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:: 2006 12 February :: 11.34 am
:: Music: At the Drive-in - in/CASINO/OUT

Esophagus Roller-Coaster Derailed

The drummer in my ear is a slow monotonous ache beating his rhythm to that of my pulse. If I swallow, cough, or even breathe, it feels like lawn furniture is being shoved down my throat. Also, I have recently learned that my nostrils once contained tiny dams that kept all the fluids in my body in their proper places and off of my top lip. I no longer have these tiny dams. As a result of this, my waste-basket and the floor around it has become haunted with a thousand little ghosts. A thousand slimy, sticky, and gooey little ghosts.

I haven't gotten any better since I left school after second hour on Thursday, but I have to make it through the next three days. I have to make up all the tests I've missed, (so far I've been told of four). I have no idea how I'll pass any of them.

I need to find out what assignments I've missed so I can start doing them right now. If anyone is in American Literature with Dolbee, could you please tell me what she assigned on Friday? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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:: 2006 21 January :: 1.03 pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: Chiodos - All Nereids Beware

Nine Months

Today will be amazing.

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:: 2006 18 January :: 12.39 am
:: Music: Bright Eyes

Insomnia? No.

I want to go to bed, but my blanket is in the dryer, and apparently we have no other blankets in this house. I put my bedding in the washer earlier today, but I forgot to dry it until about 20 minutes ago. So now I'm here, bored and exhausted, hoping we have another day off tomorrow. If we don't, I'm sure I'll be falling asleep in class.

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:: 2006 9 January :: 9.03 pm
:: Music: Pink Floyd

I have come to the conclusion, and reshaped it.

It is finally done and I will never look back on or think about it ever again.

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:: 2006 8 January :: 10.53 pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: The Strokes - Razorblade

The caution and fear of growing up displayed with pillow and blanket forts

This weekend was pretty good, except for the past few hours when I was doing my homework. This research assignment is driving me mad. I need one more outside source, and I need to figure out how to cite the ones I already have.

I'm trying out for the musical on Tuesday. We're singing Tribute by Tenacious D. Oh, and I'm also learning out to play the guitar. It'll take awhile, but I think it will be cool once I get good.

Oh, and if anyone works at a fast food restaurant and wants to be on Hawk Talk, let me know.


:: 2006 2 January :: 7.59 pm
:: Music: Arrested Development

Cereal in an Ash Tray

This has been the best Christmas Break ever.

New Years Eve day Amanda took me to Lake Michigan and we walked along the beach. It was glorious! And we saw the Ringer and Fun with Dick and Jane. She also bought be Arrested Development Season One DVDs, which we watched all of last night.

I also used all of my Best Buy gift cards and the 100 dollars that I had to buy an mp3 player. Let me tell you something...

it is AWESOME!

15000 songs is more than enough.
For now.

See you tomorrow.

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:: 2005 28 December :: 10.13 pm

My computer has a virus. What is the best anti virus protection stuff? I know nothing about it.

What's happening is it won't let me go to, it takes me to I'm sure other stuff is happening, but I don't know what.

Help, please.

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:: 2005 20 December :: 2.46 pm
:: Music: Rise Against

The minute hand is too slow

I just bought Amanda's gift. I cannot disclose what it is because someone could tell her, and that wouldn't be fun.

I really think she'll like it. She said she wanted one a long time ago, but hasn't said anything about it recently. I hope the desire hasn't faded. Either way, it'll still be a surprise.

Oh, and, I got a sweet coat. I saw it and tried it on, and it was the only one left. So, my mom was like, "well, I guess you know one of your Christmas presents now." So I wore it to the other stores we went to.

On the way to Meijer on Plainfield today, there was this guy lying in the street with two cops over him, and at first we thought the guy had gotten hit by a car, so we were all like, sad for the guy. Then I noticed the cop putting handcuffs on him and pulling him up by them. I wasn't as sad after that.

I'm updating too much lately. I've got to stop.

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:: 2005 20 December :: 12.34 am
:: Mood: relaxed
:: Music: Funeral for a Friend - Hours


I just beat Devil May Cry on Normal Mode for the first time. I got it about 3 years ago. I cannot express the feeling of ecstacy that I recieved when I saw Dante and Trish flying away from the island. Ahhh...

And within that feeling, I started thinking about the rest of my life. Everything is going amazingly well. I have the best grades I've ever had during high school, an awesome girlfriend, and Christmas is in less than a week.

What more could a guy ask for?

It took a video game to put it all in perspective.

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:: 2005 19 December :: 8.58 am
:: Music: the Arcade Fire

an alternative route

Today is our first official day of vacation, since you can't technically count the weekend, or Friday because that was just a snow day.

Hopefully I can go to Josh's house. I just need a ride. My mom hates driving during the winter, (even if it isn't snowing and the roads are clear) so I doubt she'll take me.

Though Christmas is approaching fast, I don't find myself getting very excited. I'm sort of dreading Christmas day actually, because I have to go to a party at my Aunt's house, which I think is stupid. Christmas should be spent with your immediate family, not all of your relatives. Save that for another day, there is no reason to ruin Christmas.

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