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:: 2004 24 May :: 7.50 pm
:: Mood: excited

Hey everybody!! Today has actually been a pretty good day!!! Skool was the same as usual...really BORING!!! After skool my mom picked me up and I went and got my nailz filled in...they needed it really bad!!! Then we went back to the skool and Mrs. Schoon let me drive home!!! Kim was with us and I actually got us all home in one!!! I actually did time when I wasn't payin attention I was goin like 60 mph and Mrs. Schoon had to tell me to slow down but thatz about!!! I'm actually kinda surprised I didn't kill us!!! Well I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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:: 2004 23 May :: 11.41 am
:: Mood: lonely

Hey people...sorry I haven't updated for a while!!! I haven't really felt like it!!! Anywayz this weekend has been pretty much boring!!! Yesterday I had to babysit for my dad'z boss and his wife while they went out...Sarah came too!!! We were only there for like four hours and they have an older son who is really pretty even though he wasn't there but for a few!!! Today I guess we're gonna go to the athletic banquet...itz probably gonna be pretty boring but I'm gonna go beatz sittin at home all day!!! Well this past week has been pretty confusing and I think most of my friendz know what I!!! I really wanna go back to Florida...I'm so gonna move there some!!! I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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:: 2004 16 May :: 6.43 pm
:: Mood: tired

Hey hey everybody!!! I just got back from Florida like a couple of hours ago and I'm like sooo tired!!! I had a really great time though!!! Tuesday when we went to Islands of Adventure was the best cause I got my picture with this really really HOT Italian guy when we were eating lunch...I so can't wait to get my pictures developed!!! Mrs. Schoon said she's gonna put it on the slide show she's makin of the whole Florida!!! We had an awesome trip and to top that we got 1st place in the parade...yay...go us!!! It was great...most of my friends were there even though there were a few who weren't!!! I really wish I could've stayed longer...I'm gonna live in Florida some really but I can dream!!! Anywayz thatz all I can remember that I actually want to tell ya'll so I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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:: 2004 8 May :: 9.18 pm
:: Mood: excited

HEY EVERYBODY!!! I'm kinda hyper right now...if you haven't already noticed...lo!!! The Hannan Band will be leavin for Florida in less than 24 hours and itz gonna be great!!! Most of my friendz are goin although there are a couple who aren't!!! I'm gonna have SoOoOo much fun...even tho I'm kinda mad at somebody right now...that person knowz who they are and if you don't know who they are well too bad for if you really wanna know I'll probably tell you if you just ask!!! Anywayz I'm SoOoOoOo not gonna let that ruin my trip!!! Well I guess imma go...I'll ttyl!!! Lotz of love peoplez...XOXO!!! AmBeR

Herez sumthin I got off preciouscreationz that I thought was cute and SoOoOo true ...

-*-26 things a *Perfect* guy would do-*-
1. Know how to make you smile when you are down!!!
2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you alwayz notice!!!
3. Sticks up for you, but still respects your independence!!!
4. Give you the remote control during the game!!!
5. Comes up behind you and puts his arms around you!!!
6. Plays with your hair!!!
7. His hand alwayz find yours
8. Be cute when he really wants something!!!
9. Offer you plenty of massages!!!
10. Dances with you, even if he feels like a dork!!!
11. Never runs out of love!!!
12. Be funny, but knows how to be serious!!!
13. Realizes he's being funny when he needs to be serious!!!
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready!!!
15. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts!!!
16. Smiles a lot!!!
17. Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally do just because he knows it means a lot to you!!!
18. Appreciate you!!!
19. Helps others out!!!
20. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1!!!
21. Alwayz gives you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each others company, even when his friends are watching!!!
22. Sing, even if he can't!!!
23. Has a creative sense of humor!!!
24. Stares at you!!!
25. Calls for no reason!!!
26. Quit smoking, chewing, drinking, or drugs, just because he loves you that much to quit it!!!

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:: 2004 2 May :: 5.14 pm

Hey Hey everybody!!! I know I haven't updated in like forever!!! This weekend has been ok...coulda been better but I'm not gonna complain!!! Brittany came over yesterday and we watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre...a really really good movie and today we went to my grandma's then to the mall!!! I'm so excited we leave for Florida a week from today...itz gonna be so great!!! Anywayz I don't really have anything else to say I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

Herez some lyrics...

My Dear Son, it is almost June,
I hope this letter catches up to you, and finds you well.
Its been dry but theyíre calling for rain,
And everything's the same olí same in Johnsonville.
Your stubborn 'ol Daddy ainít said too much,
But Iím sure you know he sends his love,
And she goes on,
In a letter from home.

I hold it up and show my buddies,
Like we ainít scared and our boots ainít muddy, and they all laugh,
Like thereís something funny boutí the way I talk,
When I say: "Mama sends her best yíall."
I fold it up an' put it in my shirt,
Pick up my gun an' get back to work.
An' it keeps me driving me on,
Waiting on letters from home.

My Dearest Love, its almost dawn.
Iíve been lying here all night long wondering where you might be.
I saw your Mama and I showed her the ring.
Man on the television said something so I couldnít sleep.
But Iíll be all right, Iím just missing you.
An' this is me kissing you:
XXís and OOís,
In a letter from home.

I hold it up and show my buddies,
Like we ainít scared and our boots ainít muddy, and they all laugh,
'Cause she calls me "Honey", but they take it hard,
'Cause I donít read the good parts.
I fold it up an' put it in my shirt,
Pick up my gun an' get back to work.
An' it keeps me driving me on,
Waiting on letters from home.

Dear Son, I know I ainít written,
But sittin' here tonight, alone in the kitchen, it occurs to me,
I might not have said, so Iíll say it now:
Son, you make me proud.

I hold it up and show my buddies,
Like we ainít scared and our boots ainít muddy, but no one laughs,
'Cause there ainít nothing funny when a soldier cries.
An' I just wipe me eyes.
I fold it up an' put it in my shirt,
Pick up my gun an' get back to work.
An' it keeps me driving me on,
Waiting on letters from home.

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:: 2004 18 April :: 8.19 pm
:: Mood: excited

Hey hey everybody!!! This weekend has been pretty good!!! Yesterday me and Brittany went with my mom and Mrs. Schoon to the Charleston town center because Mrs. Schoon needed maternity clothes and a bathing suit for was so fun helping her pick them!!! Then today my dad took me to the Locks and Dam to was so much fun...until I kinda went into the ditch then it was pretty!!! I like freaked out cause I thought I got the truck stuck dad thought it was pretty funny!!! That was pretty much all I did today!!! Anywayz I can't wait til the night of mini and Sarah are havin a dad said we could have it here and have like a big fire and stuff on the river bank...itz gonna be pretty much lotz of fun...I'm pretty much sOoOo excited!!! I can't wait til we go to Florida either therez only like 22 dayz...itz gonna be the best since most of my friendz are!!! Well I guess imma go since I can't think of anything else to say right now!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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:: 2004 13 April :: 8.14 pm

Hey peoplez!!! I'm havin a really really bad day and I'm not really sure why!!! I guess where itz rainin and stuff it makez me all sad!!! Anywayz I don't really know why I'm writin in this freakin journal...itz not like I can say any of the thingz that are botherin me cause it will just make people mad and make my life a lot worse than it already is!!! Well I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

Herez some quotez I found...

If a smile was a minute i'd give you an *hour*
If a kiss was a petal i'd give you a *flower*
If a word was a droplet i'd give you the *sea*
If love was a person i'd give you *me*

*True LoVe is Not 2 Souls Coming Together,
But it's One Soul...Finding it's Other Half*

WhEn Ur HoPeLeSsLy In LoVe...U tHiNk iT's TrUe
WhEn He'S aLL uR tHiNkiN oF WhEn ThErE's NuThIn eLse 2 Do
Do UrSeLf A FaVoR *n* ThInK tHe wHoLe ThInG tHrU
..AsK YoUrSeLf A QuEsTiOn..
Is He ThInKiN oF u ToO?

*Just the thought of being with you tomorrow...*
*is enough to get me through today*

.Know Love.
.Know HappIness.
.No Love.
.No Happiness.

~You are everything i never knew i always wanted~

Immature Love sayz:: i Love you because i Need you
Mature Love sayz:: i Need you because I Love you

*Love is when you take away the *FeeLinG*, the *RoMaNcE*, and
the *PaSsiOn*, and you find that you still care for that person*

ThE MoRe YoU *JuDgE* ThE LeSs U *LoVe*

Love iS Lovinq sOmeOne uncOndtiOnaLLy
. . .especiaLLy aT theiR Lowest mOmentS

I think thatz enough for right now I might put some later but I dunno...

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:: 2004 11 April :: 11.59 am

HAPPY EASTER!!! Well I know I'm a pretty big loser for bein' on here on Easter but my momz cookin dinner and I'm so freakin!!! I can't believe spring break is already over...the only thing good about it is the sooner we go back to skool the sooner we go to florida...yay...I'm so excited we only have like 28 dayz left til we leave...I so can't!!! Well I guess imma go since I don't really have anything else to!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

Herez the lyricz to one of my new favorite songz...

Floorboard is filled with baby toys
and empty coke bottles and coffee cups
Driving through the rain with no radio
trying not to wake her up

Cell phone says low battery
God what if I break down
I'm just looking for an exit with a lot of lights
in a safe little interstate town

Just a cheap hotel
with a single bed
and cable TV
is good enough for me and Emily

Someday when she's old enough
she's gonna start asking questions about him
some kid at school brings his dad for show and tell
and he gets her little mind wondering

Where's my daddy, do I have one
does he not love me like you do
Maybe I'll find someone to love the both of us
and I'll tell her when she's old enough to know the truth

Will it break her heart
will she understand
that I had to leave
that's what was best for me and Emily

The house was never clean enough
his dinner never warm enough
Nothing I did was ever good enough to make him happy
So I guess he gave me what he thought I deserved
but it would kill me if he ever raised his hand to her

Bigrigs are throwing rain on my windshield
And I feel like they're laughing at me
Finally the storm is letting up
and the morning is breaking free

It's a brand new day
It's a second chance
yesterday is just a memory
For me and Emily

Floorboard is filled with baby toys
and empty coke bottles and coffee cups
Least there's one good thing that he gave me
and she's starting to wake up

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:: 2004 9 April :: 9.10 pm
:: Mood: anxious

Hey peoplez!!! Don't have anything to say so herez this thing I got off AIM girl that I think is pretty

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named 'Bush', 'Dick', and 'Colon'!!!"

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:: 2004 7 April :: 7.15 pm

Hey everybody!!! I haven't updated for a while but thatz because I don't really have anything to say!!! Yesterday was ratings and we got fourz on a scale from 1 to 10...1 being best and 10 being worst!!! We so coulda did a lot better but we coulda did a lot worst I'm not gonna was a pretty funny!!! I'm so glad we're on spring break!!! I hate skool...itz so boring...I can't wait til we go to Florida!!! Itz gonna be so freakin fun!!! Well I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

I got this off AIM GIRL and thought it was cute...

1. Kiss on the hand...I adore you
2. Kiss on the cheek...I just want to be friends
3. Kiss on the neck...I want you
4. Kiss on the lips...I love you
5. Kiss on the ears...I am just playin
6. Kiss anywhere else...lets not get carried away
7. Look in your eyes...kiss me
8. Playin with your hair...I can't live without you
9. Hand on your waist...I love you to much to let go

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:: 2004 2 April :: 5.43 pm

Hey everybody todayz been a pretty interesting day...boring but still interesting!!! In first Mr. Grady wasn't there so we had to go to Elliot's room...we watched this movie called To hell and was real live stories that people were tellin about how they died, went to hell and came so totally freaked me out!!! In second we were in Mr. Linger'z room...we had to do a worksheet for Mrs. was so boring!!! In third we didn't really do anything and in fourth we worked in the shop...the highlight of my!!! Thatz about all I hafta say right now since I have like the most boring life ever!!! I might update later but I!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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:: 2004 31 March :: 4.13 pm
:: Mood: happy

Hey everybody!!! Todayz actually been a pretty good day!!! First period I didn't take gym cause I felt like bein lazy so I wrote a paper on Wiffle ball for extra credit, then in second we had to be in the computer lab for Mrs. was kinda boring but o well, in third we got the person we hafta do our 800 word essay on...I hafta do mine on Barbara Bush...o wow great fun!!! Fourth period was probably the best cause we went in the shop and I got to use the saw...we're makin push sticks and itz really!!! We got our report cardz today...I got 3 B's and an A!!! Well thatz about it!!! So imma go ttyl!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

I got this off aim girl and thought it was realy cute...

30 things Girlz want Guyz to know

1. We want to be hugged all the time no matter what!!!
2. We want you to show us affection even when people you know are around!!!
3. If you piss us off, we WILL kick you there, so don't push it!!!
4. Don't take us for granted!!!
5. If you like us, make your move before someone else does!!!
6. Not to sound selfish, but we'd much rather YOU call US!!!
7. If you don't shave, don't expect us too!!!
8. Don't make bets about us, because one of your friends will tell us, if you don't!!!
9. We don't care how sexy your ex was!!!
10. We absolutely do not care about how hot you think other girls are even if we're not going out with you!!!
11. Even though you almost never are, we'll pretend that you're right sometimes!!!
12. Its not our job to make all the plans!!!
13. We understand that size doesn't matter!!!
14. We're not as shallow as you think we all are!!!
15. PMS is ALWAYS an excuse so get over it!!!
16. On that note, anything we say or do during that 4 days to a week each month cannot be held against us!!!
17. Tim McGraw IS hot, so get over it!!!
18. We like it when you say that you're sorry (even if its not entirely your fault)!!!
19. The excuse "I can't dance" is absolutely unacceptable...we'll appreciate the effort!!!
20. Make fun of us...prepare to DIE!!!
21. The "little things" are really the biggest things!!!
22. No girl just wants to be "your friend with benefits"!!!
23. Don't smoke and expect us to kiss you, its gross beyond words!!!
24. When we trip and or fall, throw yourself upon the altar of sacrifice and humiliate yourself to make us feel better!!!
25. We're sensitive!!!
26. Don't lie to us...ever!!!
27. If we take the time to write you cute notes, write us back, we really like that!!!
28. Hold our hand!!!
29. Donít ever just say I love you if you donít mean it!!! Weíre not stupid and we can tell if you mean it!!!
30. At least 98% of you guys who are reading this REALLY should take our advice, it'll make your life a lot easier!!!

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:: 2004 27 March :: 5.35 pm

Hey people I know I already updated today but I found this stuff on AIM girl and just thought I'd put it on here for you to see...

1. At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you!!!
2. At least 15 people in this world love you, in some way!!!
3. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep!!!
4. You mean the world to someone!!!
5. Someone that you don't know even exists, loves you!!!
6. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you!!!

**Why do we always run away from the people who try to make us happy, but we always fight so hard for the ones that make us cry???

**One day you'll come to me and ask me what's more important: you or my life, I'll say my life and you'll walk away never knowing that you are my life!!!

**It's funny how you go through a year day by day and nothing seems to change but when you look back...everything's different!!!

**Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear!!!

**Sometimes all you can do is smile and go on with your day...hold your tears back and pretend everything's ok!!!

**When you have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye only a true friend knows when you're about to cry!!!

**If you're asking if I need you the answer is forever, if you're asking if I'll leave you the answer is never, if you're asking what I value the answer is you, if you're asking if I love you, the answer is I do!!!

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:: 2004 27 March :: 1.55 pm
:: Mood: upset

Hey everybody!!! I know I haven't updated for a while but I haven't felt like it lately!!! I don't really feel like it now either but I'm like really bored!!! Well this week has actually been ok...kinda boring but thatz normal!!! Yesterday was like the worst tho...if u don't know why then 2 bad for u!!! I still feel horrible but I'll feel better eventually!!! Anywayz I don't really have anything to say to anyone right now so I guess Imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

I found this quote on AIM girl and I love it...

If you look inside a girls heart, you'd see how much she cries, you'll find secrets hidden, best friends, and lies. But what you'll see the most is how hard it is to stay strong when nothing's right and everything's wrong!!!

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:: 2004 21 March :: 9.09 pm
:: Mood: cheerful

Hey everybody!!! I know I haven't updated for a couple dayz but I don't really have any need to!!! Anywayz Friday me and Sarah weren't gonna go to the Youth Expo but we changed our mindz at the last minute and decided to go!!! Then yesterday was pretty boring we stayed home all day and I did absolutely nothing!!! Today we went to the mall and I got this cute pink skort...we went to D&D Outfitters in the mall and I saw this awesome shirt but they only had a large and and extra large...I was so mad...the guy said to check back in like two weeks so I guess I'll hafta wait...something very complicated for me to do!!! Anywayz thatz about it!!! I guess imma go!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR

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