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:: 2009 18 January :: 5.07 pm

I did my was finished before the deadline. I know you were all very worried about whether or not I'd complete it, but rest assured dear readers, it was completed. Yes, it was. Hopefully, the world doesn't end.

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:: 2009 2 January :: 1.35 pm
:: Mood: aggravated

The Facts.
I need to do my homework. I really need to do my homework. I really, reeeaaalllly need to do my homework. I have to get it done. It has to be completed.

This one time, my cat attacked me. She stole my eye, and I had to battle her for eight hours in order to get it back, which I did. Then this other time, my dog saw it fit to attempt to take over the world. Needless to say, I could not let this happen. I apprehended my fiendish pup in the same way that my cat attempted to apprehend me...I stole the dog's eye. This upset her to such a degree that she declined the opportunity of world domination. A lot of you don't know this, but I've saved the world from ultimate demolition countless times, 'cause I'm a ninja.

Why should I have to do my homework when I'm the one making sure that homework can still be assigned to and by the living? Is that fair?

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:: 2008 11 May :: 9.35 pm

I just had a laughing fit. For absolutely no reason. I didn't even know what was funny, but it lasted forever. I love laughing fits...they are my drug.

Everyone should have a laughing fit at least once a week. They're the greatest thing that could possibly exist.

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:: 2008 9 May :: 8.52 pm

One-two-three o' clock-four o' clock, rock. Yep.
Does anyone else believe that if you stare at a milkshake long enough, it will come to life and laugh at you in a wicked manner so disgustingly maniacal that you feel compelled to throw it away, never to drink from it again? No? Then you need to stare at your milkshakes longer, you silly geese.

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:: 2008 21 April :: 10.12 pm

Rib-it: A Froggy Noise
Story 1
I have decided that, out of the fact that sleep will not come to me, I shall tell a tale of absolute wonder. One of which may shock, enrage, and humor the reader. This story, in its amazing quality, is one that I have never thought of before. The sheer magnificence of it has caused me to post it here today, a day that should now be celebrated in history. What is this story, you ask? Well, let me begin with once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a person on a computer. It was late at night, and rest would not envelope her in it's sweet embrace. Whilst typing, she unconsciously looked behind her, only to find her cat, Pookie, staring at her. The wild gleam in the felines eerie yellow eyes caused our protagonist discomfort. So, to rid herself of this odd evil, she attempted to stare back, hoping to scare the cat away. But the cat was unaffected, watching the strange human in an almost lazy way. The young girl began another method, ordering the feline out of her sight. Again, the cat did not move, but stared, never blinking. The girl began to reach insanity, and while she rocked back and forth upon the floor, Pookie walked, slowly, away, leaving the rocking life form to exist in her own madness. And they all lived happily ever after. Especially the cat, whom we now know to be silently laughing at the human, so easily it had fallen to her will. The End.

This was a fictional tale of wonder. Don't take any of it seriously, for I am not insane in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to make a pretty story with a kitty in it. Said kitty is now chasing a bug, and I still can't sleep. I hope you enjoyed this story; I have to go get my sister a tissue box now, goodbye, and goodnight.

The story may be familiar to some...

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:: 2008 21 April :: 9.44 pm
:: Mood: indifferent

I haveth a journal...worship me in thy peasentness. For I am holy!

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