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[ holiday ]

:: 2003 8 February :: 12.36 am

We haven't posted on here in a VERY long time!
Hm. I don't know.

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[ charlie ]

:: 2002 24 October :: 8.20 pm

my girlfriend is sick, that's a bummer, i hope she gets better because when she isn't feeling good i start to worry about her. being sick is no fun and i worry too much.

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[ charlie ]

:: 2002 17 October :: 10.28 am

should i tell her that she misspelled "weinerschnitzel"?

welcome to der weinerschnitzel can i take your order please?

yes i want two large cokes, two large fries, dr. pepper, super deluxe with cheese and tomato!

do you want bill sperm with that?

No, ALL!

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[ holiday ]

:: 2002 12 October :: 9.12 pm

Please...I do not know what the heck i was writing, haha.
Hm...So let's see, What are your thoughts on, anything. haha. you should get on soon so i can talk to you. :-)

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[ holiday ]

:: 2002 12 October :: 3.27 pm


Are funny. On the box they show the fruit all having fun.
The lime is skating, the banana is tanning, the cherry is riding a surfboard, the orange and the strawberry have a rope, and there's another banana skateboarding.
Gee, i'm bored. Do you think those perverts tried to sneak any sexual-references in there? they could've. Disney did.
The cherry isn't wearing a shirt. no one else is wearing pants.

Wow. I don't know what i'm writing.
holy crap, ahahahahahaha. that was so dumb. oh well.

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[ charlie ]

:: 2002 10 October :: 4.24 pm

masturbation has always had its merits

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[ charlie ]

:: 2002 2 October :: 8.21 pm

what's that sound? it sounds like a whip...yep, definitely a whip

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[ holiday ]

:: 2002 2 October :: 7.51 pm

I just started this, now join, and have an
enjoyable time...blah. later

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