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User:ad0rablebaby (user# 3758)
Location: Ft.Myers, Florida
AOL IM:The Reject Angel [add buddy]
Bio:I'm a really wierd person with a lot of secrets that I know you want to know. I have a really screwed up life. So if you still wanna hear about it, just ask to be added to my friends list, babuh. [Ok...story behind my name, my name is spelled S H A N O N. For awhile I spelt it wrong on purpose because everyone else did but now I spell it right again. Thanx]
Friends:(2) ashliesaid, brokenheartedloser
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Interests:(48) A nightmare before Christmas, acting goofy, acting strange, All American Rejects, Austin Powers, being lazy, being wierd, black, blink182, blood, blue, cheerleading, Christina Aguilera, clothes, coldplay, crying, cute guys, death, Eminem, Good Charlotte, hanging out, hate, icons, Justin Timberlake, making fun of myself, mall, Matchbox Twenty, movies, music, music videos, my friends, Nelly, orange, photography, pink, Punk'd, shoes, shopping, Simple Plan, St. Lunatics, strange people, sum41, Trapt, updating my journal, webdesign, white, White stripes, writing
Created:2003-03-22 13:49:32
Last Update:11 18 2004
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