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:: 2018 22 April :: 1.23 pm
:: Music: cafe noises

It's a lovely day out today ... 14c today.. the Yanks are leading the Jays 1-0. 😃😜 And we might go see our men, bc Daniel is on his low... thank the Lord. 😏😁

Is it just me or does anyone else wave at airplanes going by??? lol


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:: 2018 20 April :: 4.19 pm
:: Mood: hungry

I'm at A Hui Hou having dinner...
And downloading stuff... I need my Sims 2.

Tonight, the Yankees are going to kick some Blue Jay butt. 😃😇😆😝😈


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:: 2018 19 April :: 2.59 pm
:: Music: Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me

Stupid ice storm
I am sorry for the lapse of posting but on the weekend we had a fucking ice storm. In March! It is supposed to be spring. *le sigh*

And Dave is being coy about the internet at our place... it is beginning to piss me off too. I NEED THE FUCKING INTERNET AT HOME!

*clears throat*

Enough bitching... lol

I will update as I can...

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:: 2018 12 April :: 6.40 pm
:: Mood: awake

Well.. here I be..
I'm at the social. :) Richard is here. I was playing Super 3D Mario Land while waiting for the bus. I can get it to World 5 but beyond that... nope. lol

I am drinking a diet pepsi and listening to the Guess Who. :)

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:: 2018 11 April :: 6.54 pm

I am just downloading Office...
I hate upsetting my baby sister by not accepting the word no... but she and I were raised differently. She is my sister from another mister and raised by her strict but loving family and I was raised with a dysfunctional alchoholic family which gave me PTSD.

I love Coll deeply and want to make her happy. :) After Office is done, then we are going home. :)

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:: 2018 11 April :: 6.26 pm

Just moving on in... add me if you want. :) Am playing Pokemon Moon in Italian hehe... the translations (I understand Italian) are hilarious... and I am playing Ultra Sun in English and Y in French... yepp.. I am multi-lingual. :)

Thanks to Andy for the code! <3

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