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:: 2005 6 September :: 9.53 am
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Collective Soul

The At news update.
Friday was one of those crappy days, cuz I had to put up my loft. Its ok now, I guess, but I didn't enjoy it. My little cousin pissed me off, (My uncle brook's daughter) cuz she was so freakin cute and innocent, and it made me wish for those days again.

Saturday was pretty much head to Eden day. Nothing exciting there unless you just so happen to stare at your night elf pictures every night before you fall asleep.

Sunday was supposed to be the day that me and my parents hung out, except my dad sucks and went to the track instead. So I had to go shopping with ma and grandma. How opposite of fun can you get?

Monday was just a crappy day in general. I came back to Central, and I had an assload of stuff with me. Like the ladder for my loft. If you guys head down here, I'll show you this death trap my parents thought was a good idea.

This morning I took my Education class for teaching, and the more I take it, the more I'm convinced I don't want to be a teacher. Everyone else in there has different drives for it than I do, and I'm not sure if thats because I have the wrong ones, or because everyone else is a freakin genius. We had to share our parts of ourselves that made us who we were in school, and I said I never liked learning, and that it felt like a chore. The only things I enjoyed were the things were I could say what I wanted or do things with creativity.
Everyone looked at me like I was retarded, and then told me how learning was their life, how they felt they had to pass the knowledge on, blah blah blah I'm Jesus Christ, lookit me. If I decide I don't want to be a teacher, I r teh screwed, because I haven't really thought about a second career.

But I'm probably just getting ahead of myself. I'm sure things will work themselves out and I'll be just fine. TTYL.

Is what the positive side of me says, but the side of me thats a little more negative but has common sense says,

I'm screwed. I'll see you all later

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:: 2005 29 August :: 4.22 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Queen

I've said it hundreds of times, but eventually I'm gonna mean it when I say that I'm going to start using woohu again. Since I'm seperated from everyone back home, I'll probably start using it again.

But yea, I'm at Central right now, pissed off at how shittly designed their online system is. Oh well. It really shouldn't piss me off cuz I did kind of go to a shittly designed school system for quite a few years of my life.

I've met my roommates, and they are all moderately cool. I wish I could have boarded with Jarrid. He is a little too self-aware about what he says and does, but he is a cool guy. I'm with Nick though, and I don't really know too much about Nick, other than he is the only one in my set of rooms not packing technology. But he lives 5 miles from here, so I guess he has a good excuse.

I may be in a new school and everything, but that sure as hell doesn't mean weird stuff doesn't happen to me. Like today in my speech class, we had nametags on our shirts, and we were supposed to exchange each others nametags with other people. So this chick comes up to me and says, "Hi, my name" So she looks down at her boob where she put the name tag and stared at it long and hard. She looked at me and said, "What does it say?" I looked at it and I couldn't read it either, so she pretty much walked over to me and put her boobs like 3 inches from my face. I wanted to start saying, "I need an adult! I need an adult!" but instead she just left them there, hanging, even after I read the name. Its just the little crap like that that seems to happen to me all the time.

Hopefully I keep updating, but we'll see. Later.

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:: 2005 2 July :: 12.36 am
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Meh

Damn virus
So I've been sick for the past couple of days. As always, my parents try to help, but our views on helping must differ. I view help as a way to remove some of the pain I've got. They just usually stack on more for me to handle. Such as mom calling me every 15 minutes to see how I'm about 7:00 in the morning. I told mom to leave the house unlocked before we left for my doctors appointment, and sure enough, she didn't. So when katie came to pick me up (Because if I went with mom I'd be confined to the car for around 2 hours) mom called me on my cell and told me she DID lock all the doors, so I would have to break a screen to get in. A specific, hard to reach one. I had no energy left, so katie climbed in for me. Thats why shes cool. Then I promptly collapsed on the bed for an hour. So today, I went with my dad to pick up fireworks from our secret source. Yea, I'm glad I went with him, or the fireworks display on Saturday would be more of a bottlerocket display. He picked up SEVEN different types of bottle rockets and said he was good. I only convinced him to put back 3...bottle rockets are over-rated. Much like sex. I would totally know. I really don't have much else to say, but I guess I'll type some more random stuff in here in a few days. Later

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:: 2005 27 June :: 2.37 am
:: Music: Strong Badian National Anthem

Its Quiz Time
Alright...I'm so bored that I have created THREE SEPERATE quizes.
The first one is easy, or for people who saw me in the halls one day.
The second one is moderate, or for people who have talked to me a couple times.
The third one is a bitch, and for people who listen to every word I say. Although, who does that?
So, anyway, here you go.




This shouldn't be too tough though...I mean, the answer looks you in the face the entire time, but...just...damn I'm bored. I need a job/life/girlfriend/something!

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:: 2005 25 June :: 2.37 am
:: Music: Whatever Nate has playing on his Comp

Holy crap
Woohu has been fighting me for quite awhile. Never letting me log in, and then when it does, boning me and not letting me type. Thats why I haven't said anything in quite some time.

*glances around*

Yup, thats totally why.

Anyway, life has been moving at its fun pace as always. Me and Katie broke up, which really shouldn't be news to anyone.
Oh, and if you want to bitch and whine about what an asshole I am for doing it, go right ahead. You all (Those who did, anyway) can suck it for just assuming I was some sort of dick only in it for sex or money or whatever. You don't know squat, so bear that in mind.

Other than that, I guess things have been going ok. I really need to get ahold of Spud more. I miss that rascal. Oh, the lovable adventures we'd go on, like that one time to the bubble gum factory in canada. I still have termites in my hair. Good times. Goooooood times.

I'm debating whether or not to go to Vermont for three weeks for work. (Which is another thing ppl can bitch at me for)

I dunno...its late at night and coherently thinking not I, so I'm just going to leave before I make a bigger ass of myself...if possible.

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:: 2005 1 January :: 12.38 am
:: Music: Peter Griffons own interpretation of the Presidential Theme

Yay, 2005
Hurray, its 2005.

I can feel all the changes swirling around my body. Wheeeeeeeee.

Man I need some alcohol. Especially watching the Dick Clark's New Year thing, starring Regis and that one dumb bitch. I'm still shivering.

Well, whatever, I suppose I should be thankful I haven't lost my life to anything stupid, such as me ironing my toaster in the bathtub.

I'm attempting to come up with a new years resolution, but I can't think of anything right now, so feel free to chime in with anything, and I'll take the best and follow it.

Well, I just figured I'd pop in and say something, then BOLT for the exit, so, later.

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:: 2004 24 December :: 11.58 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: American Idiot

X-mas Eve
Ignore my previous entry of 'duh'. My e-mail wasn't functioning very well.
This is my second entry this month, but its more of a story. If you like to read stories or you are just bored then go ahead and read this. If you have a short attention span or don't like me talking, or whatever, don't bother. For those of you who feel like it, its a good story.

Before you read anything I'm about to type below this paragraph, please understand something. I'm not a cruel heartless bastard who doesn't appreciate family. Thats not me. I love my family and would do almost anything for them. Be aware that this is just one of my standard bitchings, but in holiday form. If anyone types anything about me hating my family and not understanding the true meaning of Christmas, I hope you walk outside tomorrow and a giant penis lands on your head, and it cannot be removed. That said.

Today I spent practically all day with my cousins. We went to see Lemioney dicketts 'A Series of Crappy Movie' today. Oog. Not a good movie. It gets a S, and anyone in the know knows what I'm talking about. After seeing this movie, we came back to my place where my cousins drove me nuts. Maybe I should not have been trying to teach them about playing 'The Sims'. They are just a LITTLE bad in role playing games, but I figure its better for them to get hooked on this then all that shooter shit where its like "Hey, that object moved! Lets blow it away with this cool rocket launcher! "My cousin who I know stole some games from me was very dissappointed when I wouldn't let him even NEAR any of my things.
We got to my Grandma Ginger's house around 6 o clock, and went inside. This might be a good time to clear something up. I don't get good gifts here, as shallow as that sounds, but its ok, its the thought that counts. But, I went in there optimistic thinking, "Maybe they got me something since its senior year." Sure, incredibly gheedy, but I figured I could dream.
I walk in, and my Aunt gives me a hug, and my technically cousin chucks me a package of glow sticks.
Cousin:Merry Christmas!
Me:Oh Snap! Glow...sti...c...ks.
Cousin:I was too lazy to wrap them, so I figured I'd give them to you know.
Me (Thinking):Its good to know I'm good enough for you to get up off your lazy ass and actually DO something.
Me (really):Oh wow! Thanks April! Everyone in school who is cool has one of these! Its good to know you looked at my Christmas list.
April:Well, I saw it and it screamed my name.
Me (thinking):If you read my list, you would have noticed the little sub note I made at the bottom saying, "if you are thinking about buying me something stupid, save the money and don't get me anything. It won't be as insulting"
Me (Really):I'm gonna go get some pop!

After that event, the kids and I wrestled and goofed around, until my uncle and other aunt came inside, for they have cows. I noticed the kids were screaming like little ADD kids on pixie sticks, so I brought them into the living room and turned on the TV in an attempt to slow them down. I found some Frosty thing, and turned it to that, but shortly realized, it was gay. Its where Frosty gets married. Come on man, who the hell does that even deal with Christmas? Whats the moral, "Even snowmen can get some?"
My little 6 or 7 year old cousin looked up at me and said, "This is absolute shit and an insult to my intelligence." I laughed, gave him the remote and told him to find something. He found that "Teenage Robot" thing, and everyone was watching it, starting to calm down.
Then, Dumbass appeared. My retarded...however he's related to me, named Dan. He walks in on the robot thing and says, "Hey, this isn't Christmas related." Takes the remote from Anthony, my cousin, and flips it back to Frosty. Actual dialog from Frosty.
Frosty:We want to get married, sir.
Minister:I can't marry you, I can only marry human adults.
Frosty:Awwww...what'll we do now?
Frosty's Bitch:I don't know.
Minister:But, if we made a snowman minister, you two COULD get married.

At this point, my little cousin was whacking his head against a wall. In pity, I changed the channel once Dan was gone. The kids began to watch again, when Dan re-entered and said, "Well, someone doesn't have any christmas spirit." He flipped it back and kept the remote. Precisely 2 minutes later the kids were already trying to see if they could all dog-pile on top of me.
Later, while the kids were eating, I entered into the living room again and saw Dan watching ESPN."Hey," I scolded,"this doesn't appear to be very Christmasy." Dan just laughed, and said,"I don't need to listen to you". Being the bigger man, I walked away. Ok, maybe on my way out I kicked the footrest out from under him, but I still think of myself as the bigger man.
Seconds later, Dan got up to go help his wife, and I moved like a python. I quickly changed it to whatever the hell was on the Christmas channel, which was another sequel to something. Another crappy one, anyway. Dan walks in, and promptly squeals,"What the fuck?" I screamed at him while covering one of my cousin's ears, "EARMUFFS!!" Dan glared at me menacingly, and I cooly walked away. He sat his ass back down and switched it back to some special about Dale Earnheart, or whatever. I don't like Nascar at all, so the next part should be obvious.
I went back in after he went to get a refill, changed it to the crappy christmas special, and took one of the batteries from the remote, which I now hold in my paw. Sure enough, he sat down, and bitterly complained to me about it, but wouldn't get his fat ass up off the chair to change it. Ah.
My uncle came in from the outside, and threw me a pack of cards. "Merry Christmas" he mumbled, and proceeded to the living room, all the time avoiding eye contact. I just nodded at the OPEN pack of cards I received. "Its the thought that counts" I repeated to myself. "And this shows he didn't even goddamn think about it".
We began opening gifts. I dread this part, because if you don't know this about me, allow me to tell you. I'm no good at accepting complements, suggestions, or gifts. We passed out all the gifts, and everyone was excited. I looked at my mom. She had about five gifts. My dad? About four. Me? Two. I'm fully aware of how shallow this sounds, but I thought,"Its Christmas, its not about gifts, its about how much you care." I opened up the first one, which was a Santa Claus dressed in Lions colors. I thanked my grandmother who had given it to me. I opened the second, also from my grandmother. It was a Garfield book. I was somewhat excited, I guess, but I said thanks. Everyone else continued to unwrap their gifts as I stared blankly at mine. Then it hit me. Grandma didn't pick ANY of this. My mom just told her what to get, and Grandma obliged. I could tell.
Right there it was like someone stuck a knife through me. I went into my grandmother's bed, and stared at the ceiling."I'm going to be gone next year," I thought."And it doesn't bother any of them? They haven't said anything about college, or good luck, or anything. Its my senior year! It doesn't mean anything to them?" I remember when almost all of them had troubled times, and I was there for them, and how I didn't want to lose them. But, me leaving didn't matter?
I just stared at the ceiling, feeling uncared for, unimportant, greedy, stupid, and all sorts of other things. "Addison," I heard,"Addison?" I sat up to see my little cousin named Devon, whos about two, maybe three staring at me. "Yes Devon?" I said a little raspy.
Devon suddenly climbed on top of the bed and hugged me and said, "Marry Chrismas". I hugged Devon back and whispered Merry Christmas back. I remember shedding a tear or two, as we just sat there for a minute. "Devon," I said,"You have no freakin idea how much this means to me. Thanks."
Devon just stared at me bright-eyed, for a second or two, when Dan busted in and cried, "Devon! I've been looking all over for you." He picked Devon up and glared at me. "C'mon, your moms taking pictures and I told her I'd get your lazy ass in there." Devon stared at me on his hostile trip out the room.
I sat there for a second or two, and realized there were symbols, metaphors, and all sorts of literary shit that Mr. Stark would get a boner for. I smirked to myself and whispered, "The crow is on the fence".
With that, I got up and went to get my pictures taken.

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:: 2004 24 December :: 11.56 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: Getting away with Murder

X-mas Eve

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:: 2004 17 December :: 12.03 pm
:: Mood: Bah
:: Music: That boulevard song Green day does

been a while
Well, as you can obviously tell, I've been updating my woohu like nobody's business. I can't sleep right now and I'm just really bored, so I figured I'd go here. I figure, why not?
This school year is going by kinda fast, but I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. It has been fun, and I feel bad for moving on out next year to college. I think its rather pathetic when I hate so many people in my class yet think the junior class is incredibly awesome. Oh well.
College is probably going to suck, because knowing me, this whole 'video game phase' isn't going to wear out, but probably will live on. I'm hoping I don't have to deal with assholes who claim video games are kiddy or something. Hell, I'm hoping I don't deal with any assholes. Oh, CMU accepted me, so thats where I'm headed, in case you did not know/was curious.
Todays little trip to the middle school sorted sucked. I only liked the 6th grade band, because I got to yell at Kevin for prancing around like a little fairy. That or sorting music with Bill, because we just made fun of people/things the entire time.
My car is pissing me off, because it seems to want to do anything but officially break, so my parents can keep fixing it. Don't whine about my parents covering the bill either, because if they weren't, by now I would have had to sell all my organs but my heart and about 20 liters of blood. I just want it to function normally for once in its 8 year life.
Well, I'd love to sit here and blab away about stuff nobody cares about, but I'm off to try sleeping again.

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:: 2004 18 September :: 11.42 pm

Your 10 Year Reunion

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Yea, right. If you've seen me, you know that ain't true.

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:: 2004 18 September :: 11.30 pm
:: Mood: Not good
:: Music: Whatever noise my tv is making in the background

Ever have one of those streaks where you fuck up and fuck up and fuck up, then fuck up again? Its not fun, and currently I'm on one. I hate every fiber of my being right now, but I'm too cowardly to change anything. I don't change because what I do slightly benefits me or is easier. I need more strength, but I don't want to rely on friends or anybody else anymore. I want enough strength to do things on my own, and not cause problems. But I can't, and I'm asking myself to change into something I'm not, and I hate people who aren't themselves and I'm just pissing myself off. I'm going to go, before I fuck this up somehow and somebody else gets hurt or some stupid shit.

On a good note, I got battlefield vietnam. However, this doesn't help because I fly helicopters straight into the ground, killing all occupants and it makes me feel worse.

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:: 2004 7 August :: 10.41 am
:: Mood: vindicated
:: Music: vindicated

I don't know what vindicated even means.
Well, as I'm sure countless others have said, band camp is over. And I never have to do it again. Part of me wants to throw a wild toga party, but the other part died a little inside. Part of my problem is, I'm kind of afraid of the future. I'm going to be off to college and leaving my friends behind. I hear people say that I'll make new ones, but I like the ones I got now.
But, I guess I'll live with it. I don't really have any other choice but suicide, and that really isn't very tempting.
Band camp went well, except for me being late everyday but Monday and Friday. The freshmen I'm near have a LOOOOONG ways to go. But the more I think about it, I've changed some since I was a freshmen. I'm a little bit more outgoing, I have more friends, and I only got sexier.
This week is going to blow some heavy ass however. I have soccer tryouts and Nate, David, and Katie are supposed to be on vacation. But, I'll probably be too tired to do anything anyway. Well, I don't really have anything else to say. I guess I'll see a lot of you on Monday. Later.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you are wondering about my dad, he came out of his surgery OK, minus a couple cuts on his head.

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:: 2004 17 July :: 7.15 pm
:: Mood: aggravated

Why exactly do I exist?

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:: 2004 6 June :: 2.59 pm

If you are Dawn, please continue reading. If not, please do not.

Dear Dawn,

Please do not say anything to Katie about this, as she had noting to do with it. If you ARE reading this, however, I'm curious to ask why you believe you are allowed to read her private journals, friends list, e-mail, or anything else? You don't or should not have the power to do so. You don't quote unquote own her. I can understand being worried about her, but the approach you are taking to check on her is stupid. Its rude to just open her stuff and read it. It IS, however, ok for her friends to see it, as they are on her friends list and can see it for they have her permission. If you really want to figure out what Katie is thinking about, simply try talking to her and asking. Or, buy your own woohu account, then get on her friends list so you can see it. Either or.
As Mr. Andrus (The coolest teacher ever) would say,
"I'm not saying this to degrade your intelligence, but merely to remind or inform you of another solution to your problem."
Seriously, don't take it personally or anything, I'm just trying to help, or give you the "other side" of the issue. Oh, and if you respond in any way to this, you are only proving my point.

No offense,

P.S.Scolding her for saying hell on something you shouldn't even have seen is ridiculous.

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:: 2004 6 June :: 2.59 pm

I'm sure I've already asked this, but if I made a website would you go there?

Is there porn?
Would you be funny or stupid?
Are there naked girls?
I wouldn't because I hate you immensly and wish you were dead
I would because there is a slight chance of a naked chick
Is there free candy?
Seriously, are there going to be any boobs?

view results

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