lie!


01-09-2005 12:37pm

Dearest Abners! YOUR 18!! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!
I love you soo much, your the most amazing person I know in this world. And I would do anything for you. Even kill George W. Bush.. I love ya girlie!


01-19-2005 12:45pm

you know abners... as i sit here in my computer applications... im thinking about you.. not in that creepy kinda way.. no i dont want to kill you.. i wish i could be back at weaubleau right now having lunch with you and evan a lizzy and tara.. and thats just about it.. but i miss you soo much.. now i know i will get to see you and evo saturday.. but i wish that i could see you everyday...i miss you guys more than anything in the world...*hug*...

thinking of you....but not in a creepy stalker kinda way.


01-25-2005 05:51pm

hey amber its tori you have the same disorders as me! haha! were twins mentally

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