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:: 2004 1 May :: 3.23 pm
:: Mood: Lunchin'
:: Music: Saosin-7 Years

well last night i went to the movies with Gina and Jesse and Monica was going to go but idk what happened with her so ya..We went to watch Godsend at Calexico and we got there like freakin 40 minutes early so we were lunchin in the theater for like half an got pop corn..and she like ate it before the movie started and then i ate some the movie started and it was all freaky it was freakin awesome though..i liked it alot and then we just took off home and we justl lunched'. Next morning i got up and went to Yuma with my mom and bro and was pretty koo. we went to um millers and i got a koo belt and then we went to this kick ass One Dollar store and i got all kinds of koo stuff. then we ate at jack in the box. So now i am back here lunchin' at my house..jesse ditched he took off to Disney's hCalifornia Adventure ya..i think hes having here i am at going to try to write some songs so out

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:: 2004 30 April :: 4.08 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: .Em.Evas.-Informalities Of Romance (Again haha)

Our band that we formed a week ago shall official be know as An.Emmolient.Elegy. for those who are wondering what it means....ill tell you if you ask me so ya..Stephen is working on the website and stuff like that....i like the same and so does stephen ..but jesse ( supposibly our bass player and my cousin) doesnt really like the name at all..but w/e the hell with it he doesnt like it...he can just get out or something..i think stephen likes it..i like it...idk bout Rob cuz he doesnt know ya...ill keep you posted on that im just home and i think im going to the movies to watch ya that should be pretty grand...

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:: 2004 29 April :: 6.18 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: .Em.Evas.-Informalities of Romance

so here i am at my house just lunchin' and listening to some tunes and just relaxing...well um i gotta go get my guitar from jesse's house so i can hopefully come up with some songs im just here at my house thinking about what to do ..i almost finished my pinata :D and thats awesome. Then this lil group ppl are coming over to check on our school so students have to actually be doing something..and they have to behave and stuff like that. so ya...

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:: 2004 29 April :: 2.30 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Mrs. Natwick's Lecture.....Again...

so here i am lunchin' in mrs. natwicks class doing power point presentation and its pretty koo...i got my koo power point presentation done...we were supposed to have jammed with stephen but he didnt show and that kinda sucked lol. i tried to come up with some songs but it didnt really work sucked...well g2g ..

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:: 2004 28 April :: 1.12 pm
:: Mood: Lunchin'
:: Music: Mrs. Natwick's Lecture

so here i am at kic and this day is going alright i guess. im just lunchin here and thank God classes are only 25 minutes long today because its a short day..thats pretty grand. Only two more days till the weekend *relief*..mrs. natwich is being a stupid bitch again..shes pretty damn dumb and i dont like her at all. she can be ok sometimes but the rest of the time shes just stupid and annoying....she should seriously quit teaching...but ne we are going to jam and we should finish up the song..and we are going to get a website for our band but first we need to agree on a name and ill keep you posted on that should be a really awesome website with an pretty koo band lol. so ya and ill also try to post some songs when we actually get some and record them so ill keep you posted on that one too. well i shall go and actually pay attetion to my idiotic

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:: 2004 27 April :: 2.05 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Mrs. Natwick Yelling

here i am at school lunchin' and mrs. natwick is back..*sigh*...the hoe is always like damn woman cool your jets...shes kinda air headed too.. she has her moments once in a while. Im still wearing these rubber bands on my teeth and they pretty much hurt...cuz its kinda pulling back my teeth so it sux...and i just found out that i did more work than i was supposed to do thats not kool. I have art next period and i havent even started on my Pinata...that project started TWO WEEKS AGO..haha..that sux for me...and i dont know whats going on in this class and that really sux..this teacher is kinda stupid lol. She even mixes herself up while giving the lesson. These rubbers bands on my teeth are really hurting..aww its really annoying.

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:: 2004 26 April :: 8.46 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Sugarcult-Memory

so here i am at home lunchin'. today was alright i listening to the new sugarcult joint and it is freakin rad also pretty hyped cuz we actually got to jam with stephen...and i want to learn how to scream..and me and jesse are writing some material...and hopefully it will turn out alright...i took tiffany's quiz..(chick from Colfax that i met on the net and i love her too) and i got a 100/100 :D. im that so ya tommorow should suck cuz i have to go to school and i need to go to sleep lol..but w/e i need to take a shower ne way...ya i heard that Gina is also going to cut her hair short and spike are telling her crap but i think it should turn out pretty damn rad...hopefully it goes well..and her hair cut turns out to be.....well....Gina i I also want to get pink or burgundy streaks in my hair but my mom wont let me....cuz ppl at church will think wrong of me or something...but w/e hopefully it happens too....well im going to sleep

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:: 2004 26 April :: 2.10 pm
:: Mood: tired

so here i am with kristin in KIC and it is boring....Kristin didnt get the idea of what a journal was so tired right now and my head is starting to hurt so i better not be getting sick again cuz that would seriously suck a lot....yesterday was alright, i lunched with jesse and didnt go to church and i didnt go to seminary this morning..and harminee was all calling me up in the morning but i didnt answer..haha....cuz i didnt want to go to ya now i have to do my work for KIC.

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:: 2004 25 April :: 1.59 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Atreyu-Lip Gloss and Black

im tired and i woke up and my neck hurt all kinds and it sucked but w/e.....i woke up and my family decided not to go to church so i was like right i had to go to pick up these chicken plates that we bought off of becky and we had to go pick them up ...i ate one and it wasnt that was ok i i am at home lunchin' and on the net..thinking of something to do ...oh snap..i need to start on my Pinata...for art....*dammit*.....and i have to do some homework...but the hell with it ill do it later..i dont want to do it right neck hurts and its sore for some reason, which really ya.

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:: 2004 25 April :: 12.00 am
:: Mood: Anxious/Tired
:: Music: Song.That.Stephen.Wrote.Today.(Its.Awesome.But.Doesnt.Have.Name)

so today we had our first official band rehearsal and it was rad. Stephen is such a kick ass guitar player but he wants to be a lead singer and thats koo i guess..but hes so good at i dont feel im good enough to be with him.haha. Hes WAY good at guitar so i seriously need to get better.....and tired for some reason. I also went to the movies last night to watch 13 going on 30 and it was a pretty good movie so ya..then i just crashed out when i got home...and it was koo lol. now im at home tired and hoping that i will come up with a song....hopefully....

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:: 2004 23 April :: 2.08 pm
:: Mood: My Teeth Hurt....

Your Issues Can't Be Solved With The Ressurection of Your Soul

If You Approach The Act No One Could Achieve Replacing Your Charming Role

Your Age Is Bearly Growing, You Got Your Whole Life Ahead

It Would Be A Tragedy If I Walked In and Found You Dead

In-Considerate Comments are Not Valuable From Your Peers

Future Conclusion Can Lead To The Shedding Of Tears

Ponder All Your Thoughts In Your Head Using Your Brain

Re-Think The Meaning of Life and Hop Back In The Train

My mouth really hurts and it Im at shcool doing nothing. Thank God the day is almost over then tonight i shall be going to the movies with a couple of friends *yay*. It should be pretty grand, now i need to find a way to get some money of my mom. Ya and i still havent asked permission to go to the movies so that really sux. haha but im pretty sure my momma will give in sooner or later so ya....

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:: 2004 22 April :: 4.09 pm
:: Mood: Feeling Better From My Sickness
:: Music: The Postal Service-Brand New Colony

Just Lunchin'
well just got back from school and here i am lunchin' with jesse. We just ate chicken and drank Pepsi and it was good. Now we are talking to Gina and um..Monica....and we are just here. Ya i didnt go to mutual last night ( Mormon Youth) cuz i was freaking sick lol but im a lot better today :D. Well i dont think im going to end up going to the church dance cuz i didnt get an interview deal and im taking the SAT's at school and it really really sux. i was all hungry in class haha but the teacher Ms. Patzloff or something like that (substitute). and um Gina and um...Monica want to go to the movies on Friday so i guess ill go to the movies and chill. Idk what we are going to watch but w/e....ill just be there and watch w/e they want to watch. Today school sucked...the schedule is soo jacked up so now im all tired and it kinda sux. Teachers are actually giving us homework and we still have to do it...i mean come on its SAT that sux too but w/ just going to play guitar with jesse for the rest of the day..

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:: 2004 21 April :: 2.20 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: Atreyu-Dilated

well today sucked cuz im freaking sick as hell and i cant do nothing bout it. my stomach hurts so badly and i almost threw up last night and it really really sucked. i couldnt sleep all night and i didnt go to school because i was sick..which really sux cuz i have to make up my CAT 6 test deal which is timed and it really sux. im going to the doctor in a bit and i should get some medicine and i get better ...*hopefully*......i'm actually trying to write a song now i day. i got a kool riff to it and i wont be able to jam with rob and stephen today which really really sux. but oh well w/e....and school sux too i hate it ......i feel so damn sick right now....*ugh* really really sux.....not to be a whiner but damn this really cant even eat cuz im so grossed out at the fact that i have to eat food sometime along the day ...i took some tylenol and it helped some.....and at 5 in the morning i took some rolaids and it was heaven, my stomach didnt hurt as badly and it was grand. i went to the orthodontist yesterday and i still have to wear my rubber bands which is koo i guess...then i went to play some basketball with harminee and austen and some other ppl...and after the first game i started getting really sick and it sucked...then at night it got even worst but im ok right its koo....hopefully i can go to school tommorow and get all my tests over with and move on with life....and hopefully thursday and friday go by really ya going to the out

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:: 2004 14 April :: 1.04 pm
:: Mood: uncomfortable
:: Music: Coheed and Cambria-A Favor House Atlantic

im just here lunchin' at my house recording lil riffs that i make up and maybe think up some lyrics. then this chick that is in 7th grade keeps on talking funky to my cuzin and its like weird.....she asked him if i looked hot eating a freakin sandwich....haha. ya its that funky...and idk..shes weird...but not in a bad way....well sorta but the hell with it...ya i've just been listening to a lot of music so it can influence me in my "music writing". i'm also going to go to this ward party at my church and it should be pretty freakin rad...rob also went up to guitar center and bought me a chromatic tuner....rob i am eternaly grateful..haha...thanx man your the man. ya and im still hyped about starting a band with should be sooo fun and pretty freakin awesome..well i also got my computer taken away by my mom and thats pretty gay. im only allowed to stat on for like an hour...but oh well head hurts and it sux....some things are starting to suck....

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:: 2004 10 April :: 3.55 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Save Me-Julius Caesar

today, i went to my cuzins house to eat waffles in the morning then we just lunched and the typical stuff. Last night his mom got all pissed cuz we were playing guitar in the house and i dont know why. well me and jesse went with my mom last night to get her glasses, and then we saw the freaking hot receptionists and they are freakin then we went to clark baker to get some new strings and some other picks.then we went to get some pizza and came back home. i put on my new strings and now my acoustic sounds awesome. well i met this dude called stephen a while ago and his solo project is save me (or was) lol. and hes awesome at guitar, and me and rob are going to start a band with him and it should be way rad. then i baby-sat the lil rolfes on thursday and i actually got money out of i got 20 bucks and i wasted it all the next day ....oh well w/e money comes and goes..and hopefully i can get a new amp soon because i really really need one. a new guitar would be nice but beggers cant be choosers you know. im also trying to write a few songs but its not coming along very good but the hell with it hopefully i can come up with some good stuff and rob and stephen will dig it. well i have some things to do so im out.

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:: 2004 23 March :: 7.37 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: A Static Lullaby-The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All

well today the band went to see the Marine Corp band play and it was pretty grand. then i saw cherise with her friends walking by and i just say sup...and then her friends start talking shit when im on the phone or online that i sound like a chick. well duh no not such a manly bearly a damn come if ur going to tell me this shit at least tell me in my face. it kinda pisses me off....but the hell with it....the bitches are not worth it..and then also being short kinda pisses me off sometimes...cuz ppl talk so much im like fuck..dude....but fuck it...w/ tired so im out

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:: 2004 20 March :: 2.49 pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: Orgy-Stiches

i went to wal mart a while ago and got some koo headphones. my cuzin should be getting his damn guitar in a bit so FINALLY we can jam electric and not freakin acoustic. lol well this week REALLY sucked...but went by fast...i had to do all kinds of make up work and crap like that..trying to get my grades up so ya it pretty much sucked. but ya the weekend seems like its going to be koo just playing guitar and eating. and im still thinking bout the whole band thing. going to college and studying music and all that......its funky. i want to have a band and tour....make music......but ya....and i just got informed by caitlin that geoff talks shit bout me all the like i didnt know that crap...he always talks shit bout me and my height....IM SHORT I GET THE DAMN POINT..!!!!! like come on pisses me off too.....idk.......whats going to happen with him and me talking to him....

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:: 2004 13 March :: 1.43 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Slick Shoes-Once Again

well last night i went to the movies with jesse, rob, and cherise's crew. we went to watch "the secret window" and i thought it was an awesome movie. then after that we went to wal-mart and i bought the book. lol yeah kinda stupid but they book is different than the movie but i just wanted it. we had the band festival thingy yesterday and we got an "excellent" instead of a "superior" sorry to all the seniors that are going to graduate that wanted a "superior". i wanted one too but i doesnt really matter to me cuz im a lil' tiny freshman that has no word in the band. lol i had my music down pretty good but we just didnt make. and yeah i just had to go chase my dog cuz she became loose from her lil leash thingy. damn that was a lot of excersise. well yeah at least the pressure of festival is off. and maybe we can go back to normal. well i take it woohu is gonna die on us so i guess probably this is going to be my last journal entry. but hopefully andy doesnt shut it down. i pray that he doesnt because its an awesome website for journals.

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:: 2004 6 March :: 6.25 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: From Autumn To Ashes-Cherry Kiss

im tired
today me, my mom, and my cousin jesse went to the eye doctore dude to get my exam thingy and then i had to go to main street to pick out some glasses. then we took off to jack in the box to eat and the wa mart. it was ok i tired was like from 9 to was ok though. then here i am at home..just doing nothing..mabe i'll play guitar or something. everybody is at the fair though so they have something to do..that sux...i have nothing to do while everybody has something to oh well nothing really much to say so im out

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:: 2004 29 February :: 2.46 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Blink 182-I Miss You

Yesterday i had to wake up all early for youth conference. it was ok i guess we had to do this service project thing and it was ok. it wasnt all that great, then afterwards we were all going to go home and get ready for the dance..but i didnt want to go to the dance...dancing isnt really my thing, i would have just sat there...but w/e that was yesterday, yuma chicks and guys werent really very social, they talked among themselves but not to us...the hell with them, i was tired ne way and i wansnt really diggin' it....but it was ok i guess....w/e hopefully next year will be better, then im just home right now, listening to also supposed to get some tab books ( blink 182, and some other ones) so i can learn some songs....and im going to buy a trumpet too. i got a pretty good deal i guess..100 bucks for im just here at home. peewee came over last night and we jammed on his bass and on my guitar it was pretty bad, then we just chilled. i kinda got sick cuz it was kold like a well im out later

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:: 2004 27 February :: 2.20 pm
:: Mood: curious
:: Music: Thrice-The Artist In The Ambulance

i wonder
today school was kinda crappy.i bombed two tests lol and otherwise than that it was pretty koo. then i came home and i just chilled. then i am supposed to go to tristans house but i dont feel like it i have things to do. then i have this church thing..youth conference...ppl from yuma come down and we have a dance and activities and games food and u get to meet new ppl and all that good stuff. but im curious to see if im going to meet new ppl and stuff. im curious to see how the dance is going to turn everything is gonna turn out...idk whats going to happen but i hope that it all goes pretty good. then i got this new cell phone thing and to be honest i dont know how i ended up getting one i just have one....i thinkt he phone number is 562-0685....yeah it think thats it so give me a call or out later

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:: 2004 24 February :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Taking Back Sunday-Your So Last Summer

today school was pretty koo. we had a "award assembly" and i made the honor roll. then i got to see the Russian Goddess and that was great. then i have to do this experiment for mr. johnston and it sux cuz my group sux lol. they dont care whats going on. and one barely speaks english. so here i am trying to get a damn grade for myself. and i have to give them some credit or else i dont get none. so here i am typing this essay type of thing up. buts i guess its koo w/e. me and my cuzin are playing guitar and i decided i want to play for his graduation so were trying to think of something to play for his graduation. but hopefully we'll be able to play, and that would be koo to play. i've never really performed with a real band only like once but still. lol well i have to go do that experiment thingy later

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:: 2004 22 February :: 12.56 am
:: Music: The Darkness-I Believe In A Thing Called Love

well nuttin much went down today. i got up pretty late and then i just got online and downloaded some music. then i was just here with my cuzin playing some guitar and just getting tabs. then we went over to tristan's party and it was pretty koo. Joy keeped on looking me all funky for some reason..i dont think she likes me or something. well oh well im just a loser freshman with out a life i guess. then after then me and my cuzin came back home and we just chilled and played guitar. as u notice on my song...its about love..and i dont really believe in love so its just a koo song and thats all that matters to me. lol its not that i believe in it and i fell in love. i think love is a big dark hole that u "fall in" and for some ppl its hard to get out of that dirty hole...i thought i fell in it...but it was just a lil' ignorant bump in my life. so im good for now. then our church had an open house and that was pretty fun. lots off ppl came but it ended up raining so all the tables outside got wet so we were al inside..and that sucked, but it was still koo. i talked to some friends and i think i met some other ppl but it was still pretty koo. i've been thiking a lot bout my future and i really want to make music for a living...i really really do. but so many things can get in the way of my dream. i want to start an emo-ish punk rock hardcore band...that would be soooo rad. i would love it. making music, touring, playing shows, fans. it would be so awesome..but so many obsticals i need to over come before that time comes. some part also takes in being mormon...some things get in the way. i want to go on a mission which is..when u fill out forms..then u save a bunch of money..then they "call u on a mission" and send u to some part of the world. u serve ur lord preaching the gospel to non-members in hopes of converting them. and u serve this for two years of ur life. its about a year after high school. thats what sux......i want to do that..its not a requirement....but i want to do it. then after i do that i would have to go to college...then i would start getting older and i have hopes that i want to get married. but then when does my dream come in? when can i tour and make music....those two years that are taken away....and i dont want to drop out of high school..i want to make an early age..but then going to college..that takes up all ur youth....awww its so damn complicated...idk what im going to do..but i'll plan that later going to have to make some future decisions...and i hope i make the right ones....

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:: 2004 19 February :: 7.27 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: Three Days Grace-I Hate Everything About You

its been forever since i wrote in my im back. lots of stuff has gone down this past month the whole school thing and playing guitar lol. its been pretty good. school its going pretty good and i hope to get good grades this new semester. i also have to go to javy's today to install a cd rom to learn french so we can read the note that his gf wrote in weird is that...oh well then after that im going to go to PEP band for the chicks basketball game. me and jesse have been playing some guitar and have been in the "thrice and metallica" mood. but too bad we cant play none of those two bands..they are too hard. i've been kinda cranky cuz my throat got bad again..when i just bearly healed but im taking medicine and it feels better now..hopefully i wont be eating ice cream for the rest of the winter. then me and my mom had some issues this past sunday and we had a long talk. it was pretty stupid the stuff i did to her and told her. i kinda regret them cuz my mind kinda got crazy. i didnt know what i was doing..i would tell you what i did buts its kinda personal and i rather not talk bout it. but yeah i feel bad bout what i did to my mom but were koo now. she took my computer away for a few days so i havent caught up on my journal. lots of stuff coming up in this next few months..maybe too many things but i should be alright...well im gonna go

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:: 2004 14 February :: 2.41 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: The Ataris-Give Up On Love

well today was a sucky day. i slept until like 11 then jesse came to my house. then we just lunched and ate some and got online basically all morning. then my mom came home and we calmed down. then javy called me up to go his house with geoff and justin. we just played some guitar then played gamecube. then we attemped to ride the damn quads but it didnt work out. then i walked home and my whole family except my brother went to this wedding thing. so did jesse's family. nuttin exciting went down today and i dont think nuttin will. everybody's name was " i hate valentine's day" i kinda got the point....ppl talking bout they dont have a valentine....i dont have a valentine ..oh well w/e

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:: 2004 13 February :: 5.14 pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: The Ataris-My So Called Life

Loyalness Screws You Over lol
i was doing so thinking at school today. i was thinking bout like a year ago or so. i remember i met javier's current gf in a band trip. then we started talking to each other for a while and we kinda hung out. then her friends started to "hint" that erica liked me. then turns out on last years valentine's day i got a "love letter" in my binder and i read it and it had all this corny stuff and all that stuff. i didnt know who it came from though. so i just forgot bout it. i threw away the damn like 8 months ago. and i was wondering who put it in my binder. then this chick called jordan comes down to visit my friend harminee. her aunt and uncle live next or close to erica. and jordan talked to erica and she said that erica liked me all kinds. then i was thinking i could probably have gone for her....but turns out i wasnt willing to do that because one of my best friends Geoff, liked her a while back. turns out my other best friend javy went for it and he didnt care if geoff liked her or not. so basically i got screwed over by being loyal to one of my dammit...and i was basically thinking of that all doesnt that suck? oh well screw it what's done is was pretty koo and the Pep rally with the cheerleaders was koo....3 day week end and that gonna go over to geoffs tommorow to work on some riffs..and songs and all that good stuff...later

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:: 2004 12 February :: 8.50 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: Avenged Sevenfold-Second Heartbeat

well last night my sister got all sick and she wanted to throw up but shes afraid to so we were up trying to make her feel better. i could tell she felt like crap. and they took her to the doctor today and i hope she feels better. today i had sectionals after school and they were ok. then i have detention in the damn morning with mr. johnston and that sux. i also have some work to do but i never end up doing it for some reason. i feel like all creative and im making up all kinds of guitar riffs up and all that good stuff. i'm also "composing" geoff's "love song" towards caity. its kinda cheesy but creative so its koo. i'm feeling a hell of a lot better today. i have a cold but thats ok at least my head doesnt hurt and i can actually swallow now. and today idk what happened but when becky got back from lunch and i said something to her as a joke and then she told me all i do is bitch about how i dont get a girlfriend and nobody loves me on my journal. that kinda made me feel bad cuz she like technically told everybody who was around. so idk....i think she was joking but it still made me fell bad. then i got home and all the doors were looked so i had to like jump in from the damn window lol. then me and my cuzin played some guitar and tried to compose geoff's "love song". me and my cuzin just played guitar and ate all day basically. and tommorow is friday so hopefully it will go smoothly and i will be able to jam with geoff, javy, and jesse on saturday.

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:: 2004 12 February :: 9.27 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: My Chemical Romance-Our Lady Sorrows

im still kinda sick
today sucked. i went to school and it sucked like always..i didnt do my homework and i was sooo sick last night. i was coughing all damn freakin night...and i couldnt sleep it sucked. then i had work to do at school and all this. i came back home and had to go to the orthodotist and then i went to youth. we ate tacos and it was ok. then i rode back with Glen. He's a koo guy. I'm still kinda sick ...sick is two sick as in i have a cold..and im getting tired of my boring life..its the same every damn week. i go to school all week and nothing happens. then saturdays i get online all day and sundays i go to church and i start all over sucks really badly...nuttin ever friends lives are pretty koo....they go places concerts...get chances to ask gurls out and all that good stuff and mine is just dull and doesnt have any kind of color to just sucks

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:: 2004 10 February :: 7.10 pm
:: Mood: grumpy
:: Music: Thrice-Kill Me Quickly

This Sux
today sucked. i woke up got online and then i was supposed to go to the movies but some ppl didnt get rides to the movies so we went to eat at mi casita, while the rest of the crew went to Turning Point Cafe. it was ok afterwards we went to the park and messed around. Caitlin and Geoff were all up on each other and to be honest it was kinda umconfortable. cuz its weird just being there with 2 other guy friends and the 3 guy friend is all up on his girlfriends grill. all hugging and stuff..but w/e they are going out and they are "in love" so yeah sure. and then we took of to harminee's house and her parents were there. so i just went in to mess around and becky and some other chicks were in there and becky just like yelled " What are you guys doing her?!" and i was about to yell F*ck but damn its not even her damn house and shes freakin kicking me out of it. i was pissed, and then they get a damn hose and they wet freakin sick here and they wet me....what the im coughing and my throat still hurts.....aww f*ck....i was actually going to get my soda and just dump it all over her..but she wouldnt come i just took off...then i come home and freakin gay Msn wont let me log on cuz of a gay error thing...and that pissed me off..and i can bearly swallow my own damn spit!!!! awwwww and i have seminary ( early mormon school thingy) tommorow..and i dont feel like going to it....i cant stand my throat hurting like hell....i dont want to go to the doctor either....thanx for wetting me with the hose becky.......i feel that this week is gonna suck all gonna be pissed off all damn week...

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:: 2004 8 February :: 3.52 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Rufio-In My Eyes

today i woke up and my throat hurt all sucked..and it still hurts...i went to church and ditched sunday school cuz i dont like my teacher at all..and then i just came back home..playing some guitar....then jesse pops up and tells me all bout his conversation with cherise and how she told him on the phone that she loved him and all this stuff...then geoff comes up and tells me bout how him and caity kissed and how they held hands and his dad got all excited...and then javy tells me that he was all holding erica's hand and hugging her and stuff. in some way u could say im annoyed...but now a way..not in a mean way though..but i kinda feel like they are rubbing it in my face..its like they are trying to say " HAH i got a gf that i can kiss and hug and hold her hand and u dont cuz ur a loser" i basically feel that way...all i can do is just sit and listen to there stories...oh well w/e...the carnival leaves today and thats'll come back next year ..and the year after school tommorow and i think im going to the movies with harminee and some more ppl but i have no idea...maybe if my momma lets me...well see..for now im gonna look for some tabs and waste the rest of my life myself..

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