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User:SnOwFlAkEa4 (user# 6812)
Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States
Bio:My lifes like a human rollercoaster. Just like every other teenager i have problems in my life as well.and i do deal with them when i get to i like myself and sometimes i wish i wasnt me.But i have wonderful people who listen + care about me when i feel like that and they make me glad to be who i am.+ i wont change for any reason what so ever unless i really think its needed.Although i take advice from anybody and im very grateful for the advice that i do receive. but... You cannot see who i really am by reading my journal.U have to talk to me.see the real me.see i have my serious side where ill sit + cry with you for hours and then i can be a total goofball + just be totally random + crazy ..I just ask a couple things : 1-dont make rude comments towards any of my friends on here. 2-dont make rude comments towards my posts this is MY journal so i do write what I want to 3-dont label me nor any of my friends because its not who we are... 4-if you add me..comment and tell me that you did dont just do it and then expect me to notice because i probally wont .....+ thats it i think. My Friends are the greatest..i dont know where id be w* out them love you guys
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