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:: 2012 20 November :: 3.30 pm
:: Mood: cheerful

I'm hacking up a lung...
*sigh* I don't think it's anything bad.. I just choke on my own spit. :p Earlier I was feeling down but I'm ok now. Carly's leaving.. Heather is here for the night. :)

I'm thirsty.. *goes and gets water* Oh for fuck sakes. The water still tastes like bleach. U_U Oh well.. it's that or powdered milk and I HATE powdered milk. :(

I want to fix up the layout... I will probably do that after I do my sister's lay. Oh, btw go visit her and wish her a happy birthday! :)

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:: 2012 18 November :: 8.42 am
:: Mood: chipper

Well.. here I be. :) I updated my layout.. for awhile it was Spongebob but then I saw this cute bg on Tumblr. :) It's cold in here. :p

I'm going to go on Tumblr now... ciao!

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:: 2012 17 November :: 10.34 pm
:: Mood: calm

I'm feeling better. :D
I got to go to bed now... Spongebob lay tomorrow...

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:: 2012 17 November :: 10.26 am
:: Mood: groggy

I'm feeling a bit better...
I'm very tired... my sister comes back tomorrow... I might sleep for awhile after Pokémon + YGO: Zexal. I'm getting Pokemon Black 2 tomorrow.... gahh.. I need sleep!!

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:: 2012 16 November :: 8.01 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: DJ Company - Rhythm of Love

Last post of the night..
I'm exhausted and am going to bed. :) I've had a long day and I want to chill. :) My foot is itchy. I might make a Spongebob layout tomorrow. I know for a fact that I'm making a Labyrinth lay for my sis tomorrow... oh.. and tomorrow is Caturday! :D

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:: 2012 16 November :: 6.30 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

How do you like my new layout?
I'm probably going to fix up my sister's page tomorrow... I went out for paninis with Coll... Grandma had a chicken club sammy. :) I'm watching Spongebob right now... my sister just left with Brian. :) I miss her but I know she will be back. :)


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:: 2012 16 November :: 2.22 pm
:: Mood: good

We have Wi-Fi
I'm writing this from my 3DS XL...

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:: 2012 16 November :: 1.42 pm

I'm going to take my 3DS XL with me to Timmy's and take pix. Grandma is coming along too. I'm just watching the Weather Network to see what's it like on Monday bcas we are clothes shopping that day.

I hate drama and lately I have been getting a shitload of it.


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:: 2012 16 November :: 1.04 pm
:: Mood: groggy

I just woke up from a siesta...
I'm taking my sister out for dinner @ Tim Horton's for grilled paninis and white hot chocolate. We are also getting some Crispy Minis. :3 I love that snack.

I'm still quite exhausted... I'll sleep good tonight. It will be a quiet night as my sister goes to her bfs until Sunday. :)

I have pix @ my DW. Or I will .. haha.. If you are on DW and you like the Sims, then join my community: Simful Things.

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:: 2012 15 November :: 9.04 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

I'm off to Tumblr. :3 Night ppl...

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:: 2012 15 November :: 6.29 pm
:: Mood: irritated
:: Music: Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me Maybe

Random pix...

Just me mugging for the camera...

My eye... (oh joy.. heh)

The results of a bored girl with a 3DS XL. :)

Ho-hum.. XD

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:: 2012 15 November :: 5.37 pm
:: Mood: full

Please join Swagbucks?

Search & Win

Right now I have garlic breath that could KO a vampire :D I had lasagna and garlic toast for supper. :) My sis comes in @ 9. I haven't tried going on LJ.. I just don't try. My friend says that the Russians are mad at LJ for a new law or something... a lot of people are moving to DW. If you want to create an account there, just click this link here!

I will always post here and @ DW... :)

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:: 2012 15 November :: 12.36 pm
:: Mood: exanimate
:: Music: no music

Livejournal is officially FUCKED. Instead of asking for my LJ please add me over at Dreamwidth. (clickie click)

I'm off to d/l Chrome again. I un-installed Opera bcas it was not letting me log into Tumblr.


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:: 2012 15 November :: 6.26 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: B.oB. - So good

I just woke up about 27 mins ago...
I also d/led the Opera browser because Chrome + Firefox are acting up. It is c-c-cold in my room. It usually is in the mornings. :)

I saw something last night on the web that creeped me out. Have you heard of the human Barbie? Wow. O_O


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:: 2012 14 November :: 9.19 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Pokemon: Mewtwo vs Mew

I keep cracking my right knee....
It doesn't hurt, it's just cracking everytime I bend and release it. The movie's at the part where Pikachu is trying to revive Ash after Mewtwo & Mew clash... it's sad when the pokemon cry... but I watch it anyways.. I'm a sap like that. :) I also cry @ this scene.

I think this will be the last post of the day. Oh, and if you are on Tumblr follow me I'm albatrosswing.

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