I luhv
mah Daw Daw!!

Ali jean ur the best thing thts eva happened to me. I luv u wif all mah heart <3 In the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you
I can't stand being your second anymore.
Not when you're always my first.
Whoever said happiness came with sunshine
has never danced in the rain.
Your a dream come true, don't you ever leave my side, cuz it feels so right
Ali Jean Brittany Jay Becky Dawn Sidnee Brandy Stacey
Tiffany James Adam Kristie Amber Chelsie Malissa
Steffanie Elizabeth Brittney Taylor Mike Brianna Savanna
Chris T. Derek S. Melissa Jennifer Tammy Danielle Kyle
Rachel Lizzo Amber Ashley Ethan Heather Nicole
Britty ur the reason im alive, I would be nothing w/o u. I luv you soo much


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Sometimes i wonder is this pain worth it..

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:: 2005 24 April :: 11.40 am
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: grind on me -- Pretty Ricky

Its all nothing, it all means nothing ..without you here

So yeah its been a while. A long while i guess .. nobody write in woohu anymore. I def. miss it a lot. No actually i miss talkin about how i feel Somethign that woohu let me do. Unlike our darling livejournal, which also has its plus . But still .. =/

So today i went through and read like every entry on me and buttheads old journals. And now i sit here and cry.

But why? I couldnt tell you .

Maybe cause i miss her, or i miss us.

But no its something deeper than that. Im so disappointed in my self * notice the mood * i seriously am not the person i want to be anymore. Britts right, i have changed. And its not for the better.

What do you do when u dont want to be you anymore..

Then i see your face

:: 2004 11 October :: 2.11 pm
:: Mood: drunk

if only u knew what you do to me..<3.
Im jus updating this for my roman so she dont have to yell at meh again lol <3. I luhv you babi !!

Life is perfect ohh soo perfect. You guys really have no idea, im sooo happy rite now. Im soo happy being wif marissa, and i jus wanna say thanks to all my friends for being soo supportive and being there for meh through all of this. I luhv you all soo much idk what i would do without you guys. <3.

Today has been good, yesterday was better. The day before that sucked, and that nightb efore that was funny as hell lol. lmfa0 meh and kimmy left a drunken msg on the answer machine at my house lol. Kim was flippin out on meh, i started cryin, and screaming mom answer the fone cuhz i needed happy. WOW FUNNY SHIT lol..

I cant wait to get home tho, but luckily this is last hour so ima get going ..ill write again another time. I love you all ..latah <33.

8 And i fall in love again.. | Then i see your face

:: 2004 29 September :: 1.15 pm
:: Mood: bouncy

Life is nothing worth living for..

Okay ima update this jus for mah roman [ and britt i think? ] lol im not really sure, well im sittin here in web page design and were startin a new assignment that i should prolly start rite now, but oh wells i will try n write something in here first.

Today was okay i guess, nothin really happened lol, talked to mah babi rissa this morning all morning, cuhz jelly wasnt a dick last nite. Then came to school, got bitched out by a million ppl. Urggh. Im not doing drugs anymore, wtf?! I hate this skool. Then bio sucked, had a review for next class' test. Ima fail. Josh and i had the best time in geo tho. Godd i luhv that kidd =] Third hour we took a test. And jake brought meh my stuff early as a front. Cute kidd. I told him bout meh and rissa and i thought he was bout to get off lmfa0!! Then rite now 4th hour..were not doing nothin so its good. =P

I cant wait till i get home, i miss marissa soo much!! Then meh n heidi are going bowling lol. I luhv her soo much, haha she got dress code violation today. =] What a dumb bitch tehe. But neways ima go now, I luhv you roman!! <33.

Britt..i miss you. I need you. Please take me bak.

12 And i fall in love again.. | Then i see your face

:: 2004 3 July :: 10.59 pm
:: Mood: rushed

Is love really never having to say your sorry?
Well lets see, lots going on, but not enough tie to write about it all..tehe. Lets jus say wed was INTERESTIN lol. Gosh im soo nervous i miss becky! And i hope shes okay!
Tommarow were going to Kentucky What the hell is that? But oh well i guess its better than sittin here doing nothin bcuz im grounded And James is comin bak while im gone. =( I miss him! Yeah we talked, and im hopin things are gonna get better. We'll see i guess. So yeah newho we'll be bak..? Uhm wed or thurs or so? Not sure yet. I'll miss you all. Malissa ex!! ex since she hates meh and since i aint talked to her in forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULY 4TH BABII

Well tahts it i suppose, for now, britt wanted meh to update *omg i luhv you soo fuckin mcuh babii gurrrl!! And ima miss you!* But yeah luhv you all hope u have a great July 4th =) *mwuz* latah. <3.

12 And i fall in love again.. | Then i see your face

:: 2004 29 June :: 11.14 am
:: Mood: embarrassed

I wanna be loved by you..
Okay heres mah rant for the week. Okay meh and James are going back out, as you all know. But we've always had *friendship* and we've never really been able to get a relationship going. I mean everyone knows that we love eachother and everyone *Thinks* that we'll get married sumday, but we can never keep a relationship, mayb its becuz im afraid of *saving myself for jus one guy* maybe its becuz im afraid of commiting to one guy, i dont know maybe its jus im scared of what im feeling [seeings how its usually mah fault we always break up cuhz i break up wif him] but yeah..so everytime we go back out its jus like a friendship still. And ya know what, thats NOT WAHT I WANT!! I want a boyfriend that isnt afraid to reach over n kiss meh when we are lyin downstairs all alone. Or even if were together at the movies i want a boyfriend that will at the very least hold mah hand. I want a boyfriend that i can kiss whenever i feel like it and not have to worry *..what if ur mom finds out* what the hell do you really think i care if mah mother finds out that i made out wif mah boyfriend that she adores mroe than anyone in the whole world?!

And another thing, James wont even like kiss meh well he'll kiss meh but wont make out wif meh, and every other guy ive been involved wif lately, jus wants to finger meh or *lick meh we'll say lol* or something like that, and ya nkow wat i want..i want one guy to jus kiss meh, and kiss mah neck, and jus lets have sum fuckin foreplay before we jump straight in. And hey im not complaining..but i jus want sumone to look at meh as sum1 they love and not sum1 they can use when thier horny..ya know?

Okay..there im done. I jus kind of needed to write that somewhere..dont mind meh neways bye.

7 And i fall in love again.. | Then i see your face

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