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A day in November

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:: 2012 17 May :: 11.05 pm

dont you say anymore
dont say anymore
im the one who was fooled
i suddenly became

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:: 2012 8 April :: 11.43 am

"flow over them with your waves and your water"

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:: 2011 8 November :: 1.17 am

i get drunk at work and bet my money on cards and win some and lose some.

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:: 2010 1 January :: 5.40 pm
:: Music: Rilo Kiley-Pictures of Success

First day of the decade.
Sobbing in a pretty bed
Pretending to sleep
In a pretty room
how to solve
pain of waiting
something that
might not be coming
breaking down thoughts
and how you think
how we organize
our heads
to feel
I am not a solid
As gas and
Liquid bliss
And pain pass
Through and I wait
For something to leave
that will never go away
the pain
Is the joy and the

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:: 2009 22 May :: 8.24 pm

A Horation Notion by Thomas Lux

The thing gets made, gets built, and you're the slave
who rolls the log beneath the block, then another,
then pushes the block, then pulls a log
from the rear back to the front
again and then again it goes beneath the block,
and so on. It's how a thing gets made – not
because you're sensitive, or you get genetic-lucky,
or God says: Here's a nice family,
seven children, let's see: this one in charge
of the village dunghill, these two die of buboes, this one
Kierkegaard, this one a drooling
nincompoop, this one clerk, this one cooper.
You need to love the thing you do – birdhouse building,
painting tulips exclusively, whatever – and then
you do it
so consciously driven
by your unconscious
that the thing becomes a wedge
that splits a stone and between the halves
the wedge then grows, i.e., the thing
is solid but with a soul,
a life of its own. Inspiration, the donnée,
the gift, the bolt of fire
down the arm that makes the art?
Grow up! Give me, please, a break!
You make the thing because you love the thing
and you love the thing because someone else loved it
enough to make you love it.
And with that your heart like a tent peg pounded
toward the earth's core.
And with that your heart on a beam burns
through the ionosphere.
And with that you go to work.

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:: 2008 22 June :: 1.00 pm
:: Music: hoping/praying

They say ev'ry man needs protection,
They say ev'ry man must fall.
Yet I swear I see my reflection
Some place so high above this wall.
I see my light come shining
From the west unto the east.
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

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:: 2007 7 May :: 3.51 pm
:: Music: jon brion

great potential for change

maybe its just about being comftorable with the emptiness.
accepting it.
just like you learned in buddhist philosophy.
there is nothing that holds true in every single situation and all of this proves it.
sadness or happiness, anger or strife. its all present and its all possible.
today does have great potential for change.
cannot rely cannot be 'sucked' into the void.
its just there, always has been no matter what illusion/dellusion you are under.
just try, try, try to direct yourself positively
there IS a silver lining you just have to find it
even in emptiness, it can help you.
just dont get 'sucked' in. turn off the force.
everything is possible. and nothing is certain.
just flow through it like water and wind and grow and adapt and never ever ever stop.
be free.

and if it gets too hard, you can always just float in the wind. like a feather.
hope floats.

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:: 2007 3 May :: 1.40 pm

I used to be able to hear the sounds
of the world. Everything, to me, used
to sound like music. Everything. Now
I don't hear it. You know what I'm
trying to say?

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:: 2007 12 April :: 8.57 pm

house of mirrors

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:: 2007 9 April :: 10.16 pm

sweet relief
sweetness so
sweet it cracks
and turns
and bitter,
then bitter,
and bitter.
and then its gone
or rather, fades
and one faraway day
youre reminded in some subtle way
and its sad
and then
its sweet.

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:: 2007 29 March :: 3.45 pm

A lot of people accuse punk of being just about t-shirts now, but it will always be way more than that. Why do you think people were crying when CBGBs shut down? That club defined the movement and now it's fucking gone. And it's not like they shut it down to focus on selling t-shirts. Oh wait, they did?

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:: 2006 14 June :: 2.27 am

living your life is not giving up- sarah bess edelman

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:: 2006 21 April :: 10.18 pm

so bad,in fact, that its kind of good.

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:: 2006 7 February :: 3.17 pm

[we are] inseperable but never together.

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:: 2006 30 January :: 8.22 pm


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