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07-13-2005 09:30pm

Bwa ha, first to sign your guestbook.

Just wanted to say thanks for the countless nights you've stayed up and talked with me.


07-14-2005 05:19pm

"Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria
Oh can you feel it, do you believe it?
It's such a magical mysteria
When you get that feelin', better start believin'
'Cause it's a miracle, oh say you will, oh babe
Hysteria when you're near..
Out of me, into you yeah
You could hide it's just a one way street,
Oh, I believe I'm in you, yeah
Open wide, that's right, dream me off my feet
Oh, believe in me.."

My Sirus,
Eventhough you've signed my guestbook first, I still love you more. You know it, too.
I dedicate that Def Leppard song to you, as you know they are our 'soundtrack'. ;)



12-31-2006 12:53am

hey, thanks for the comment. this is the only place I could find to leave a comment. I hope you are doing well & all is well. it's good to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

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