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:: 2004 5 January :: 6.06 pm

important update
i got a new pot for mr. carl sam plant
she says hi
and she got married
cuz the new pot says popcorn
so her name is now
mr. carl sam plant popcorn.

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:: 2004 3 January :: 10.53 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: coheed

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:: 2004 2 January :: 12.19 pm

i didn't look at the name and said hi...

HeRetic kiTTie [11:00 AM]: hi
me [11:00 AM]: hi
HeRetic kiTTie [11:00 AM]: whats up
me [11:01 AM]: nothing i just woke up
me [11:01 AM]: wha'ts up with you
HeRetic kiTTie [11:02 AM]: just got back from dropping scotts stuff off at his house..
me [11:02 AM]: ?
HeRetic kiTTie [11:02 AM]: we broke up.
HeRetic kiTTie [11:03 AM]: i kinda have feelings for luis again..
BlkCandyNecklace [11:04 AM]: hmm. ok
HeRetic kiTTie signed off at 11:19 AM

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:: 2004 2 January :: 12.12 pm

fuckin shit. i wanted to get my little girls rings with their initials on them. my mom knows this place where she used to sell and can get it for cheaper. she's been saying shey'd take me for a couple weeks... she knows i have to babysit today........ and fuckin let me down. and i don't care too much about that but i don't have a fuckin present. now what the hell am i supose to get them? i feel like such a bitch. ehh i wasn't feeling good anyway. whatever. i'll go back to sleep.

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:: 2003 31 December :: 12.09 am

BlkCandyNecklace: lol
BlkCandyNecklace: hey
evil saltine: hey
BlkCandyNecklace: i'm at my friends house
evil saltine: what's up?
evil saltine: oh cool
BlkCandyNecklace: but we thought about you like all day lol
evil saltine: lol :-P
evil saltine: how are you?
BlkCandyNecklace: so first we were in the potty and it was a public potty and we really had to go
BlkCandyNecklace: and my friend said "you know this one of those times where it would be useful to know how to be standing up"
evil saltine: haha
BlkCandyNecklace: lol, so yea i thought about you
evil saltine: aww :-)
BlkCandyNecklace: and then we were in the dressing room.. and um i do'nt remember somthing aobut being naky
evil saltine: lol
BlkCandyNecklace: and then we saw a cow table... and i told her that i ate you (the cat) and now your a purple cow
evil saltine: hehe cool :-)
BlkCandyNecklace: you know a purple cow is a hymaphodite
evil saltine: lol
BlkCandyNecklace: cuz blue and pink is purpling
BlkCandyNecklace: yea lol
evil saltine: :-P
evil saltine: meow
BlkCandyNecklace: i dunno there was more but i don't remeber lol
BlkCandyNecklace: yea how are you?
evil saltine: hehe i'm fine
evil saltine: :-)
evil saltine: *hug*
evil saltine: are you gonna learn how to pee standing up? lol jk
BlkCandyNecklace: yea were gonna try :-)
BlkCandyNecklace: :hug:
BlkCandyNecklace: yey thank you
evil saltine: lol
evil saltine: you're welcome :-P
BlkCandyNecklace: yey

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:: 2003 29 December :: 3.49 pm

password protected

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:: 2003 28 December :: 8.45 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: coheed

obliviously oblivious
HeRetic kiTTie [7:43 PM]: hi
HeRetic kiTTie [7:44 PM]: did i do something or something?
HeRetic kiTTie [7:44 PM]: because you never answer your cell whenever i call and whenever i leave you messages you never return them..
HeRetic kiTTie [7:44 PM]: and you don't talk to me online.
HeRetic kiTTie [7:44 PM]: so i think i did something.

hmm am i ignoring her? of course not...

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:: 2003 28 December :: 8.28 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: lights

oo i gotta pee lol so i'll make it quick
ok.. my parents were fighting cuz my mom said "half the stuff yoru dad say's are lies" actually it was kinda funny. umm i gotta go potty!

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:: 2003 28 December :: 4.11 pm

GRR my power keeps going out.

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:: 2003 27 December :: 11.19 pm

i'm looking at a picture of me and sandy.. and i'm not crying yey

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:: 2003 14 December :: 6.35 pm

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:: 2003 13 December :: 2.47 am
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: coheed

fuckin awsome...
the concert was amazing. i have a whole sotry but i'm tired and i jsut wanted to say i had soo much fun. i've never had that much fun.. ever. it was fuckin amazing. ahh yey

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:: 2003 11 December :: 8.23 pm

lilly lost the baby...

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:: 2003 11 December :: 7.23 pm

really cute,,4845,00.swf

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:: 2003 10 December :: 7.01 pm

i only have 5 emails!!! since the day we left my old house i've always had more than 200-100-75-50 yea jsut lots and i went through alot of them and just put them in a folder for later lol. yea i'm excited i only have 5 to read!!

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