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:: 2004 13 September :: 12.27 am
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: hoobastank- same direction

last night and today
So last night I called Jared around midnight i believe and i was like ok i'm ready to go out. He was like ok. I heard his voice echo. I thought is my mom on the other phone? I asked him to say something on the phone and he was like ok. I heard his voice echo again. I was kinda scared. I was like hang on. When I went to go check if someone was on the other phone I heard a knock at my window. I turned around in surprise and it was Jared and Casey. I was like omg. I flicked them off, those bastards. So we snuck out and walked around. We had no where to go sine we didn't have n e money. We went a neighborhood over from mine and we just layed on the road and looked up at the sky. Wow. The night was soo pretty. The stars were out and that star dust shit was there too and shooting stars! Everytime we saw one we made a wish and shared it. It was an open session where there can't be n e secrets. I loved it. I always wanted to lay under the stars w/ friends and just talk. Well Jared and Casey said that they saw me change my clothes. I was like errr what color underwear? Casey got the right color but they told me that they were joking, but I don't know...You see I broke my blinds on my window, so when i have a light on i can't see outside at night through my window. Well, we learned some things about eachother i guess. I came home around 1:45 am b/c I had church. After we said our goodbyes i was ready to go to bed and Casey and Jared came back. They said they were bored, so i was like ok. They came in and we chilled and talked some more. Then around 2:30 they left. I had a dandy time.

Well today I didn't go to church b/c my dad went out to our property to do the yard work. We bought dupelxes by the way, like 8 of 'em. So i had the day to do w/e. So Ginny and I went over to a friends house and Liam was over too. He's a british dude. Well we watched the Punnisher and then we all talked. No one was in the pool so Me and my friend decided to go froliking and then jump in the pool. I had my swim suit in the car, but i was too lazy to go get it. So I jumped w/ my clothes on. Then all the lil kids came out to play w/ us and we were like nooo. So we went back inside after we played tug boat. :D Then when i was waiting for my clothes to get dry we were running around naked and touching eachother in naughty places..j/k. It was funny, after i got my clothes wet, i put on my swimsuit so my clothes can dry and i didn't go swimming in my suit. We just played around on the guitars. They tried to teach me how to play but yea..I'll work on it. Then around 8 we left and I came home ate dinner and watched a movie that had a bad ending.

Seriously guys, that fat guy on the crapper thing i was talking to most of u about will be an awesome scene for a murder mystery movie. i don't care what u say, it would be sick. Fun shit.

So yea. Hopefully tomorrow will be fun.


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:: 2004 10 September :: 4.19 pm
:: Mood: indescribable

break down
So today I woke up 45 minutes late.with me waking up late I knew today wasn't goin to be good and it wasn't. It sucked more balls than a whore can suck.

In the middle of 1st period I realized I had a spanish oral today (which I didn't study for) and a history test which I had next (I didn't study for it either). I was like shit!I was bitein my nails and just figiding my feet b/c I was nervous about failing my history test. Well at the end of 1st period I got my interm. Wow, that just ruined my day for sure. i got a D in History. My teacher for that class is suppose to be the easiest one of all and he is and yet i conquor getting a fuckin D. a D to me and my parents is failing. I was like fucking shit. I can't get C's on anythin in that class now. I got a 97 A in spanish and spanish is my worse subject. I mean I am soo nervous about Ivan and shit. I mean how can they think that i can concentrate on school?

Well in fucking History class I was getting nervous and just with things goin on in my social life and family life and Ivan right now it just made me not concentrate. I was gettin all pissed and I just wanted to cry. I just stared at my notes wondering what the fuck am i goin to do? Then Mr. sousa announced to put everything away. My face fell. I just cannot fail this test. I put my head in my hands and i was just gettin really crazy. Everything that happened this week was just really effecting me at that moment. I just wanted to run out and run forever. Mr. sousa came up to me and said, don't worry my test isn't that bad. Maybe I should do medetation before my tests. I was like right, screw u buddy. I looked over my oral as many times as i could while doin work during the day. I was soo jiddery (sp) and shit. When I was trying to get books outta my locker I couldn't do it. They wouldn't come out. I just leaned on the next lockers over and slid down on the ground. In Math class when the test was being passed out my pointer finger on my right hand like fell outta socket or something. It like leaned to the left a lot and i felt like pop in the joint. I couldn't move my finger. I was freaking out. I was like what the fuck is happening to me today? everything is going wrong... I couldn't study my oral, my mind wasn't up to it. I just put my head down on the desk and I just wanted to die at that moment. At lunch I grabbed food and sat down and studied my oral as much as possible. Lance and Nick H. were like Whats wrong? I was saying the usual nothing, don't worry about it and blah blah. But they wouldn't let go of the subject. Lance was like if u don't tell me in 3 I will chuck this drum stick at ur head..yea well i didn't tell him and he didn't do it. When they realized I wouldn't tell they quit. Then Nick H. gave me his tray to take to the garbage and I said no. He was horsing around and pushin me to do it and I yelled I said no god dammit! Its ur damn food, u take it! and I slid the tray at him. I grabbed my stuff and walked out.

Finally, spanish...Nick S. was being so happy and cheery like normal and I just wanted to kill him. He was trying to get me to dance. He took my arms and was acting like me and him were dancing together and I was like no. quit it. I don't wanna dance. Then I sat down and he came over and started booty dancing in my face w/ his ghetto butt. Then he was singing to me and what-not. i was like i'm not gonna be happy, so quit. Then he was like Let me see that Randi smile that I love so much. Well it turns out that all we had to do was to say the oral w/ the same sex. i was more fukcing pissed b/c I was nervous for no damn reason the whole day. I hate it when teachers change their mind sometimes. well I actually cried a lil in spanich class b/c I was thinking about shit. yea, I want things to change. I want them to change soon. I NEED for them to change for the better.


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:: 2004 8 September :: 5.38 am
:: Mood: calm

So I didn't go to school today. woo. I didn't feel to well. i was all dizzy and my stomach hurt and all. By 1 pm I was feelin better. I have a lot of make up work to do. I missed a lab. I forgot about that SOB. I got my paper done though today which is good. Now I don't have to worry about it. I have drum lessons today which i'm not looking forward to, but I'll see what happens and how well I do. Hopefully I wont bomb it all the way through. At least I got to sleep in a lil more today. :)


update: I didn't bomb the lesson..well not as bad as i thought!

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:: 2004 4 September :: 12.40 pm

Yea ok so last night I did HW until 2 am. I still have lots more to do but I was too tired.

This morning or shall i say afternoon lol. I had mr.Jesse come and jump on me while I was asleep. How sweet of him eh? He was like what up g? I was like nuttin ca as I was grrring at him for waking me up. Then he asked were are the hoes at and I said under my bed. haha..yea lame.

So now I am doin Hw as I have just woken up. As soon as I got outta my room i had a caculator in my hand and a pen in the other and my sisters were like why? I said I gotta do hw as I have just woke up. Wow...whose a geek? I am!

I have to write a perfect essay b/c my anglish teacher is homo, I have to do Chemistry Worksheets and he actually grades 'em b/c again another teacher is homo. I have to study for english also b/c she's still homo and I have to study for Financial Computing b/c she's nice but yet homo o and study for World History b/c even though mr.sousa is soo damn awesome he's homo for making me think.


Rock on Darth!


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:: 2004 2 September :: 4.59 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: Jet

Free at last, Free at Last!!!
I have an annoucment to make.

Michelle, your loveing friend, your arched enemy, your pimp, has been released to the public. She is no longer in captive. she broke free. The world is again is at her mercy....

Hell yea baby!


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:: 2004 29 August :: 9.08 pm
:: Mood: happy

So friday sucked a lil bit. I stayed home and did HW. A lot of fun let me tell yea.

Saturday I got up and went to Tampa. I brought Ginny with me to keep me company. I drove up there and I drove crazy the whole way. I was goin up a ramp at 75 miles. My dad was better slow down and I was like shhhh...let this crazy white girl drive. HAHA. Everyone was scared. We got to my sis's college to pick her up. We checked out her dorm. Its soo tiny, but soo cool at the same time. The guys at her building are pretty snazzy. Ginny and I were like hello. haha. Got to the hotel and then went to the buc stadium. We tailgated and hung out w/ a bunch of ppl. At half time we met up w/ Kip, Bryan and their ppl. We went to their section which was better then ours and just took ppl's seats. Hey its a pre-season game, u can do w/e u want says Kip. lol. Kip was flirtin w/ us and was like when u turn 18 i'll find yea. He told my sis he'll come party w/ her at her college and show her the strings since he went there. He just made us laugh and laugh through out the second half. since Ginny doesn't understand football enough to enjoy it she was talkin w/ the guys and they were enjoying her. afterwards we went to Eboy City where the clubs are at. What up baby! It was soo awesome there. Around 1 am we went to Hooters and Ginny (now the hooter hoover) finally realized what Hooters means. haha. Its ok girl. Best wings ever. Then we drove around some more and then hit the sheets. Bucs won by the way.

Then today I got home and helped my mom w/ my grandma thing. It sucked. afterwards Dan, Cassie, and I went to Rumrunners to visit ppl and eat there. It was fun. Good food. Yum. Dan was soo halarious w/ one of the managers. Cat gave him a condom as in inside joke and she was like when ur up in Tampa we'll use it and he's like i'll bring my own and Dan was like o then I should give my number to u too then. lol. It was sooo funny. I love that kid. Then Dan was like mine break. That kid is soo great. Dan was sharing a dessert w/ me and I was like be careful when your on the highway tonight u might have to take a crap and have no where to go and he turns to casandra and was like this is suppose to be the hot sister? i was like wa?? Then I found out that Casandra's friends think I'm hot and w/e. I was like yes! I'm hot to college guys, what up gentlemen? haha. I felt a lil more special. When I got up from the table Dan was like woah. Your short and your not like Jennifer all ditzy, but you have the big boobs. I was like o thanks Dan the superman.

Sigh...Fun night to end on my neato weekend. Pretty neat since i'm still grounded


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:: 2004 27 August :: 8.57 pm

Ok so Gin got in a car accident. Poo. Hope all is well.

Found out that 2 friends of mine like me today. How sweet. I feel special. A lot of ppl think i'm dumbfounded b/c I never guessed that one of those guys like me, but hey he never showed it, so ha. I feel bad though that I don't want to go out w/ them though. I always feel bad when ppl wanna go out w/ me and I dont want to. I'll be over it. FYI I'm not gonna go out w/ them though b/c I have Joe and thats enough for me. :)

Tomorrow I am goin to the Bucs pre-game up in Tampa. I'm voting for Miami though only b/c my dad likes the Bucs and I don't like my dad very much right now.

I hate being grounded. It sucks a lot of monkey bum. I can't go anywhere. I'm driving insane being home all the time. I hate it. Its boring. I wanna hang out w/ my buddies and play around again. Hopefully next week I will get to be w/ friends again. I'm gonna hang out w/ Joe first. I miss him a lot. Then Jared. Well maybe I'll chill w/ them in the same day since I am haawesome like that ;). I would like to chill Casey, . I would like to chill w/ Philip b/c he is my bro and we don't see eachother at all. Those are really the guys I would like to chill with that live near me. So yea.


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:: 2004 17 August :: 7.23 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: UnderOath

Hurricane Charlie, Kiss my white ass
So Friday I helpre my da-da put on boards and shiz for the storm. Wow. Fun rigth there guys. We got our house ready for the storm by 12.My aunt called around 1 to come over and catch all of her prized brids that she has in a big big cage. I just took a shower and had my hair did and everything. My sis's and i went over and caught 'em. It was a complete mess. It was raining hard and i couldn't see w/ the rain and the net. It was kinda fun though. but we were soaked right after. It looked like i was dummped in a pool.

Well at 2:15, after the curfew that u weren't suppose to be out b/c of the storm, we evacuated to my aunts house who lives on buckingham road (east fort myes)b/c my dad got all freaked and nervous b/c the storm got to 125 plus and he didn't trust our house to protect, but the hell it did. He got my sister amanda (the big baby) worked up and she started to ball out crying and was like i'm not leaving b/c of the cat. (we couldn't find him). But we got to my aunt's house and she let her horses free (they came back after the storm) and had her chickens and roosters locked up. My dad's side of teh family was there. All of his family was there.

My cuz Clay was like u know what u gotta do during a storm? I was like Drink? He goes well....yea..but since ur not able to drink unlike me, we play UNO! So teh whole storm Amanda, Nola, Clay and I played Uno non-stop and other card games. It really kept me calm. The electric went out around 4 there. So it got really hot w/ all of the family there. I felt safe though b/c I kept my mind off it as much as i could. I was worried about Amanda G., Anne and Rich, Amber, Ginny, Joe, Jon, and Nick though b/c of the locations of where they live. I almost got in-touch w/ all of 'em and everyone is fine so far.

Well since the storm I have been fixing our mess at home. We had trees fall and one on our roof. Roof shingles from our neighbor's went in our pool and ripped our screen. my dad and I had to chainsaw the trees and my dad accidentitly hit me w/ it (ouch. I only got scraped and it wasn't on when it happened. It took me 3 days to get our hose back to the norm. I've worked hard. I got up early every day so far like 6 am early. Monday and Tuesday (today) Ginny and I went to Port Charolette and Punta Gorda to help out everyone there. We got there around 7:30 AM on both days and left around 4 pm both days too. Its like a war field over there. I feel soooo bad. Its just aweful. I got some footage of it. The army is there and volunteers...tons tons of 'em all. The soldiers have guns and everything, kinda scary.

Well I haven't had my bed for 4 nights. My aunt and Uncle who live(d) out in pine island have been staying at my house, in my bed. My grandma is still staying w/ us.. Its been smooshing here. I hate it. But my aunt and uncle are gone now. (yay)

I got my electricty back Sunday. I still don't have phone lines. I slept out in teh yard saturday night. There was a nice ass breeze. My neighbor, Woody (Jay Given's Uncle on the mom's side) honked his horn in the morning when he was comin home from work (he's a fireman)and was like what are u doin out in the yard? I was like its cooler than inside the house. HAHA. Everyone in my family thought I was a nut for doin it, but it felt good.

Well thats really what has been goin on since the storm. Carlie can kiss my ass. Its the 3rd most destructive natural force to ever have had happen to the US and we are part of it! YAY! NOT!


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:: 2004 12 August :: 3.34 pm
:: Mood: Dandy

So some quik updates...

I hated my lunch period and now i love it b/c Richi switched to mine. yay! The bus sucks a lot. too many ppl. My classes are dandy. I just hate my band class. I'm gonna try to switch out of that. I have 2 classes w/ Richi (yay), One w/ Anne, One w/ Amanda, 2 w/ michelle, 1 w/ Hilary and none w/ Gaby (boo-hoo).

Went over to Joes yesturday. Monday did nothing. Tuesday went to drums and got my homecoming dress and school supplies. Today i dunno what I am gonna do. This sat is a concert that i wanna go to if it wont get cancelled b/c of the gay storm.

I hope all of u live after tomorrow!


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:: 2004 9 August :: 3.25 pm
:: Mood: cranky

1st day of school....shit..
so ahh..it went well. i didn't get lost. I got Arron lost though. lol. Well ahhhh.....i don't like my lunch period too much but its alright...

My bus sucks a lot. I wish Lance would drive so I could go w/ him or Nick. Lance refuses b/c of gas. hA!

I like my teachers so far except for Mr. Roberts my geometry/trig teacher. He seems like a hard ass.

I saw a lot of ppl at school that i have never missed. lol. Loverly. OK i'm gonna go. later.


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:: 2004 8 August :: 8.53 pm
:: Music: Ataris: Summer ' 79

last day of summer
So tomorrow is school. Woo-hoo. Teachers wil be yellin at us before we know it. O ya.

My last day of summer really didn't go to plan at all. I wanted to be the bst day of summer and really have a good endin. Screw that idea. It totally sucked a lot. I hate it. But it makes me want school more. Just the pnly sucky thing about is that I wont get to see Joe very often or my friends at Mariner...sucky!


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:: 2004 8 August :: 12.09 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Outkast

Woke up around 12.
It was nasty out.
Got to the beach around 3.
Tried to sleep, but ppl wouldn't let me.
Walked around and got food.
Sis smashed her cake in my face and Jon through me in the pool twice.
I through my cuz in the pool 6 times.
Got ditched.
Called Joe.
Talked to Joe.
Talked to my unlce about boys and their coodies.
Talked to Joe again.
Dropped off Davy while Jon did the sirens.
Dropped off Jon.
Came home.
Here I am. I'm home.


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:: 2004 6 August :: 11.57 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: something wild

Ok so during the day I was soo lazy. I love my dad dude(s). I mean my parents were outta town for 2 days and as soon as my Dad comes in the door he doesn't say hi or i miss you he goes, "why the hell haven't u cut the grass? Its not raining". You gotta love him...yea right. I cleaned the house today and played drums...woo.

Well Ginny and Jon came and picked me up then we went to Joes to get him. Then off to Arron's house. Arron's house is soo neato. He lives in the barn. I loved it. It was dirty and kinda smelled but hey its soo neato. Jon, Joe and Arron busted out some music. It was neato. We were there untill 9pm.

After all that fun we went to Wendy's and Taco Bell. Then to parent free Ginny's. I love it when parents are outta town. Shit happened there and again Ginny and Jon got further than me tonight. Damn those whores...

O yea and I was 20 minutes late home and I got locked out so I had to brake in and u know what else is badass? My parents aren't even home...they are out partying it up dammit. I rushed home for nothing.

Interesting convo w/ the "special" Jared:::

missladydrummer: i thought u left
Autostrtgtr: i did
Autostrtgtr: now im back
missladydrummer: u missed me too much?
missladydrummer: i knew it.
Autostrtgtr: of course
missladydrummer: i missed u too
missladydrummer: amd cheese.
Autostrtgtr: sould have guessed
missladydrummer: i know.
missladydrummer: i love cheese.
missladydrummer: and bacon
missladydrummer: and then u after the bread
Autostrtgtr: you are insane
missladydrummer: maybe
missladydrummer: a lil
Autostrtgtr: didnt we go over this already?
missladydrummer: lol yea.
missladydrummer: i was hoping u didn't remember
missladydrummer: so maybe i am a lil bit.
Autostrtgtr: more than that
missladydrummer: would u butt rape justin timberlake if u could?
Autostrtgtr: no cause he would enjoy it
missladydrummer: but wouldn't u?
Autostrtgtr: no i wouldnt
missladydrummer: i think u would
missladydrummer: maybe f he paid u 3 million dollars.
Autostrtgtr: of course
missladydrummer: ew. ur nasty.
Autostrtgtr: you suck
missladydrummer: i do. i really do. i admit.
Autostrtgtr: cause your blonde
Autostrtgtr: you have to be good at it too
missladydrummer: blondes are hot
missladydrummer: i think i am.
Autostrtgtr: yup
Autostrtgtr: you? no......
Autostrtgtr: probly not
missladydrummer: wouldn't u like to know
Autostrtgtr: not more than other people
missladydrummer: so u admit?
missladydrummer: u wanna know how talented i am don't u buddy?
Autostrtgtr: dammit stop doing that!
missladydrummer: but u do right?
Autostrtgtr: Yes i do. I dream about it all the time. your soo hot michelle.
missladydrummer: haha your funny "special" jared.
Autostrtgtr: no i'm serious. i wanna know how u are.
missladydrummer: i'm sorry but we're never gonna happen. your too ugly.
Autostrtgtr: ur mean. I'll come over tomorrow.

Then he signed off.... he was serious dude. EW!


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:: 2004 5 August :: 11.41 pm
:: Mood: Cheery
:: Music: Senses Fall

Wow. I spent 7 hours w/ Jared today. Badass. He didn't bug me one bit! Surprise surprise!
Jon, Casey, Joe, Ginny, David, this chick I dunno, this other guy i don't know, and Jared were over. Can u say a lil party? lol. We just listened to music, play drums, watch t.v, played video games, wrestled (funny as hell) and ahh...foosball (my team won on that). It was neato.
So I know what I am goin to do now w/ my situation. I see it clearly and better. What pisses me off is that Jared, Jeremy, and Casey were right the whole damn time. I hate it when they are right. I should listen to Casey and Jared more often, not Jer.

I love it when the parents aren't home. lol.


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:: 2004 5 August :: 12.57 am
:: Mood: Happy
:: Music: LALALA!

Amber is a loser!!!
missladydrummer: my boobs bounce when u hit them from up top
sugerpiehunny87: yup
missladydrummer: does urs?
sugerpiehunny87: yea
missladydrummer: did u try it?
sugerpiehunny87: lol yea
missladydrummer: i knew it
missladydrummer: i can't believe u tryed it!
sugerpiehunny87: hehe
missladydrummer: omg!
missladydrummer: u loser!
missladydrummer: lmao.
sugerpiehunny87: lol yea
sugerpiehunny87: i am
sugerpiehunny87: i know
sugerpiehunny87: lol
missladydrummer: i gotta put it in my journal!
sugerpiehunny87: you do that
missladydrummer: o i will. i will.
sugerpiehunny87: :-)
missladydrummer: i did bitch.


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