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User:angry_mob (user# 2753)
Name:Beans and Beans
Location: BAND CAMP LUSSING GROUNDS, Michigan, South Africa
Information:we are the master lusses and beans from the ever so popular wolverine band camp.
Friends:(3) angry_mob, danibean, sugarmouse0587
Members:(3) angry_mob, danibean, deleted
Watched By:(3) angry_mob, danibean, sugarmouse0587
Interests:(29) african albino reindeers, beans, becky, boys....lots of them....and some other stuff you already know, camp, clarinet, da funk, dancing, falling in love, flute, heather b., lussing about, lvoe, magical green acers land, music, NOT dirty meat pies, operation MAKE OUT, piano, playing music, pretty eyes, red german shoes, river dancers, seducing boys, smelt, smoots, spontainously combusting at an alarming rate, tenor sax, torre stories, vanilla milkshakes from the snack bar
Created:>2003-01-18 00:14:43
Last Update:07 01 2005
Journal Entries:13
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