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User:SugarPeep (user# 135)
Location: Allendale, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:MageFeather [add buddy]
Bio: Fogive me for the Pink! It really isn't my fave color.. I just am the Sugar Peep.. so. bear with it. You know.. polar.. grizzley.. honey.. bears. :) Erm.. I'm not shy. Approach me and prepair to be met with skepticism. Sorry. This is how I've been trained.
Friends:(6) crazygirl, JediBumblebee, Rachely, ShadowCow, sugarpeep, Tuwang
Friend Of:(6) crazygirl, danibean, holiday, JediBumblebee, Rachely, SugarPeep
Interests:(1) Art.. music... art.. RPG video games.. art.. movies... art... small mammals... and fish.. art.. gryphons... art..chocolate
Created:2002-02-14 15:43:41
Last Update:05 01 2007
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