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:: 2018 5 September :: 7.51pm
:: Mood: adoring

when baby dog is really happy, she runs around completely nuts around the living room and then bolts away into the kitchen to get a drink and then bolts into the den

my mom squeels with glee every time she does it, and it's always the same adorable sound with a wonderful giggle after and it's just one of my absolute favorite things. it makes my heart sing.

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:: 2018 5 September :: 6.19am

I suck at comforting people

one day down of sober September and I have had no break from an uncomfortable unsettled feeling deep in my stomach, like I ate copious amounts of cheese.

I can do this.

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:: 2018 4 September :: 9.34pm

I'm really fucking sick and tired of being treated like I don't know shit.

I know a lot. I'm smart. I've had jobs in different areas and understand how almost all insurance works (besides life insurance, but that seems like the most straight forward insurance).

but go ahead,just treat me like I don't know anything. it's okay.

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:: 2018 3 September :: 7.13pm

Life Update!
OK, so things are actually going well for once.

I'm loving our new apartment. We both are. It's much easier to keep clean. We have a washer and dryer in the basement (!), a backyard with a garden, and neighbours with an adorable orange cat who inexplicably comes to visit us every day. I went nuts with two major trips to Target and one trip to Ikea to get us some new furniture. We have a new bed. We have a dining table now (OK, the "table" is two old office desks pushed together with four stools for chairs, but it's perfect for us). Together, we decided that I could use the second bedroom as a home office. So I bought a new desk, got an easel and a storage unit for my painting supplies, and now have the perfect creative space to set up camp and work from every day. It is absolutely everything I wanted.

Speaking of getting everything I wanted...

We went looking at rings one day last month. We're tentatively talking about setting a date. I got a recommendation from my therapist for a good couples' counselor. We're definitely in the pre-official stage still, but we're planning the next steps. Eek!!! S has his candidacy exams next week. So he's studying and stressing about those. But after his defense is done, we'll probably start moving ahead. So. Excited.

On that subject, K and C got married. Y and K came up and stayed with us for a few days and traveled up to Michigan with us for the wedding. S and I stayed with his parents in East Lansing, and we told them that the reason we can't go to Australia with them this Christmas is because it's going to be hard for S to take time off from his PhD program more than once during the next 3-4 years...and we want to go to Australia for the honeymoon. So they were like !!!!!! And we were like !!!!!! They've been sworn to secrecy. The only other people we've told are K and Y. So. Yeah.

Work is going really well. I'm getting paid a lot better at my CRM job. My teaching schedule is getting fuller again now that the kids are coming back to school. I'm in the process of negotiating another contract with my c-gig. I'm ready for fall to start. Just opened a nice bottle of wine, and we're making pizza for dinner.

So yeah. I think things are looking hella good from where I'm sitting.

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:: 2018 29 August :: 2.12pm

you either are important or you aren't

you either matter to someone or you don't

I'm always in the "not" category

and it hurts, but trying harder just looks desperate, and I don't know how to do less than what I do. I'm just a non entity. I'm fading into nothing. I don't speak I don't care I just feel sad and lonely.

and I know it'll only get worse. I know I'll be the worst mom. I know I'll die in child birth. I know I'll have a miscarriage. I know I'm sterile.

why do I even exist

I am a meaningless creature on a meaningless planet in an infinite expanse of nothing.

how do I fix this?

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:: 2018 29 August :: 8.24am

why is it that I always manage to convince myself that my bf is gay and in love with another man?????

it happens every time. am I crazy? am I imagining it?

is it just my insecurities about not being a man? maybe I was just supposed to be a man. idk.

life is so confusing.

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:: 2018 26 August :: 12.52pm

this country is so fucking fucked.

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:: 2018 24 August :: 10.02pm


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:: 2018 22 August :: 9.45pm

I'm so freaking frustrated I want to scream.

there just no being happy. if I do one thing I suffer in another way.

I need to find a therapist.

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:: 2018 19 August :: 11.01pm

maybe it'll never be enough

maybe it's just me

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:: 2018 18 August :: 11.21pm

I know a lot of people hate lap dogs but they are honestly the best

they are perfectly destined to be our hand held best friends

I just want to snuggle my puppies forever

domesticated dogs are just permanent puppies and it's just the best. dogs were made to be with people. out of how many animals in the world dogs are the only one to truly and unrevokably to be our best friend. can you imagine a world without dogs?

it would be a pretty fucking sad world.

not to say other domesticated animals aren't awesome, they just don't hold a candle to dogs. they are the best. hands down.


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:: 2018 18 August :: 10.19pm

I love being the best

even if it's at something stupid.

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:: 2018 17 August :: 9.10am

worst timing ever... check
constant ability to out foot in mouth... check
permanent confusion towards life... check

how does anyone actually enjoy this whole "being alive and interacting with other people" bullshit?

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:: 2018 12 August :: 7.53am

when you can tell your dogs are starting to love you again because you spend more time at home

best feeling ever

working from home is truly so wonderful. I know it's hard to balance working from home and feeling "included" at the office but the two days I go in is just perfect. one day would probably be my preference but eh.

now if I could just get some extra cash....

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:: 2018 10 August :: 5.53pm

ah fuck it

I'm gonna have a party

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