Deanna and I can't dance. nor do we have any friends. But now we have anges. Wonder if she can dance.


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The names Brielle, bitch

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:: 2004 10 July :: 2.32 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: mest

okay so heres the casey story. caseys mom and george are getting married, which is really cool and all, but george lives in hope, and caseys mom is gonna move in with george, which would make there new location hope. and hope doesnt go to north warren, hope goes to belvedere... which means casey will be going to belvedere, and not north warren, casey was gonna stay with someone who works at her barn on the days her mom had to work. and when her mom was off work she was going to drive her to school, but casey doesnt want to live in two house the rest of her life, but it wont be the rest of her life it'll only be 4 years, but still, i wouldn't wanna do that either, but casey is still unsure what she is going to do, but if she moves to hope i'll be so sad, and not know what to do, and i'll miss her so much =(

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:: 2004 10 July :: 1.26 am

Pencil Sharpeners, vaccuums, fireplaces, clocks, windows, chalkboards, wrapping paper, tampons, circular outlets, ear plugs *ow i just farted.. ewww it smells* I SAID YEARBOOKS NOT EARPLUGS.., squeeling, poland pissing, ounces, agnes AGNES!, grandma, flagpoles, burping, derek jeter, lamp-poles, clothespins, blenders, german people, oktober feast, january 15, february 15, getting stoned, the song stoned, * i know this i know this :clap, clap: * EGGROLLS, legos, picture frames, idetical hand twins, gambling at 2 AM, boxes to keep ribbons in, shibbying, and, spandex.

LMAO. i love you kristen

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:: 2004 9 July :: 4.26 pm

wow. im really hungry. i only ate the little piece of brownie that was left after kristen and i made them, a bite of my brothers brownies.. and the like five munchies i had. but then i think kristen took them awway, so im really hungry. well.. a little. but hmm. i dont feel like making anything to eat. so i'll wait until dinner.

okay my week. after saturday

4th of july.. i watched the yankee game, and they were playing the mets. haha. and they lost. which totally sucked. but hey! they swept boston. yeah so there was a little party at my house. er. and like cassy madey was the only one who wanted to hang out with me. lmao. a party at my house. and like only one person wanted to hang out with me. even though i did talk to john for like 5 minutes. and was explaining his ankle situation. and i was like not understanding. i still dont understand, but watever. ooh i talked to david madison too. and he said the pitch that hit my brother and broke his arm was going slow. like i told my parents. so ha. but then like cassy lefted, and like had no one to hang with, so i think i went to rebecca. haha but then she got bored with me too. haha, so then i went and hung out with my aunt, go figure, and her boyfriend with making fun of me..but he was only joking. so yeahh, and one of my neighbors was setting off fireworks, and i watched those, but a tree was in my way, and like i couldnt see them all the way, so yeah i finally relized to go by my trampoline and watch them, but they were like over then, haha yeah i am retarded, but i wish i would have went to the other fireworks, so i could have seenmy friends because i havent seen any of them!! except, kristen, danielle and katie.. and i miss them. but i talk to them on IM, well some of them, haha i would like die without IM.

monday: did nothing, i was so bored

tuesday: my aunt, and cousins came over, and my one cousin decided that we should sleepover my grandmas house, so we called her and she said we could!! and we were happy. so we slept over. and ugh, i was half half the night, ugh, i had like the worse cramps ever, they completed sucked

wendesday: went to the movies, with my grandma and cousin, we saw notebook, which is a REALLY good movie. and then i got a perm!! but it tooked 3 1/2 hours so that completely sucked.but i like it. so then i guess i got home at like 9? watched general hospital at 10 of course. and tryied to stay up all night, but i couldn't because of the night before, so adam won lol

thursday: hmm. my grandma and cousins came over. they almost come over, but tahts okay, and likethe went swimming, but i couldnt because i couldnt get my hair wet. so yeah, then i slept over kristens!! haha that was funnn!! okay so first we were gonna ride the quads. but her mom wouldnt let us =( so then we wanted to make brownies.. well i did. so yeah. but they didnt have any eggs. so kristen and i walked down to the cevetellas. wow, i totally spelled that wrong, and like kristen wouldnt go up to house and ask her? so hid by her neighbors mail box, but i did, because im not shy or a loser like kristen, so we got the eggs, mrs. civatella drove us home. and made brownies, and we were on the computer the whole night.. which was haha interesting.. MEDIC. we were so high. but kristen was only contact high. hahaha! wow. it was funnn lmao. so we finally went to sleep at 2:30.. and mr. van laar woke up us at 10:30.. errr..

so we went on the computer. and kristen was mad because people we're IMing me and not her, because everyone knows i have friends and kristen doesnt.. haha jk.. so yeah i came home at like.. 2? watched general hospital!!! god. i love that show. and yeah i finally decided to update this thing.

and now i must go get a shower. because like my relates are coming over for my aunt and uncles birthday soon. so i must get going.

ooh raeans coming on tuesday!!!!!! i cant waittt!!

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:: 2004 8 July :: 11.50 pm

PASSIONATE LOVER. You love to love, always looking
for a relationship. You cannot live without it.
Your lover must be passionate and you want
that you and your partner melt into each other.
He/She should not try to take the domination .
You dont want a relationship without passion,
and the sexuality plays a big part. The first
moment you meet him/her is one of the most
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better to leave than to see your love

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krstn0984361V: are uyou friends with med. bro?
krstn0984361V: aka. known as his dawg
kdawg9938: yea
kdawg9938: how u know?
krstn0984361V: smart
kdawg9938: no seriously
krstn0984361V: seriously
krstn0984361V: ahh that was brielle shes freakin scray i dont know how she knwos this


You are going to Marry Josh Hartnett. He is really
shy, but don't let that fool you. He is really
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okay i was just going to do this one. and kristens brother comes along. and like. totallys laughs at me. LAUGHS AT ME. god. how mean is he?! he interrupted me. so he cant be part of our religion. HAHA KEVIN.


My inner child is six years old today

My inner child is six years old!

Look what I can do! I can walk, I can run, I can
read! I like to do stuff, and there's a whole
big world out there to do it in. Just so long
as I can take my blankie and my Mommy and my
three best friends with me, of course.

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your bitch.

What swear word are you?
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.. loser

your bitch.

What swear word are you?
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kdawg9938: someone has to be high
krstn0984361V: brielle
kdawg9938: laughing at everydamn thing out my mouth
krstn0984361V: bascially

Yellow info
Your Heart is Yellow

What Color is Your Heart?
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ah kristen is fred flinstone

okay. enough of this. i must go talk to kawesomedawg and gentry

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:: 2004 8 July :: 10.44 pm

uh this one kristen did. this is all we do, we have no klife and no friends

Who are you:Brielle Janine Pagano
How did we meet:4th grade
Do ya love me:of course
Best Feature:big toe
Worst:big toe
*~Am I~*
Hot:hells yeah
Cute:of courseee
Ugly:no way man
Mean:lmao.. on.. occasion
Nice:most of the time.. when.. your.. not stoned
Flirty:UHH... uh.. i guess so?
Annoying:hm nah
Easy to talk to:hm sure...
*~Would You~*
Kiss Me:hmm,., nbqah
Marry Me:noipe
Love Me:of cxourseee
Hug me:yeahhhhhhh
Be there for me:YEPPERONUZES
If you could take me somewhere....where would it be and what would we do:jamica... we would smoke =D
What song reminds you of me:uhhh.... CUS I GOT HIGH
Whats your favorite thing to do with me:ummm stay up really late and make bridges
Are we close:yeahhhhh

*~*~For Your Friends~*~* brought to you by BZOINK!


Love and Friendship!!!
Have any friends?:no
A best friend?:yeah
What's his/her name?:kristen
How long have you been friends?:4th grade
Do you have a boyfriend? or a girlfriend?:girlfriend
How long have you been going out?:5 months
What is your gf/bf's name?:crystal
Do you love him/her?:yeah
What makes you so sure your in love?:i have an orgasim
If you broke up, would you cry?:yeah
What's one thing you first noticed about your bf/gf?:her ass
Do you think your bf/gf is good looking?:yeah
Do they think your good looking?:yeah
Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf?:yeah
Would you ever cheat on your bf/gf?:yeah
On a scale of would you say your relationship is?:69
Just Friends...!
Ok, who is your best [same sex] friend?:kristen
Who is your best [opposite sex] friend? (not including ur bf/gf):kristen. whose a robot in doubles
Would you say you have more guy friends, or girl friends?:yeah
In one word, your friends would say your? [____]:stoned
Would you ever use someone as a friend to get back at another?:yeah
Can you tell your best friend anything?:hmm, except about the one time with the mic
On a scale 1-10 how did you like my quiz?:69

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lmaol lmao
Are you a freak.. if so what kind?(Goth,Punk,emu,FREAK...):yeah
Do you like whips and handcuffs in bed?:whips
What color is your hair?:purple
What color are your eyes? contacts?:maron
What is your favorite color?: sandpaper
What is your favorite band?:monkeys
What is your favorite song?:i smell it
Who would you like to hang out with for one day?:hmm...china people
What is your name?:brielle

Freak Quiz brought to you by BZOINK!

honestly, why wouldnt anyone wanna be friends with us?!?!?! ask pat plunkett, we'll buy you cool presents,

LMAO, WE LOVE THAT KID.. except he only loves me, and not kristen

Male or Female?:both
Age?:14... i got a tiny weeny. lmao
Do you enjoy giving and getting hugs?:most of the time, when i take showers, or its not that time of the momth
Who do you hug?:lmao. i cant read, i hug everyone
Why do you usually give hugs?:MONKEYS
Describe how you felt (emotionally, physically) when you didnt want to hug.:lmao, i get the feeling in my thighs, that i just cant describe
How was the person you hugged related to you or wasnt?:hmm. i believe that would be that hobo i saw walking down the road, his name was medic
Where they male or female?:im not sure
Describe (if you can) the BEST hug you ever experience.:medic
How was the person you hugged related to you or wasnt?:you already asked this
Where they male or female?:not sure

What HUGS say about you! brought to you by BZOINK!
okay that one was pointless

now we have tape on our head, its our religion or race.

The lead singer?:lmao. no clue
Her age ?:probably 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 . its the many wonders of sex too.
What band is her b/f in ?:my band
Bandmate that left Evanescence ?:my hand
Do you think he\'s a loser for it ?:if he didnt leave then i couldnt leave my other han d
Ever been to a concert of theirs ?:all of them
What\'s the name of their first album ?:the meowing one
The second one ?:the piss
Which is better ?:piss
Fav song on Fallen ?:i guess ones called fallen
Fav song on Origin ?:and orgin. HEY that souds like virgin
Is Amy a goddess ?:fuck no
Is this getting repetitive ?:what
Am i getting annoying ?: very

Evanescence survey !! brought to you by BZOINK!

yeah. were kinda sad. we did that, now were gonna end up on depression pills. greattttt

Hair color?:brown
Eye color?:blue
Six pack?:oooh yeah
Long hair or short?:long
Piercings?:hmm... chin? labraw
Big butt or little?:medium
Chest hair?:peach fuzz
Buff or skinny?:buff
Teeth?:hmm.. straight?
Section 2
Funny or serious?:funny!
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?:stay-at-home
Should he be able to bake or cook?:cook... AND BAKE BROWNIES.. i'll supply the eggs!
Does he have a best friend?:yeahh...
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?:noooo...
Out-going or shy?:out-going!!!.. like BRIELLE
Sarcastic or sincere?:hmm.. i like sarcastic people
Does he love his mother?:of course!
Should he watch chick-flicks?:if i tell him too
Would he be a smoker?:nnnnnnnnnnooooooooo..
How about a drinking?:not an alcoholic
And swearing?:not infront of the childern. or his mother. or our neighbors, or medic
Would he play with your hair?:yeahhh. but he wont spit his gum in it
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?:hmm. that woudlnt' be cool. and that would make sense, mr. vanlaar said
Would he pay for you when you're on a date?:if he wants, but i have money
Does he kiss on the first date?:yeah.
Where would you go for dinner?:CHUM-BOS!!
Would he buy you flowers?:yeahh!
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?:lmao. we could lay under the stars. philosophies dont sound interesting
Would he write poetry about you?:yeah. thats cool
Would he use endearments?:hmm..
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?:if he wants, they are kinda.. weird
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?:not medic
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?:yeah
Would you hold hands?:OF COURSE. lace!! not cup
Section 3
Does he play soccer?:he if wants
Water polo?:uhh. sure
Golf or something equally boring?:lmao. my dad plays golf. with his weird friends. so no
Does he surf?:yes
Can he sing?:uh. not better than me
Play the guitar?:yeah
Play piano?:nahh
Play the drums?:yeah
Can he keep his room clean?:i cant keep my room neat
Is he an artist of sorts?:yeah.
Does he write his own music?:hopefully. maybe as good as jem... lmao
Does he have pets?:nooo. wait he has a cat
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?:i do.
How about tight?:lmao. no. unless we're talking about his pants
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?:hopefully
What kind of car does he drive?:buggie
How old is he?:no idea
What's his name?:MEDIC.. WAIT. NO HERALD

The Perfect Guy brought to you by BZOINK!

omg. guys. im breaking out on my chin. omg its like two things. but i mean. I DONT BREAK OUT. AND I ALWAYS MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE WHO DO. AND ITS THE FIRST THING I NOTICE. I MEAN. FIRST THING. lmao, its so mean, but true. and its so ew. I WANT IT TO GO AWAY.

Eat a cockaroach or Lie in a Fear's Factor tank full of them?:tank full
Marry someone rich or someone you love?:you love
Be successful or be happy?:happy
Wear brown or black?:black.. ooh no. IM GOTHIC
Listen to Christmas music year-round or listen to Hanson year-round?:hanson. lmao. i guess pat and kristen like that?
Date Winnie the Pooh or Yogi the Bear?:winnie
Buy cds or burn em?:burn
Give money to individuals or to a charity?:lmao. i give money to kids at school
Be a kid for life or be a company hot-shot?:kid for life
Live in a deserted masion or a teeny tiny loft?:masion?
Be a mom or be a dad? (use your imagination kids!):lmao. mom. wait. no. dad
Travel around the world (backpacking) or be pampered at home?:pampered at home! but. ew . i will get fat
Know a lot or be really well-liked?:really well-liked
Live near your family and be happy or live far away and be in love?:hmm.. i wanna be near my family. but kristen says far away. with medic
Tonedeaf or rude?:rude

Would You Rather.... brought to you by BZOINK!

okay.. woo.. fun!

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