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User:beagle147 (user# 11312)
Location: I live in the Band Room.
AOL IM:Skillet9886 [add buddy]
Bio:Umm...let's see. I'm a junior senior in IB, or as I like to call it, Mr. Youngman's version of hell. I'm also in the marching band, which just gets more (*cough*) interesting every year. But for some reason, I keep going back.. IB DONE!! I graduated! Yay! My favorite thing in the world is my dog Sasha. She is a (*counts on fingers*) four year old Pit Bull/Rottweiler/Retriever mix, or as I like to call it, a Heinz 57. Some say purebred mutt. Whatever floats your boat, she's a dog. Umm...This bio is almost as random as many of my journal entries. Here's one request though. Please comment if you're gonna read my journal, even if I don't know you, because it kinda freaks me out when people are like oh, I've been reading your journal for weeks, and meanwhile I had no idea about it. So if you're reading what I write, atleast write hi or something so I know you're there. Yea. Someone remind me to change this bio later. It just looked pretty blank, so I decided to put some stuff about me.
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