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:: 2008 21 October :: 1.03 am
:: Music: Saul Williams

All of mankind grows and falls while seconds pass to centuries
And none of the ones left behind can find the answer to what's meant of these
Temples built in ancient times, lines written in the bible
Ignorance breeds confusion, birthing chaos, war, and squabble
While every turn and twitch of hands marks a moments stark abscission
One man thinks inside his mind with blurry, clouded vision
How many days can possibly reside within this hour?
And all he wants is someone who will praise him for his power
Not to bow or even beg, just simply nod in their agreement
That all his work was not in vain, to bring him closer to the cement
That every picture taken doesn't fade to nonexistence
The lens, the frame, the cameras flash; they serve as his resistance
To forgotten times, dead languages, and man's own great collapse
And so he strives to capture time itself within his photographs
He reflects upon the devastation and thinks that man can now do no worse
But the ticking clocks with twirling hands, their swinging pendulum it lowers
With a razors edge, moving back and forth, it slices time into its portions
While everyone lines up to find their months are now divided
The calendar hangs gutted, pages flip full of distortions
But dates erased can't be replaced no matter where they hide it

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:: 2008 13 October :: 11.56 pm

Be calm. Become.
Now be patient and embrace this.
Be gravity or weightless.
Let off, let up,
And learn to let it all go.
Let yourself be vulnerable
To fear, to failure.
Then to collapse and reconstruct
And to enhance with any luck.


:: 2006 25 July :: 12.29 pm

stalking quietly, shhh, through the jungle

I could hear the bones crepitating in Her throat as She worked Her mandible back and forth

grinding and cracking

and She unhinged Her jaw, opening wide with strings of saliva cascading from tooth to tooth.

swaying from side to side, hypnotizing with fierce and
glaring rapacious eyes that singed my skin

as the fangs unfolded.

- - | - -

I didn't even see Her move
or feel the fangs as they sank into my throat

all I felt was the pressure
the suffocation

the rich and saccharine venom being pumped into my esophagus
by the syringes of Her fanges

- - | - -

the trails are darkly carved in, narrowly avoiding arteries

and my skin is
perforated by serrated teeth
bruised around the punture wounds
numbed from within

by ataractic poison

slightly infected; they remind me of You

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:: 2006 7 June :: 11.30 pm

Prader-Willi Syndrome

The trail of blood followed you like a shadow.

I picked up your scent.
Perfume mixed with sweat.

It tempted me to follow you. I was coaxed by the crimson trail and the smell that twisted through the trees. Leaves crunched and twigs snapped beneath your feet and all the while I was asking, praying, begging for something to rip apart. Something to feed upon.

Give me something to devour.


When I'm ready, it will come.


:: 2005 17 December :: 8.49 pm

If this was paper, I'd burn it.

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:: 2005 26 November :: 11.12 am

Never personal. Never real.

These are the thoughts of a dream.
These are the thoughts of a ghost.

This is the diary of someone long ago buried.

And I will continue to write it for him.

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:: 2005 22 November :: 11.03 pm
:: Music: the Mars Volta

There are no nets on solid ground

It's like walking on embers or glass or nails or razors.

These are the times that make thin ledges or tight ropes or balance beams seem easy.

I am confused and corrupting myself, wrapping me up in worry.

There is no need, go to sleep. You're giving yourself too much time to think.

What happened to chainlink? There is something in daylight that makes my armor fade.


:: 2005 17 November :: 11.34 pm
:: Music: A Perfect Circle

The horns and hooves were dancing in headlight haze and then on the hood.

Dents caught fur and blood while paint was scraped and scratched off. A face full of glass cut bridges of noses and lips of mouths and brows of eyes.

What if..?
I couldn't..
This close..
I wouldn't..

I would never let you go.

The foreshadowing was everywhere, we surely must be blind.
We could have prevented this, if only we'd opened up our eyes.

Deer tied down with faces mortified.
Warnings to be careful.
A joke about running into traffic.
Warnings to be prepared.


:: 2005 14 November :: 6.12 am
:: Music: Tool

A plan of attack

These clothes have become rags so I'm tearing the threads apart right at the seams. I'll sow them together again with my faults and frays. I will use my mistakes as armor.

Threadbare to chainlink.

Food has become vile and foul and has lost any source of vitality or fuel. Watch the numbers fall

------------------ 10








:: 2005 6 November :: 10.29 pm
:: Music: Rise Against

All of these bricks and boards are building lies
Secured with cement and screw alibies

This is the effect; I am the cause
Calling beauty to all of your flaws
And naming them reasons for affection

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