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:: 2008 29 April :: 1.14 am
:: Mood: Emo

I wrote you a letter and I signed it with a smile.
I asked you how you've been and if you've seen your brother.
I wanted to know your position on the weather.
Maybe it's only winter where I sit.

I told you that I miss you.
Your coffee wasn't as bitter.
I wanted you to call me.
Right now your at a party.

Best friends fade into the summer.
Responses cause viral diseases.
There is no need to write me.
We were only pretending for the masses.

You were only being friendly.
Godly to the core.
Forget I even wrote you.
I didn't say I needed the support.

Life is so much easier anonymous.
Cyber and alone.


:: 2008 27 April :: 3.12 am
:: Mood: Tired

I am very talented.
I live for my talent.
If only I knew the right people.

I could easily say good-bye to Washington.
I would roll all over more than just Lincoln, Hamilton, and Jackson.
I would rub hard on McKinley, Cleveland, Madison, and Chase.
When I got a hold of Wilson, I would do more than roll and rub.

It is sick how poor I am.


:: 2008 15 April :: 4.57 am


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