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:: 2005 29 May :: 12.19 am
:: Mood: exhausted

Yes I have a psychotic family.
SoOo... where to begin?
Friday was my last day of school! I'm official DONE with high school & It's childish drama.

But Friday didn't go exactly how I planned. I came home after school and highlighted my mom's hair. Brandyn was with me so when I finished we went to his house. I didn't want to just sit at his house so I went and got an oil filter and oil. When I was sitting at home I found out me little sister who's 14 ran away. My step-dad was signing his rights off on her and so I haven't seen her since November. She ran away from her mom's house in Bellvue. She tried telling everyone she had to run away because her and her step-dad were having an affair and he was talking about killing her mom so that they could be together. Well after we found this out we find out more of the story, I guess she went around saying she was pregnant by her step-dad's cousin and they were supposed to be getting married when she turned 16. She has already been in a mental hospital for trying to kill herself, then she just got out of an institution because her psychotic mother put her in there just because she got caught smoking weed. I dunno but we were searching for her forever. Brandyn was still at my house so he just stayed the night. I had to work today at five but had to go in at three and missed all the drama. They found my sister just a few blocks away from my house and there was a lot of drama after that, she decided to go to the police station instead of going back to Bellvue. But since she got released out of there she's been staying at her Uncle JP's house.

It's such bullshit because she's psychotic, and she has accussed so many people of molesting her, or whatever. I just want to beat the shit out of her because she has no idea how lucky she is to have such a huge family that cares so much about her.

Oh yeah and not to mention Thrusday night I was woken up by my mom yelling at my step-dad. They're supposedly getting a divorce because he "met" someone. Which is bullshit too because my mom has been by his side thru so much shit.

When they first got together he was dealing... then he would beat her. She's still here. Then when his daughter tried committing suicide, he did too (twice, one very serious) she's still by his side. She's put up with so much shit and if he leaves her now and tries to come back later down the road like he always does, I won't let her go back to him. That's such bullshit. It pisses me off how he can take her for granted so many times. And she let's him.

But anyways on a better note, me and Brandyn couldn't be any better! I really need to get to bed tho. I haven't slept good that past couple of nights.


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