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:: 2018 24 August :: 10.02pm


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:: 2018 22 August :: 9.45pm

I'm so freaking frustrated I want to scream.

there just no being happy. if I do one thing I suffer in another way.

I need to find a therapist.

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:: 2018 19 August :: 11.01pm

maybe it'll never be enough

maybe it's just me

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:: 2018 18 August :: 11.21pm

I know a lot of people hate lap dogs but they are honestly the best

they are perfectly destined to be our hand held best friends

I just want to snuggle my puppies forever

domesticated dogs are just permanent puppies and it's just the best. dogs were made to be with people. out of how many animals in the world dogs are the only one to truly and unrevokably to be our best friend. can you imagine a world without dogs?

it would be a pretty fucking sad world.

not to say other domesticated animals aren't awesome, they just don't hold a candle to dogs. they are the best. hands down.


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:: 2018 18 August :: 10.19pm

I love being the best

even if it's at something stupid.

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:: 2018 17 August :: 9.10am

worst timing ever... check
constant ability to out foot in mouth... check
permanent confusion towards life... check

how does anyone actually enjoy this whole "being alive and interacting with other people" bullshit?

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:: 2018 12 August :: 7.53am

when you can tell your dogs are starting to love you again because you spend more time at home

best feeling ever

working from home is truly so wonderful. I know it's hard to balance working from home and feeling "included" at the office but the two days I go in is just perfect. one day would probably be my preference but eh.

now if I could just get some extra cash....

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:: 2018 10 August :: 5.53pm

ah fuck it

I'm gonna have a party

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:: 2018 7 August :: 9.32am

first day working from home was pretty much the most amazing thing ever so glad they gave me this opportunity!

I didn't complain over yesterday. I just felt comfortable

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:: 2018 5 August :: 10.43pm

even though she still feels haunted



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:: 2018 3 August :: 10.20pm

it's has always been this way

and to many people i'll always be the same

a broken record of broken thoughts but really I have been going to work regularly for 8 years with a corporation I loathe and in a career I despise but hey at least it pays my debts? it could be worse or course.

after my most recent break down I decided to have a better attitude it's lasted a month or so, but I'm slipping. I start working from home on Monday so I think that'll help ease the pain that comes with being a cog in the corporate murser machine.

at least I know insurany helps more people than it hurts. I mean nothing is perfect and no one will always be 100% satified but how many people could truly replace all the shit that is lost when you lose it all? I mean I guess it sucks if you never have to use it, but think about it like paying it forward in a really big way.

maybe I'm brainwashed but I tell myself these things so I can sleep at night.

I should adopt a cause. but in the face of these insurmountable obstacles I can't even pick a place to begin.

I just need some direction please. just a little would help

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:: 2018 31 July :: 9.40am

this smoke doe

like it's normal for the world to burn every summer

like the world isn't warming up

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:: 2018 29 July :: 8.18am
:: Music: post malone

she told me that I'm not enough

and left me with a broken heart

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:: 2018 28 July :: 1.43am

looking at the future:

going off that roller coaster in Vegas only it isn't going to stop at the edge

we need to full stop and figure out climate change

then all these social issues we created with this souless industrial military complex.

the planet isn't a body we control, it's the body we live on. kill our mother and that will be the end of whatever it is that makes homo sapiens the "special" species.

my heart aches and my head races. I just smile and nod, but inside I'm screaming.

why can't I find my voice?

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:: 2018 26 July :: 9.50pm

walking home from my sweeties house I stopped on a bench in my favorite park. the full moon bathing the warm air with reflected sunlight. I hear a faint tinkling behind me. I turn and see what appears to be a small dark figure approaching at a rapid gait. I calmly await it's arrival when up onto the stone next to me appears a black cat.

I immediately begin petting his soft fur. he's purring and hugging me, come around to both sides to make sure he has exhausted all the pets. then we sat in quiet contemplation together.

we then parted ways. thanks my special friend. I appreciate the check in <3

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