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:: 2003 27 August :: 8.45 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: The Folksmen- Blood on the Coal

"It was April 27th, in the year of '91..."
Wa la la la.
I was grounded. So that's why I didn't write for awhile. I was grounded because I was at the Farmer's Market, and really felt sick... dizzy and naseauted. I went to the bathroom, and just sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes. I told Missy I felt sick, and she told me to call home. I did... and I expected sympathy from the one called mother, but I received none. Instead I was told to stay there and suck it up. I tried. I went to the bathroom again, and just sat on the toilet. I called dad from a payphone, and lied, and said I threw up, just so I could come home. He was mad, but picked me up anyway. I was yelled at. I went home and slept for about an hour. Mom woke me up, and said that I should go to Claudia's lunch thing, because if I didn't, I'd be punishing her instead of me, etc... I went, and had a good time. We ate at Greek Islands. Kristina, Lizzie, me, Claudia, and all our parents came. They all ate calamari, which in my opinion, is THE grossest thing ever. I mean... its just deep-fried squid. With the little legs attached and everything. Claudia opened one, and all the little organs were in it. Rrrrrrrrr.
After lunch, we went to the mall, along with Shalee and Laura. After the mall, all of us, excluding Shalee and Laura, went to Kristina's house and did Martina. Thennnn... I can't remember what else I did up until now. School started today. High school. And I am a lowly freshman. Whee. I got lost. I don't know. I didn't really like it. I like junior high a lot better. And elementary school. Pshhhh. Well, I gotta go now and buy a backpack. Byeeeeeee.

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