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10-14-2003 09:15pm

I know where you live...


11-30-2003 05:36pm

Hello j/k, Paul.


12-28-2003 06:24am

hay man, how is it going... its me. just wanted to write in your gestbook (if thats ok with you) so ya. ill talk to you later k? bye


01-07-2004 10:11am

your more than likely not going to read this soo..I can write whatever I want! ha!

Don't you feel funny when you're in the same room as me?

nevermind..I don't know what I mean.

ha! I think I'll call you today!
Love ya.


01-07-2004 08:15pm

HAHAHA!! I posted in your guestbook!!


03-04-2004 10:57pm

-stares blankly at the screen-


03-08-2008 08:55pm

You amaze me. I am so glad to know you, Paul.
I wish I could explain why, but I can't. I wont even try.
I am so proud of you.

I want us to stay friends forever. Your presence in my life, though it seems small, is a huge deal to me. Knowing you're there is one of the greatest reliefs I find in waking up every morning.

This might sound random. I'm sorry.

I have more respect for you than almost anyone else. I trust you completely as a friend, as a person, as anything. Your opinion matters wholly and completely to me.

I am just amazed to know you.
Thank you. For putting up with me and letting me put up with you.

I love you deeply, as a friend, and I always will. I will never regret knowing you.


11-03-2008 10:34pm

Thanks for being such a great friend. =]

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