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[ spud ]

:: 2008 9 March :: 11.28 pm

so, i've been working on an idea for this scriptwriting project i have, and i think i like it.

i've been getting lots of help from people, but i think that you guys can help too.

basically, i have certain things i want to incorporate in the thing... certain details. but i still need more ideas to kind of fill in the gaps and create tension and conflict and stuff.

what i have so far:

this kid in high school is keeping a journal. shit happens. i plan on taking advantage of discrepancies between the journal and the "reality" of the situation.

but i'm kind of wondering about what kind of shit happens? what stuff is this kid into? who is this kid? what are they like? what are their friends and family like? etc.

this is where you come in. if you have any ideas, especially those related to journaling, since you are my journaling community, please let me know.

these ideas CAN be based on your own personal experience, but don't HAVE to be.

any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated, as i'm already three weeks behind schedule, after going in partway before completely scrapping my first idea.


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[ spud ]

:: 2006 18 April :: 10.53 pm
:: Mood: other
:: Music: benton falls - fighting starlight

shannon is super-sexy

Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How am I feeling today?: like a surgeon - weird al yankovic
Will I get far in life?: rapunzel - dave matthews band
How do my friends see me?: war on drugs - barenaked ladies
Where will I get married?: loveblind - jamiroquai
What is my best friend's theme song?: somebody to love - queen
What is the story of my life?: blame it on my youth - jamie cullum
What is/was highschool like?: last night on the backporch - bing crosby
How can I get ahead in life?: do you know what i mean? - lee michaels
What is the best thing about me?: because - the beatles
How is today going to be?: californication - red hot chili peppers
What is in store for this weekend?: tell me you love me - frank zappa
What song describes my parents?: by my side - 3 doors down
My Grandparents: symphonie no. 95 (3rd movement) - joseph haydn
How is my life going?: a head with wings - morphine
What song will they play at my funeral?: taco tee shirt - ladd mcintosh big band
How does the world see me?: heaven beside you - alice in chains
Will I have a happy life?: the world has turned and left me here - weezer
What do my friends really think of me?: holy mountains - system of a down
Do people secretly lust after me?: who cares? - extreme
What should I do with my life?: white light - gorillaz
Will I ever have children?: selfless, cold and composed - ben folds five
What is some good advice?: bold as love - jimi hendrix
What is my signature dancing song?: by-tor and the snow dog - rush
What do I think my current theme song is? pick up sticks - dave brubeck quartet
What does everyone else think my current theme song is? cold hard bitch - jet
What type of men/women do you like?: everybody knows it - homestarrunner

*note: edits were made to remedy duplicate artists (some would say i "cheated")*

and, in other news:

i'm kinda sleepy.

be good!

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[ spud ]

:: 2004 9 May :: 12.09 pm
:: Mood: bad
:: Music: Dashboard Confessional: screaming infidelities



happy mothers' day everybody.

i forgot. so, i didn't really do anything nice for my mom today. like..... say "good morning". or "how'd you sleep?".


i just bitched about last night.

then called Katie.

and bitched at her some.

now i'm going to go do the homework that i PROMISED that i would have done last night.

i'm not sure how i could possibly feel like a bigger idiot than i do right now.

but i don't really want to find out.

did i mention katie's parents paid sixty bucks to have me go with them to that yes concert.

and this is what they get in return.

fuck the bullshit, it's time to throw down.

damn, homie . . . get up in that bitch.

[ spud ]

:: 2004 26 April :: 12.36 am
:: Music: dave brubeck - unsquare dance

hi, it's been awhile.

i have school tomorrow.

"Damn your eyes!"

"Too late." *points*

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[ spud ]

:: 2003 26 July :: 2.56 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: queen - bohemian rhapsody

you know. i noticed that i no longer have a fanbase.

i mean, i've been saying it for years. it's no secret that i'm not worth listening to, but now that i'm not on anybody's freinds lists anymore, and the only reply's i get, i rebuke.

it's just a very rude awakening.

i wish i could go back to sleep.

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[ spud ]

:: 2003 19 March :: 9.30 pm
:: Mood: chiefly british
:: Music: incubus - just a phase

well. it has been awhile. if i were more lively, i might have a go at a food adventure, but i'll postpone yet again. maybe i could write an extended one on paper, and then type it up. like a progressive work, you know? yeah. so. how 'bout them red wings?


feeble conversation starters.

i want to do one of those intellectual inventories, speculating on human nature and psychological functions, but i'm too tired.

and i do enough of those already.

i was thinking about doing some free associating. but that's more fun to do in person during conversations.

so yeah. i don't know.
i wanted to write a song too. like my own song. with guitar and piano and drums and shit.

and then i thought about it, and the work that it entailed. i concluded it better to take a pass until a more suitable opportunity arose.

so. that's me, in a nutshell, for now.

"no, this is me in a nutshell: 'help i'm in a nutshell'....."

blardy blahdy bloo

yeah. time for me to go read some more, or maybe just go to bed.

maybe play guitar.

mom says i have to stop jacking off in the shower.

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[ spud ]

:: 2003 5 January :: 3.20 pm
:: Mood: tired, sore, and wide awake
:: Music: offspring - end of the line

winter camping


i would consider my inaugural year successful.

lots of vulgarity
lots of ragging on women.
sexual assaults
burning trees


i did smell really good, but mom made me change my clothes and take a shower.

oh well. there's always next year.

bruce and i were hanging out at the campfire last night.

well, it was like 2 in the morning at this point.
and it started getting cold, and we weren't too tired, so we stoked up the coals and got it going again.

so we sit there, shooting the shit.

just talking about stuff.
somewhere around 4, we got hungry.

that's when we busted out the munchies and soda.

so we keep jawing.

keith gets out of his cocoon to take a leak.

goes back to bed.

we keep talking.
6 am rolls around and we're still talking.
running low on firewood.
but it's still pitch black out, and we're both deathly afraid of sasquatch.
so we decide to wait until daybreak to go get some more deadfall.
about 6 thirty, keith takes his second leak, and decides to join us.

7 o clock rolls around, and the horizon starts to lighten up.

but we still have enough wood, for at least a while longer.

so, about 7 thirty, we decide that it's time for all the other wussies who went to bed to wake up. and we must announce our departure for firewood.

so out come the explosives.

we had so much fun with those, that it was 10 o clock before we got anymore firewood.

and we had a lot of unhappy campers. because we were talking all night long in the middle of camp, and then at 8 in the morning we're lighting off black cats and chopping logs.

a bunch of nancy-ass party poopers.

so needless to say, i've been up for the last thirty hours, and still plan on going at least for awhile longer.

if i can't make it 36 hours, i don't deserve to live.

i'll be back.

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[ spud ]

:: 2002 6 September :: 9.22 pm
:: Music: offspring - walla walla

soo. i really want to do this thing with tony, travis, and brad. that would be awesome. i need to get a job. i don't have the cash to fix up my drums like they need. i should just buy new. but that would cost me a couple grand for everything i want. there's no way. i'll be lucky to have that much cash to drop on a car, which is far more important to me. and i need the car that i dont' have yet, so i can commute to my job that i don't have yet, so i can pay for my drums that i don't have yet.

but i definitely have to check out this skelletones place. i thought it was gonna be really divy, but from the website it looked okay (thanks mle). my kind of shindig. it appeared. i'd like that. now i know where it is. i just have to hook up a ride. which shouldn't be too hard. i just have to convince addisons mom that it's a coffeehouse with live music, and we're set. so what if they're open till two. shoot. addison can't drive past 12. freaky a. hmm. maybe i'll have to figure out a new plan. bruce'll be back by then. maybe i can get him to come. that would be alright.

i wonder who all is going. it's sad that mle can't, but maybe she'll turn up after the game. i hope so. that would be cool.

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[ spud ]

:: 2002 2 September :: 2.28 pm

i'm hoping this works right. anonymous has been on my friends list for ages. now it's a community. i so have to become a part of this.

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