Let me be the one you call,
If you jump i'll break your fall,
Lift you up and fly away into the night.
If you need to fall apart,
I can mend a broken heart,
If you need to crash then crash and burn,
You're not alone.


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If i gave you my all ;
would that be enough

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:: 2006 15 May :: 8.57 am
:: Mood: bored

Nothings ever the same ..

It has been forever since ive updated on woohu. Between school and work and the tiny bit of time i spend with my friends i have no time for anything else. But i was just sitting here in class doing nothign, and i thought about woohu. I went through and read old entries as i always do which made me sad and miss my old friends as it always does.

I dont see why i always do this to myself when everytime i comeo ut with the same result. Things change, people change, and life changes. There is nothing i nor anybody could do to stop change from happening to the world.

But i just wish somehow i could have known what i had so maybe then i would have kept it .. cause now im doing good. My life is going okay and im coping with things pretty good .. but im alone. Which is the worst feeling in the world

Being with you ..

:: 2005 29 April :: 10.18 am
:: Mood: cranky

Sometimes you have to forget to forgive

So i havent wrote in here ina couple of days i guess. I really want to keep this up so i wont have another journal that i have wasted. Plus its one of the only ways to keep in touch with one of the most best things that has ever happened to me. ♥ :o) hAh !!!

So nothing has really been going on, 27 more days til i go back to michigan and im so excited its crazy. I just really wanna see everything ya know. Plus i want to see my mom. wow .. weird lol!

Yeah i dont wanna write right now lol .. So later <3 !

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:: 2005 25 April :: 11.14 am
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: grind on me <3!

When you've got nobody else ; youve got me <3!

So here i am again. Right now were gettin ready to leave so this ought to be quick. Were going out to orlando i think to meet up with some of gramz friends for lunch blah blah .. ick. So heres PART of wat i promised, there will be more later. =)

i guess the reason we cherish our memories so much is because they are the only things in life that never change

Read more..
-Britty boo . u mite wanna lookit this ;D . i luhv u óż

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:: 2005 24 April :: 6.39 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: let me love u remix

Everythings changed except for the way i feel about you <3!

So yeah i got a new woohu. Nobody has woohu anymore but still. Lets jus hope that i keep up cause i really miss woohu. Anyways thats all for now, its not the prettiest right now. But it'll work for now.

B.G `n J.D. forever . i swear ♥

2 makes me believe ♥s | Being with you ..

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