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:: 2004 11 June :: 3.00 pm

r e a d y ?

:: 2004 11 June :: 1.13 am

went to kirstin's.
hung out with her,
kendell & ralphie.
ran up to jcpenny's for
red cheer shorts..
didn't have any =x
stopped by dairie queen
got an oreo blizzard
went home, chilled.
jesse & cat came by
they left, we slept.

woke up....
at like 6.30-7 we went
over cat's house. jesse
was there <33 we started
watching kings of comedy
but stopped it & watched
bad boys 2 instead. then
when it was over they took
us back to kirsty's. they went
to ft. myers then came back
to kirsty's. we chilled outside
then came in & watched
comic view & final des.2
they left, we hit the hay.
lol oh yea, me & jesse
kissed... awww. =D

woke up. took a
shower. when i got out
keenan & like 4 of his
little friends were there.
niiice. chilled w/ them
for like 15 min. left..
we ate. hung out, came
to my house, then to
brookes house. we were
chillen w. brooke & her
lil 12 yr. old hoe friend,
bree! ugh stupid girl.
lol but i had fun over
there, brooke ur tight.
then kirsty brought me home
& now i'm sitten here cuz
i feel wierd. haha, this
is the first time this summer
i been home alone. hhmmph.

tomorrow i'm supposed to be going to sun splash.. but i don't think i am cuz i don't have anyone to go with, oh bummer. and tomorrow night (fri) i gotta stay the night here cuz saturday morning at like 9.30 me & my sister gotta go to this 3 hour parenting class for my parent's divorce.. yea effin lame. but rolling along, i got my report card. 4 B's 2 D's & 1 C. they're all right i guess.. wish i had like maybe an A or 2 but i ain't got no F's!! i got 6.5 credits & i have a 2.43 GPA, guess i can't complain. welp i'ma go try & fall asleep again.. the wierd feeling has kinda faded. hmm.. ok, bye

r e a d y ?

:: 2004 8 June :: 2.15 pm

so monday night.. i just hung out with kirstin and megan called and i was all like "hey you should come over" and she was all like "ok, i'll be there in 10" lol she brought us bacardi =] and later on james stopped by for like 5 minutes. it was a pretty cool night for being kinda on the lame side. so yea i woke up this morning and they were both gone i was all like "yo bro, wuts happening" haha but yea in a little i'm going over to kirsty's.. dunno wut we're doing.. but you'll here allllll about it! haha byebye now

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