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[ SwitchBladeLoving ]

:: 2004 20 March :: 10.00 pm
:: Mood: --none-
:: Music: Basement Jaxx -- Romeo

.x. done and over .x.
I'm done with the journal. I've moved on to better journal names. No more. Nothing. Done. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nope, Nada. 0. Done. over. Gone. Died. Death. Dead. Dead and buried. Ect, ect, ect. Gone.....

peace out for the last time,


[ SwitchBladeloving ]

:: 2004 9 January :: 10.50 pm
:: Mood: RANTING
:: Music: GreenDay: Everybody Hurts

Okay, the word 'doll'. What's up with it? I love the owrd So much. It sounds so classic and perfect. I don't know what there is about it but it makes me smile everytime I hear it. Baby doll. I just love it. it seems so pretty and not over-used or sassy. It's like a short black skirt. Classic yet flirty. It's such a classy word. It just like makes my mind go to like the ganster times. Or like the 'innocent age' of humanity. The same with the word 'kitten.' It bothers me some times but it's still cool. And what about the word 'savvy'? I mean..come on! I LOVE THAT WORD! It's so cool. Always makes me think of pirates and Johnny Depp. ::SWOOSH:: Think of that. It's so cool how my mind just does that. Kinda cool really.
Oh...but that's all for now. I'll be back later....maybe.
Peace and luck


[ SwitchBladeLoving ]

:: 2004 9 January :: 10.05 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: All American Rejects: Time Stands Still

*Shut Up. Just Shut up*

Today was cool. I found out that my dad's old record player still works. ROCK ON! I was also looking though his vinyl collection which is only like 30 some but I found a few goods one. I listend to a few. Not bad. But I want more varity. But of course, there aren't any good shops so I'm screwed there. But i will privail. I will just have to look harder. I just want a new varity of stuff to engulf my soul with. You know, I just want something fresh and cool. And I want it on color vinyl. {LOL} I was seeing if Kimmi knew any of the bands that I know. You know.....
The Clash
Ed Harcourt
The Ramones
Green Day
The Staring Line
Count the Stars
The Movielife
Face to Face

And some others. But she didn't know ANY of them. I almost shit myself with total shock! And them I asked her about the Sex Pistols. Guess what she said....she said..and I quote:
"Well, I know about sex and I know about guns. Does that count?"

I almost had a flippin' heart attack! She SO doesn't ahve any clue what I like. But it's okay. I can deal. She's not the only one who doesn't get me. My own family doesn't even get me. But it's okay. Forget about it. I was talking to Adam and he was, of course, reading a Buffy-The Slayer of Vampires- and on the cover she is waering this thin, loose, light purple spagitta strap shirt. And Adam was like "Oh my god, her boobs are diffrent sizes!" And I take a look and by God, THEY ARE! But then we relived that since she couldn't of been waering a bra with that shirt and that she was leaning againest a wall thing that she was just tilting. But it was like the funniest thing all day! Yeah but today in home base. Ben, Alli, Sarah, Bret, and I all went to teh band room to keep truckin' on our concert song. We are callling it (sorry bout the spelling) 'Skinfencia'. It starts out happy (written by Alli), then sad (written by ben). Then a few drum solos and a few clairnets get their time to shine. And then happy and back to sad. And we are even going to all -THE WHOLE BAND- get up and move to other seats during teh preformance. It's going to be grand. And we are thinking about even doing a visual animation thing over the screen thing 2get the crowd into it. We are all going completly out for this thing. Alli, Sarah, and I are going to stay after school to work on the computer drafting parts. Ben can't...he has piano lessons at that time. But it's all good. We gals can do it just fine..I hope! But to change the subject yet again. I was looking though the cabniet with the old elctronics in it and I found a box and in it there was an older style recored and a few tapes already used. I listened to htem and i found out that my dad and Bugbee used to go out and do duck and fox calling contests. My dad beat him SO bad. It was so funny. But the bad news is that the recorer doesn't work any more. Sad, i know, but you can't have it all. OH AND! I MIGHT GET TO GO TO LONDON AND PARIS!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! I kinda don't want to but then again, I do. I want to take pictures for this thing I'm doing. But it's not FOR SURE yet. But my mum was looking online for plain tickets so, there is a REALLY GOOD CHANCE that I will. Well, me, Ellyse, and Issac. But still, I can deal with Issac. It's Ellyse that I'm worried about. She's such a bitch. {LOL} GRRRRR! But I gotta go. Later Daze. Peace.

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