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:: 2004 7 February :: 12.39 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Ateyu-Ain't Love Grand

today was te carrot parade and it was pretty koo. our band did great i think. everybody liked our dancing and many thought we were trying to be like Central. well were not trying to be like Central were a different band. when wer got through the parade me my mom and my sister watched the rest of the parade. i have to work for this food booth thing and i dont really want to anymore. last night i went to the carnival with my cuzin and it was pretty koo. we got on some rides but i used up his tickets and we didnt have no more. then we found javy with his lil girlfriend erica and gina too. then we found lorenzo. got on two rides with gina and the rest with my cuzin. it was pretty koo and i ended up yelling to much and i got a sour throat the next day. i need to find a way to make it up to gina a jesse because i took some of there tickets. i wanted to go today but i feel like crap and i dont feel good. im tired and sick and my head hurts. so i guess thats the end of this year's carnival for me. i'll just stay in my room and play some guitar and get online or something.

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:: 2004 6 February :: 5.25 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Atreyu-Deanne The Arsonist

today was another regular day at school..go to class and we had a Pep Rally...and like everybody knows that javy is "erica thornburg's boyfriend". Geoff talks to me bout caity and that she has to go to te carnival and jesse keeps on saying dammit because cherise is not going to the carnival..i wanted to go right now..but i feel bad, dizzy, and empty. my brother pisses me off so much everyday always coming in my room and bugging me all day as soon as i get home from school. i have a parade tommorow and i dont feel like marching..i want to get on some rides and my friends are pressuring me into getting into rides i dont want to get on. if i dont want to get on oh well its my business get over it, u dont have to bug me all damn day about it and calling me a wuzzy and stuff and laughing about it. i get on what i want to get on and u can go wonder of with ur girlfriend and make out and i wont care. my brother really pissed me off he keeped on bugging about his stupid cd that he wanted it right now. and as u know it takes a while to freakin burn a damn cd well he wanted it in 30 seconds. and im stressed for some reason. trying to get good grades is quite a bit of work and it sucks. I just feel bad and dizzy right now idk what the hell is wrong with me. wait i just rembered everything is wrong with ugly im boring im a wuzzy im a crappy musician, and i cant get my work done, i cant get a girlfriend and never will get one and im probably gonna die and im not going to be married....what a hell of a life....

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:: 2004 5 February :: 9.03 pm
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: Straylight Run-Existentialism on Prom Night

well today we went to the middle school to help them with there marching and all that good stuff...turns out Javy asked Erica Thornburg out and all that and she said yes which is koo. Now geoff has caity jesse has cherise and javy has erica..and im just there...i sit around all day and i waste my whole damn life away...i eat play guitar and get online..while they can actualy have someone to talk to and express themselves to there "girls" about how much they like each other and all that good stuff..the carnival is here and i dont know who im going to go with..probably with jesse cuz geoff is gonna be with caity and then javy with erica and then ill probably get ditched by jesse cuz he'll go with cherise...and i dont like all the ppl pressuring me into getting into the rides..i get on them just certain ones i me a wuzzy but im kinda scared of some rides..idk y sure its just a ride but still...i talk to this one gurl..Jane ..this chick from Utah..shes just so rad..she actually makes me feel kinda good bout myself. She thinks im koo and all and i guess thats koo....if i could actually meet her in person i would actually have someone that thinks most of the things i do are kool.....and she just idk..makes me feel special? idk.....emotions are all over my mind........feelings.......idk just dont know whats going on in my mind.......

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:: 2004 4 February :: 9.01 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Brand New-The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

well today i went over to Beckys to jam and it was pretty koo except that we didnt really play ne thing but it was still koo. I was the crappiest guitar player oh well ill get good someday and Lorenzo just keeped on playing his chords to show me up that he can play chords and after they all left i chilled with becky and she showed me in her Media Player how to speed up a songs tempo and it freakin rocks. Im listesting to Brand New at a faster tempo and it is freakin rad i like it a lot. Thanx for showing me becky lol. If only i could burn the songs like that too. i can also slow them down so if i want to learn it on my guitar i can slow down the tempo and play it on my guitar and that would be koo if i actually learned the so newayz..i have to get better at guitar and all that stuff. School was ok Javy is buying stuff for Erica for Valentines Day, Jesse had Cherise, Geoff has Caitlin, and i have nothing at all lol oh well i dont really care its not like if i can get a girlfriend or ne thing. Well i didn get my hair cut after all cuz my momma couldnt find the scissors, and i havent done my homework in a while. I got a C for Geometry and that sux, i wanted a B at least oh well ill try hard next time....well i g2g to mutual ( youth for the mormon crew) and i have to fix my hair later
-Alex Chavez

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:: 2004 3 February :: 9.54 pm
:: Mood: irritated
:: Music: Atreyu-Someone Is Standing On My Chest

Today was another day at school. Nuttin really to do. But today was especially pissed me off is that i was in the line to get food and i was all ready with my money and i had Javy next to me. Turns out freakin Lorenzo pops out of nowhere and he just cuts in front of me and starts making a conversation with the people in fron of me to make it seem casual. I told him to get to the back of the line and not to cut. He said fuck you i do what i want. Thats what freakin pissed me off. Im there minding my own damn business and talking to Javy trying to get my food and this guy comes along and cuts. I had been waiting in that line for like 5 min. and he just comes like nothing is going on. I told him several times to get to the back of the line, and he said so shut up short fuck. That goes to prove that just because ur short or whatever people like stupid Lorenzo dont treat you with respect. I never do nothing to the damn guy and he just like comes and steps all over me. Then Justin comes along ( but justin is koo) and he cuts too..and that kinda pissed me off too. And to top it all off...Lorenzo is sitting on my damn seat where i always sit..and i ask him courteously to move and he said so shut the fuck up. That pissed me off even more, i can really do nothing to the guy cuz he is like freakin 4 inches taller than me weights 200 pounds and is 5 times wider than me. I cant even get a lil respect?..and he addresses me as his "friend' a true friend wouldnt step all over like you like he did. Javy and Geoff just mess around and stuff but its koo cuz they tell me they dont mean it. But Lorenzo..awww dammit he pisses me off. I also went to buy some clothes today ( on sale) and i went to Cotsco and all that stuff. I just got back and im here...and im supposed to be doing homework. I still respect Lorenzo and all but if he doesnt F*ck him....he pisses me off all the time. Would someone calling u "Short Fuck" have respect for you? NO! awww idk what the hell im gonna do....oh well i'm gonna eat...later
-Alex Chavez

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:: 2004 2 February :: 10.45 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Afi-Silver and Cold

well, this is kinda like my first time filling this thingy in. Becky helped me on how to get this, so thanx becky lol. I have a Geometry test tommorow and that sux all kinds. I'm probably going to fail it, but hopefully i dont. I am just basically here at home. I've been doing some guitar playing and Becky told some of us that she wanted to start this band thingy just to mess around and have some fun. Well im in and hopefully it will turn out good and all that koo stuff. Maybe im even going to get some groupies lol but i doubt it. Mostly the freshmen have been going down to the middle school to help them, and that is reasonable..cuz we actually know who the hell they are lol. The other people dont really care or they just dont have the time, which is still koo. I've also been listening to different types of music, and i really want to be able to play all the Van Halen and AcDc and hell why not Gun's and Roses. Motley Crue sounds good too, and i actually want to freakin pracitice my sax, cuz i take it home and i never even take the thing out of its case. lol oh well. and then i got this new computer, its pretty koo but its a Pc, and i miss my lil laptop *sigh*, its sitting at Cotsco all by its self, lonely. Idk why but i get attached to my stuff and i have feelings towards it. When i went to return my laptop i was sad, cuz we spend so many hours online together, and all the music it downloaded for me...all the stuff, and now its gone. But its ok cuz this computer is pretty koo and it goes faster..but i still miss my laptop..(maybe i should go re-buy it from Cotsco) but that would make no sense...but still if I had the money i would do it for some reason. well i got to go study for my Geometry test cause i actually want to do good this semester. Later

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