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:: 2007 3 February :: 9.30am

Tire rotation, done yourself, 0 dollars.

Mass Air Flow senser, installed by yourself, 130 dollars.

Fixing the Grand Prixs vibration, pull, and "Cold" Priceless

Gosh Damn, Mastercard is gunna sue me




:: 2007 27 January :: 11.56pm


I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel reallllly fucccccked up

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:: 2007 5 January :: 8.36pm

I'm done. never again will I piss my money and time away on you, trying to get at your "un-touched" hatchet wound and pencil erasers. Go back to your college and go fuck your boyfriend, because I apparently, wasn't yours.

So anyways

I'm sitting at home, smokeing a CIGARETTE, drinking a BEER, and trying to get some DOPE and listening to the god damned KILLERS.

My lifes a bitch but, my cousin Audrey got knocked up, and Nolan got cought doing coke...

...by Uncle John

now i'm going to play PSU and FFXI

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:: 2006 25 December :: 10.50pm

Sorry I haven't updated in a while (^.^;)/ I've been kinda busy the past week.


I made out like a bandit, I got a wireless router so I can use the internet within' 1000 Feet of the house wirelessly, The Zen, A carrying case for the laptop, a laptop fan cooler thing (It sits under that laptop and cools it down with 2 fans or something). The Grand Prix gotta a little somethin too, I got remote car starter (Apprently I can install it myself, Its like the easiest car starter in the world to install), uhh, I think $50 in best buy cards, $120 in cash. a $25 speedway card, socks, T-shirts, and some super soft awesome PJs

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:: 2006 12 December :: 10.25pm

I love this myspace shit, look look look loookie here




this saturday i'll hang with you fellas, and brings the rest of the beer
I Didn't get home until like 7pm on saturday from K-zoo and
(that roger fellow likes to talk, but it is mildy exceptable, I mean, He's never met me before and what not, but by the looks of things, I'm fuck, both my grandpa are fat and bald, so this must mean that I'll be fat and bald when I get to 60 somethin'(his wife is crazy too))

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:: 2006 5 December :: 9.28pm

I had to get my mind of Casper McPants (That was his middle name)

That stupid fucking cancerous midget runt disease ridden thing that lives out side, lives but my Casper dies, God has a funny fucking sense of Humor,
never ever goin' to church again

but anyways, getting my mind off the little fella,

Bizz, look what I Found~~


Look under the "Friends of ______" part too,

interesting, very very interesting
I wonder why one is "Private only"

oh be suuure you have the speakers and volume turned so you can hear the background Music, and try and watch the movie at the bottom-ish area, I found it amusing, (Peice o'shit car, with a Grand Prix engine >.>)

the grand prix was not pleased with that

oh lookie here too,
My older step brother,

and my like step coursin, the one that does some naughty things

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:: 2006 4 December :: 6.35pm

I don't wanta see this anymore

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:: 2006 4 December :: 12.47am

Kyle Earls back from texas! party fucking time!



:: 2006 3 December :: 12.25am


'nuf said

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:: 2006 27 November :: 9.49pm

2 years probation, $250 fine, 1 stupid ass 3 hour class thing in January,

everythings comming up roses

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:: 2006 26 November :: 12.47am

Fuck nail polish remover....

<3 Lap top

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:: 2006 24 November :: 9.01pm

yeah soo, i'm thinking, I'm going to pass on the Dell, and get a HP laptop from best buy tonight,

this laptop


It SEEMs better then the Dell, the only part it falls behind is the screen, the dell had a 17in, and the HP has a 15.4in Wide screen, the HP has a better CPU, Hard Drive, Graphics card RAM and assessories and it's like $300 less then the dell, and comes with a free warenty

but anyways, gotta go, leaving in like 5 mins. to best buy



:: 2006 23 November :: 10.36pm

I gotta say I am diggin' this note book, I have mine picked out, customized and in my shoppig cart, reary to roll, just waiting on mom...she couldn't choose what shit she wanted, I can't wait for that god damned lap top to get here though!, jesus, I've been with out a computer and FFXI for 2 days(2 days and I'm having withdraws >.>) now, and I'm going fuckin' nuts, ma's getting a wireless router too, OMG I"M SOO SIKED DUDE I"M GETTING A DELL!! OMG GIT DAMN gIT daMN

but anywhoo..
Thanks giving was pretty sweet, all this fuckin'food left over, My older step brother came over and we had a family meeting with doug, Colton and Caleb are gone until saturday, so that means if you and Zulla wanta come over tomarrow night and party here Bizzzz, that'd be some big tits, like tits+3

I was on alpine last night, I saw like 3 cops, and almost shit my pants each time I saw them, (I wnet to best buy to get some shit to fix my computer, but that bitch is gone,dead) I picked up a copy of FFXI too, so if you geta laptop bizz, you could play too, and we could kill shit tons of monster, and you could play for free, becuase I bought the buddy pack.



:: 2006 21 November :: 8.55pm

Finally Got internet back....


/cuts wrists...

oh <3 Nail polish remover lol

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:: 2006 14 November :: 8.38pm

I think... I may have a problem with beer

This Budweiser tastes sweet...

(i'm like 100% serious, is mildly sweet)

But anywhoo.

Zulla, Ed Aune, A salesmen at Cunt City ford, knows Judge Servoss personally, (he was his campain manager) and he told me today, that Servoss loves to see Kids go to AA meetings, even if it's just a few, I'm going to one in Howard City tomarrow night, and theres one on College St, in GR thats open M-Sat. 6am-midnight, I think we should hit that up on saturday, So it looks like we're outstanding young men, Ed's going to talk to Servoss for me, and try and get me a lighter punishment, I dunno if he'd do the same for you though, you might need to come down and have a few sessions at his house or something'

jesus, look at that wall'o'text

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