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So a baby seal walks into a club...

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:: 2014 20 September :: 11.41am

things that make me not want to get married
1. the wedding.

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:: 2014 25 August :: 9.10pm

possible road trip next summer.

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:: 2014 16 July :: 1.40am

If I collect enough lines of decent dialogue, eventually I can string them all together and make a movie
"What's bizzaro world? What the fuck kind of question... Bizzaro world is a world in which things are bizarre. It's like "shipwreck cove" or "the island of faggots." You don't need to ask what it is, as soon as you're aware it exists, you should already know."

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:: 2014 11 May :: 2.52pm

If you were dating a secretary would you get her something for secretary's day? She's not your secretary, you didn't make her a secretary, in fact, she brings work home all the time and makes you a part time secretary too. Then she expects some gift for secretary's day? That would be completely unreasonable.

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:: 2014 14 April :: 9.48pm

things i should be doing right now:

getting ready for bed

things i'm actually doing right now:
my taxes

Procrastination: Hard work might pay off later, being lazy pays off now.

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