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User:Silently-Broken (user# 16503)
Location: Hidden by Shadows..
I created this community for poets =] n00b or not, it's for ANYONE who writes poetry. Doesn't have to be depressing ones like mine O.o; Would like to read something cheerful once in a while anyway XP

This is also a place where you can post poetry written by someone else that you thought was amazingly wonderful. But if you do, please give credit to the author of the poem.

Please -- Constructive critcism and ignorant bashing are two different things. "The meter is off a bit, and you made a lot of spelling mistakes but that can be fixed." is constructive criticism but "oMg lYke DiS iS Da ShIt nD i CAn dO mUcHh bEttA DeN yOrs." is stupid, lame, not helpful, and annoying. No, "this poem sucks." either.
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