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User:amajules (user# 11519)
Name:Amanda and Julie
Location: we know you don't, you still don't know
AOL IM:walkthisjourney [add buddy]
Friend Of:(1) Waiting4rain
Interests:(18) "Dude that is like so way our condo!", "You poked my eye out. You poked my eye out! OH MY GOD YOU POKED MY EYE OUT!!",, 6 mile run along the beach, Back massages, breaking the table during a contest that ended up in a pie fight, Butt squeezes amanda hates, choreographed dances (especially ones done a few hours before the performance!), Christmas muppet movie, get it, In SC - "Lets link arms and make it worse!", Julie losing at crash Bandecoot, monkey noises while sunbathing, My name is Bianca the Beatician...Oh my God B and B get it, OKAY!, singing a capella while walking along the beach, talks in the bathroom, the fat guy on the stairs of the Galleria mall that i scared when i snapped the CD.....hahahahahahahaha! , Wrestling on the Jerry Springer show for a skit
Created:2003-08-25 22:33:20
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