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:: 2004 27 June :: 8.27 pm
:: Mood: thirsty

now that i have payed for woohu, i dont want it anymore

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:: 2004 13 May :: 8.50 pm
:: Mood: clean
:: Music: blink 182

hmmm yesterdy I didnt go to school because sleeping seemed more fun.. so i slept all day. But today I was super tired.

I watched that american guy get beheaded online by the stupid Iraqi people.. it made me sick, I regret watching it.

Tomorow is the hockey gammeee & I dont know how I am getting there yet because I havent talked to erica or chelsea since they are retarded! & chelsea is a bimbo hehehe.

I made dinner for my mom tonight for her late kind of mothers day present.. it was goooood :] She better have liked it.

My cd burner broke and that really sucks.

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:: 2004 11 May :: 10.20 pm
:: Mood: my stomach hurts
:: Music: trapt

today we got to learn the under the board walk song in spanish, it was so cool =] but i forgot the words because i suck at spanish.

ooooo last night me & erica & chelsea went to the everblades game.. it was fun =} we got to sit next to the anchor for wink news or something!!! he's wife got mad at him in the beggining and they left but than they came back.. i was listening hehehe. oh and we saw mr. flory.. he is still mean, he wouldnt let us whatch the band practice.. stupid!


:: 2004 8 May :: 6.36 pm
:: Mood: bored

okay, im updating. last night was so dumb!!! k;fjgdasidjf;sdf. I went to the movies with erica, chelsea, and this girl lauren because I thought we were actually going to see a MOVIE but no. Chelsea is retarded and kept walking around. But than carols friend? drove us to target even though we could have walked like two steps and we were there but oh well were lazy! and i got my mom a mothers day card =]. Than we went back to erica;s and i left my shirt there i just remembered, poo. heheh. oh and i left my bracelet there too ah. but there was alot of people at the movies i havent seen in a long time.. but im still never going back to the movies unless i am going to actually see a movie..........................yas. and now im working on this project for my dad's office that is going to pay me 100$! woohu =D

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:: 2004 1 May :: 12.08 am
:: Mood: boofalala

okay, now I'm going to start updating this thing since I paid for it :]. This week I have been trying to get all my grades up, and its worked for some of my classes.. kinda. Fui!

I went to the everblades game tongiht with chelsea =) STUPID MAXIE was suppose to go but she is a fag and than erica was suppose to go but her STUPID boyfriend is a fag also, so we went by ourselfs and chelsea worked some of that magic she has and got us seats so we didnt have to stand... heheh. The game was really good.. it was so loud!!! At the end everyone was throwing shat at the other team mahahha. They're dumb.

Film Festival this weekend.. I want a shirt!!

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:: 2004 14 April :: 6.54 pm
:: Mood: hungry
:: Music: tv

Shit, I need to pay that 2 bucks.

Yesterday I didnt come to school since we had no power. I cant take a shower in the dark ya know.

Progress reports came out today.. my algebra teacher is a FUCKING IDOIT!! For the last week I have been trying to pay attention and not talk, but its hard cause she sucks at teaching. She gave me like 500 billion bad comments saying that I dont listen and i dont turn in my work, idiot. I thought I had been turning in my work, apparently not since I already have an F in there :p

Oops I wanted to write about more stuff, but some fat man is bringing up my chianese. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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:: 2004 11 April :: 7.21 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: evanescence

i need to go shopping again :}
I hate all of you who went to the concert.. YOU SUCK.

My cousins didnt leave till today, so we went to the beach. I babysat my niece and two nephews the other night =D they are so cute!! but i also had to babysit my cousin who is like 8 or 9 and the biggest little bitch ever i thought i was going to kill her. she kept hitting one of the kids so i told her to sit down and shut up and she got all pissed off and ran in the bathroom and shut the door. after awhile i went to check on her and she wasnt there!! i like peed my pants i thought i lost her, but she climbed down the laundry shoot and was sitting outside laughing cause she thought it was funny. :DFLKJ:LKSDFJ:KDFJ bitch.

My mom gave me an easter basket with shampoo & conditioner and razor blades. how laaaaame. =]

Today I got to drive from pine island to the beach.. SCARY.

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:: 2004 10 April :: 10.52 am
:: Mood: my stomach hurts

happy birthday to anna!!


:: 2004 9 April :: 12.12 am
:: Mood: that feeling where you know you are forgetting som
:: Music: hoobastank!


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:: 2004 7 April :: 5.03 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: incubus

bah! my cousins leave today =P i'm sad. my sister got to stay home today and go over to one of their hotel rooms but i cant because i have already had my "sick" days even though i was actually sick..?? yeah i dont get that.

tomorow i have and orthodontist appointment hmmmmm yeah im going to go to bells after and get me some shoes :]

i wanna go to that concert at fgcu.. poo.

happy birthday to ashlieee!!
i bring cupcakes tomorow :]

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:: 2004 2 April :: 9.15 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: afi

Hola. Just got back from the movies with Anna. We saw 'The Prince & Me'.. DUMB. I wanted to see that movie with Liv Tyler in it but nooo. Yesterday we played lacrosse on the beach and I got all sick from that fucking energy drink Allie gave me.. or maybe it was from the asthma inhaler.

Hmm.. nothing happened today. Me and Ashlie made our class write a powergraph on our newspaper article.. it was funny. tehe

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:: 2004 30 March :: 9.08 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: smile empty soul

Shiaat. Today was dumb and boring, like all the other days. I keep thinking people can see me threw my blinds, and I'm getting all paranoid about it. I told my sister to go outside to see if she could see me, but she was on the phone so I dont think she was paying attention. So yeah, I think I need some curtains or something.

I'm very pissed off at myself for not buying the things I needed when I went shopping. I only like one of the shirts I got, and I didnt even buy any pants. grrr. I need to go again.

Some of my cousins come down tomorow, and the rest come down saturday.. YAY.

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:: 2004 28 March :: 7.25 pm

im a physco
Yeah, I had to delete all those test because it screwed up my journal.

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:: 2004 27 March :: 7.46 pm
:: Mood: hungry
:: Music: tv

Wooo I got to go shopping today! Me and Anna went, and we had to ride the bus home.. it was funny. We looked like spoiled bitches hahah. I got a pair of pants, some shirts, a new purse, and a really cool bracelet.

Next weekend like my whole family is coming down from ohio to stay on the beach. It is going to be awesome I cant wait :D

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:: 2004 25 March :: 5.57 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: m shepard

Today was boring, but I'm happy because tomorow is Friday :] I want to go shopping this weekend, cause I have no clothes. I've got $350 =D

I'm hungry, so I think I'll go order me some chianese ... mmmmmmm.

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:: 2004 23 March :: 8.29 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: All of this

Ew. Today we had a bus full of cocroaches. Nobody saw them, because it is dark when we get on the bus. So this afternoon our bus driver said when it was light out and she could see, the bus was infested with over a hundred cocroaches and that we should check our bags to make sure they didnt crawl in there. Yuck.. I hate cocroaches.

The new science teacher is def, blind, and has no personality.. and is short. Robert was cuter. =D


:: 2004 17 March :: 11.09 am
:: Mood: accomplished

YAY i got my permit


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:: 2004 8 March :: 5.53 pm
:: Mood: frustrated
:: Music: thursday

secure hatch before launch
I lied.. I am going to keep this journal :]

Err.. Thursday after school me and Lauren went to the AFI concert.. it was awesome :D The lead singer from Thursday has cheerleader moves..haha.

Over the weekend I went to my dad's house and came back to go to see Allison at the shrimp parade.. yay. I finally got my kettle corn I crave all year. :)

Tomorow is fcat and I like having it .. we get to see movies and we have no work in any other classes.

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:: 2004 22 February :: 6.49 pm

I'm not useing this journal anymore.. just to let you know.

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