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:: 2004 14 September :: 7.39pm
:: Mood: jumpyyy
:: Music: 99 problems

wow..itz definately been a whileeeeee...
sorry..havent updated in a while..errr...i been so busyyy lately tho..cheerleading..school in general..all that good stuff..well to pick up where i left off..damage to my house due to frances consisted of shingles flying off the roof..the screen blown out and no power..our power was out for like a week..but i spent that week at my dadz which was pure hell..but hey it was better than being without light or air..oh by the way..for those of u who dont kno yet..i made a live journal too..so i'll be going back n forth..it's waves_of_hope.so check it out if u get a chance..immma still write in here tho..x0x0



:: 2004 7 September :: 12.01pm
:: Mood: hungry

hello dear friends.
it's been a while since i've updated here.

frances is over and now we get to worry about ivan. doesnt that sound like fun boys and girls?? heh. i highly doubt it. anyhow, there wasnt much damage to our house. we lost a few shingles and screens. i lost more than half of my precious moments collection. yuh- some crying there. mommy said she'd try to replace them, but its not the same. but i guess its better than nothing.

i got to talk to my buddies. everyones good. :D. now im here at my aunts in davie. boring here- but better than home. grandpa broke his hip. :(.

well i gotta go eat.

much love to all. <3

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:: 2004 3 September :: 11.56pm

i haven't updated this journal very much.... s0o just a reminder, if you wanna read or find my life interesting... i use...

L I V E J O U R N A L !



:: 2004 1 September :: 6.36pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Go0dies-Ciara

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!..lol..everybody is definately freaking out with francis..pat is boarding up the house too..lol..seriouslyyyy..paranoid people man..lol..neways..no school friday..half day tomoro..i might not even come to skoo 2moro..they're thinkin of leaving to tampa earlier than we had planned..so yupp..by the way a livejournal is under construction for me..my user name is waves_of_hope..just thot i shudd share

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:: 2004 31 August :: 10.36pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: cary brothers - "blue eyes"

i cry get upset for absolutely the weirdest things.

or for nothing at all!
mothereffing heart isnt functioning right.

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:: 2004 31 August :: 8.33pm
:: Mood: in pain
:: Music: Sunshine


i was definately dropped today from a stunt at practice..it was on accident but dayumm that shit hurt..imma be all bruised up now..:(

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:: 2004 29 August :: 4.44pm

news update:

i have switched over to livejournal. i'll still be using woohu, but i think i'll probably use that one more. my user name is misscinderella_

see you there. xoxo.

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:: 2004 29 August :: 2.39am
:: Mood: nostalgic

walk down memory lane....
well i already updated lj for the night so here i am again....i am being such a journal slut.

but anyway just had the most random conversation with john he hasn't tlked to me that much since school started and he IMs me out of nowhere tonight and starts getting all nostalgic and talking about things in the past that i don't think he even admitted to me back then...it was weird lol he eventually informed me he had been drinking and it all made sense.

i got over john a long time ago but i liked that we were still able to maintain some kind of friendship...we really had a lot of fun times together haloween...playing in the fountains at cityplace....hema's party....the back of danielle's dad's truck.... going to the movies....kicking nick out of the car lol....all of the stories i used to write him and the odd random text messages that would like brighten my day, he was the only one i managed to stay in contact with while i was grounded last yr it saved my sanity really...lol the day i took him shopping and we went on our adventure to publix and the "lake" by my house and the bookstore because i really am kinda smart lol...so many inside jokes it was just nice to look back and to know that he hasn't forgotten all of the good times. He's really happy with kassie now though and i really am happy for him because when you get down to it he's a pretty good guy.

wow this entry was so like upbeat and positive idk where that came from. i'm gunna have to be such a bitch to him nxt time we tlk to make up for it lol




:: 2004 28 August :: 1.46pm
:: Mood: hard working
:: Music: running- No Doubt

i think this song can best sum up my emotions right now.
Running all the time
Running to the future
With you right by my side

I'm the one you chose
Out of all the people
You wanted me the most
I'm so sorry that I've fallen
Help me up lets keep on running
Don't let me fall out of love

Running, running
As fast as we can
Do you think we'll make it?
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up

Running, running
As fast as we can
I really hope you make it
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

As fast as we can
I really hope we’ll make it
(Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
It's so we don't get separated

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:: 2004 27 August :: 6.20pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: This Love-Maroone 5

re-cap of the week..
Monday: umm can't remember that far back but i kno i had practice..lol

Tuesday: lol..me n sam had fun in math..we took our test..n we were just our crazy selves..lol..saw wagums before driver's ed..and he gave me a really big hug..:)..lol..had practice after school..paid for new uniforms that are gonna be soo cute!! can't wait!!

Wednesday: had my lil incident occur..alwaysss me..lol..practice was canceled for whatever reason..???..went to key club...everyyyy body was there..lol..sameen made his lil remark.."u shudd be able to hear with them big ass ears of urs!!"..lmao..wow sameen..it's definately flapping ears!!..played that weird game.."where u at??-IN MY PANTS!!"

Thursday: frickin DBQ in first hour..i seriously had NO clue what i was writing about..but it was a good day in general..i had practice..we started stretchin on the football field where the band ppl were..saw sam n rachel doing there thing..at colorgaurd..lol..then we moved to the other field cuz it was blazing hot!!..so we practiced with the football players..lol..that was funny..niche got hit wid a football and flipped out..lol..the flipping out was the funny part..then i saw wagums and him tracey and preston came over and started cheering with us..that was funny too..after i got home wagums called me up..we talked for about 2 hours!!..about everything..just catching up..that was a good day

Friday: today was a funny day..people had a great time crackin on me..i was in my uniform for cheerleading all day..we did the announcements..i personally think we looked so stupid!!..sam said i had one of those smiles that takes up my entire face..lol..i hadda be spirited!!..lol..so i missed the end of history which was great..me maryellen and amara committed suicide and died in bio..lol..that was hilarious!! u had to be there..u kno how the bio lab tables have those sockets??..we were soo bored...so maryellen was being funny and shoved her pen into the socket..amara thot it was funny and did it in hers..so i was in the middle..and got the "shock" too..lol..yea..that's us for u..lol..in spanish..nothing too exciting happened..failed the verbs quiz..but i dont care..lol..what else is new??..lol..i so hate that class..but sam keeps me sane..lol..lunch nothing too much happened..english..woo..definately went delirious in there no lie..my new word is kumquat!!..lol..sp??..oh well..i love that word!!..i got the we dont approve talk on the bus..lol..i need to work on that..and i finally sent that text message!!

all in all it was a FANTABOLOUS week..another new word..hehe..now i got a shit load of homework to do..lol..err..IB..lol

AMY: i'm gonna go back to my bullying days and kick his ass for you!!..lol..dont worry we all hate him and have ur back..love u!!

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:: 2004 24 August :: 6.51pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: scandalous

i've been thinking..
1. school's been treating me well. junior year isn't as bad as i thought it'd be. i know it'll most likeyl get harder. but i worked myself up for worse things. i guess that's good..?

2. i love my friends. they're great. i got a little reminder of that on monday. you know who you are. (note: i always think it though!)

3. thanks guys for the compliments on my new hair. it helped...

this week is going well. i really don't feel like writing about it though. too tired/ lazy.



:: 2004 22 August :: 7.07pm
:: Mood: content

*sigh* i've been too busy playing with livejournal to update this one. actually i have been too busy updating in general that is always a bad sign. Whenever im fucking around on these things are times i should eithe rbe doing homework or pretending that i actually have a life of some kind.

went to the movies last nite slept thru friday night and then my grandparents came over today. After they left i took the money they gave me and went out in search of the garden state soundtrack. i found it NOWHERE. but i did get to take the car and drive around even if i did stay within 15 minutes of my house. i love having the car to myself and i was actually fine. well...minus one near fiasco in a certain parking lot. no one woulda been hurt just a car but eh....ha i think i will keep that one my little secret. lol my god women really can't drive i wish i could do a study on it.

oh yeah psych test tomorrow and a whole assload of other stuff to get done. i better stop with this. love to all...




:: 2004 22 August :: 6.05pm
:: Mood: crackin up
:: Music: Holla Back-Fabolous

"do u kno the muffin man??"
the muffin man?? THE MUFFIN MANNN!! haha..lmao..funny stuff..that was friday's inside joke along with ma-paches..lol..rachel's partayy was so much funn..i hadda good time..lotz of dancingg..we did a weird version of the cha cha slide tho..lol..didnt like it..but the electric slide..i definately rocked that..lol..it started off wid some rap n hip hop then it went into spanish music then rock..lol..me sam carlos n amara jumping around..haha..that was greatt..then they played some techno stuff..it was a koo party..i left around 11 sumthin..my aunt got lost..lol..but it was fun..the weekend was pretty good..x0x0

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:: 2004 22 August :: 12.45pm
:: Mood: hjdbsvjbh
:: Music: scat man

she def. cut it shorter than i wanted it. :(. i do not like it at all. i just keep telling myself it'll grow back. heh.

anyhoo, Exorcist was a good movie. scary in the sense that it jumps out at you a lot. and the possessed lady had a creepy face. but it didnt give me nightmares lol.

Rachel's party was a lotta fun!! danced the whole night away. good people, good music, good times.

thats all for now. xoxo.

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:: 2004 20 August :: 11.32pm
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: breakaway // kelly clarkson

i won't forget all the ones that i love // kelly clarkson
i'm not sure what i want to say, or what i want to do right now, but, yeah.... goodnight.

i'll help u cope with it. i'm nothing. remember that. mean nothing, am nothing for u.

don't u think its amazing how u feel so skinny when u're doing certain things?! lol.

for real now, goodnight ---> u hot people.



:: 2004 20 August :: 10.11pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: finch- letters to you

woohu is in neglect.
i don't really get it.. we all pay to keep our accounts here.. and then immediately stop using this and move to livejournal.
shows how we love to throw money out the door : )
even though it's only two bucks, but still!
yeah, that's the cheap side of me talking.

so school hasn't been that bad. i mean, yes, it's already considerably harder, and yes i don't get to see the people i used to see a lot that much anymore, but i think the change of that is good, cause you get closer with different people. so yeah.

lots of parties coming up, it seems like there's 38749823 birthdays between now and the end of september, so there should be some fun there.

mm yeah.

i like to be around people that make me smile. i'm starting to realize that when i surround myself with those kinds of people i never seem to think about the bad stuff. so keep the good times rolling!

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:: 2004 20 August :: 6.40pm
:: Mood: happy--really good mood.
:: Music: sunshine - its my new song

its been a while since i updated. hmmm...

tuesday: had a long convo with amy on the bus. signed up for dance. talked to carlos for a long time.

wednesday: i dont recall anything special happening.. sorry

thursday: those spanish quizzes can kiss my bootay. english wasnt that bad. but i learned that schilit has a cat named Samantha Susan, nicknamed Sammi Sue. yeah-n she thought of that when i told her i wanted to be called sam. weirdo. then a long chat with amara and amy.

friday(today): was a good/funny day. it brought up the whole week. in ceramics we just made tiles. math- "do you know the muffin man? the muffin man? THE MUFFIN MAN!" lmao. thats me and kaila's new line.
sam: "i thought of a way to remember the name for raccoon in spanish. you know how its mapache?"
Kaila: yeah..
Sam: ::uses hand gestures:: you know how they have patches around their eyes?
Kaila: yeah.
Sam: ::still using hand gestures w/ a funny face:: just say " ma-paches"
lmao. that was great. although amy didnt think so. then dr. baum thinking i have a mustache. and the whole class staring at me. lol. lunch- kaila's a bully. jk. jk. you had to be there. social anth- i dont think anything happened. but im kinda excited about the observation thingy. bio- took a quiz that ashley and logan freaked me out on. got a 70- not too bad. paid attention/ talked to amy. bus- made fun of davis and his neck. lol. "sam youre gonna be 16!" WRONG. lol. then i went to kaila's picked out her outfit for tomorrow. did a bunch of quizzes and read through a magazine. watched music videos. crossing my eyes like the cat then freaking out. lmao. fun stuff man. then amara called a lil bit ago to ask if i wanted to see the Exorcist. i got approved. im excited/ scared. lol. then when i got home, there were these two repair guys. well the older one was like 50-60's age range. so i said hi and everything and walked inside. so later, my dad comes in, and i ask, "why did you say, 'thats my fucking daughter'?" turns out that he was a nasty old man. gross. if you get what i mean. my dad was pisseddd. thank god he's gone.

tomorrow's rachel's partay! looking forward to that. but now i gotta go eat before i go. later homies. xoxo.

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:: 2004 20 August :: 4.40pm

yay friday
oh man ashley...fucking rocks lol that girl made me the best half birthday present ever. haha she didn't have anything to make a cake so she took rice krispy treats and and candy and footlong fruit rollups and made them look like sushi. who does that? i don't know but it was still awesome. lol lemmie alone that was seriously the high point of my day.

thank god im only taking dance for one semester i can't stand the mixed classes. grr

i fucked up that spanish verb tense quiz and i got a 70 on the bio quiz but i feel better about those now because i know what to expect and i don't think they are worth a lot anyway.

not much else has been going on i want to take the car and get out of the house for a bit this weekend even if i just go somewhere by myself i just need some space. space outside of the confines of my house and school. maybe i will go to the mall and see chub if shes working or get liz a bday present idk. someone should meet me there and we'll hang out. or maybe ill make jimmy finally show me his damn pictures from europe i just remembered he hasnt. bah

my social life....i give up...seriously i've got plenty of friends to talk to and enough close friends who id trust with my life if need be. if there's some guy out there who is right for me and can actually put up with me and care about me like no one has been able to thus far...then he will find me. ive tried for too long to force what wasnt meant to be with all the wrong guys so im giving up on my better judgement and letting life take me where it will....im interested to see how all that turns out.

oh yeah unrelated topic...talked to Dom last night out of nowhere that kid just pops up at weird fucking times in my life.

i'm so over the bus seriously...just give me my damn car. I rode it for like the 1st time this year and the freshman just grrr they are probably sophmores but w/e they are all freshman to me. there's a couple juniors to keep me sane but still. lol tony tried to be funny and jack Dane Cook's shit today but he got shut down lol i know that cd by heart.

yes well im gunna go be lazy and enjoy the weekend.


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:: 2004 19 August :: 8.34pm
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: Dreaming of You-Selena

this year is nothing like what i thought it was gonna start off like..
we've been in school no more than a little more than a week and i've already been hit wid so much crap that i dunno what to do with it all..it's so frustrating and stressful..and it's not only school stuff..family is playing a big part in all this too..my mom and i have talked a couple of times already about getting out of IB..i completely went against everything she was saying..i love ATL..u all kno that..just check out my bag..lol..and everybody's at ATL..so i dont wanna leave...and i was so looking foward to cheering on varsity this year too..but it's all kinda headed the opposite way..my mom said if by the end of 1st quarter..if i have any C's or D's shez pulling me out whether i like it or not..my whole thing about it all is that i dont wanna regret it in the long run and i dont wanna feel like i've wasted the past two years of my life..u kno??..and im thinking i made it this far..why not keep going??..but it goes deeper than that..family issues..blah blah blah..it's hard to understand..i know my mom is just lookin out for me but shez juss throwing all this crap at me at once..so it makes it all even more stressful..if i did get out..i'd have to go to Olympic..i REALLY dont wanna go there..i'd rather go to West Boca..but i dont even wanna get out..i do but i dont..i wanna have a life..i DONT wanna leave all my friends..especially sam amara sameen n amy..i wanna be able to get into UF..i dont wanna stay up really late doing homework every night..i dunno..maybe im making a big deal outta it..but im confused and i need to get my priorities straight

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:: 2004 18 August :: 6.26pm
:: Music: jealous sound - "recovery room"

sometimes i wonder
if people can see the welling in my eyes
if they can sense the tenseness in my face
if they know how much i want to go away
if they feel me drifting far off into myself
if they can hear my heart as it falls to the ground
if they know how much i love/miss them

i wonder what could happen if i could just end it all ? is there a place called heaven, or would i just go be reincarnated and start hell on earth all over again, but this time even worse? my life is great, ya know? it really is. i just don't feel great. so many times in the day i feel more like an outsider than i have in all of high school. you think that wouldnt happen since it's junior year, but its true. i don't see my friends, and when i do, i can't truly enjoy my time with them. the only thing i look forward to during the day is going home with danielle. if not for that, i'd be sobbing into greta's shoulder everyday. but that doesnt sound too bad every now and then either. it's simply asinine and unnecessary for me to put myself down and feel like crap all the time. but i dont know. i cant help it.

just forget everything that i said and wash out the wounds.

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:: 2004 17 August :: 8.26pm
:: Mood: depressed

i am sooo fricken stressed out right nowwww

i need somebody to talk to other than my mom..and either everyonez away or people arent on..:(..guess imma hafta wait..itz no biggie

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:: 2004 16 August :: 11.23pm
:: Mood: wound up

hey guys. im back.
i was doing history reading and for some odd reason my mind decides to drift. i dunno why it would do that- i mean those readings are so interesting. lol. anyhow, i realized that i def.overreacted today with the whole dress code thing. but it was just one thing after another. so im sorry for my behavior and all the complaining i did. which i know there was A LOT of. but i also wanna thank you for listeing and putting up with me. it was greatly appreciated. i feel like a drama queen. lol.




:: 2004 16 August :: 7.57pm
:: Music: Hot Boyz-Missy

omg..this week is gonna be maddd busy for meee
today i went to cheer practice..only it wasnt really a practice..we mixed and matched the uniorms we had left..and we decided to go wid the white ones for now..we're gonna buy our own tho so that'll be hott..first game is the jamboree..august 27th..go!!..lol..and we're gonna start selling spirit shirts this friday..$10..they're cute..buy one..:D..tomoro i have pictures for the football program book..and then more practice..im the main flyer this year so look out for me!!..lol..wednesday i gotta take my spanish exam..not looking foward to that one..im kinda doing bio now..err..pissing me off..i cant find the answers..gotta go read for social ant. and history..and i think we have a spanish quiz too..which sucks ass..neways..hit me up laterrzz..x0x0

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:: 2004 16 August :: 4.09pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: i'll be the one

umm. yuh. this is gonna be a long one.
where did i leave off? oh yeah- friday. nothing happened. past out after school.

saturday: did some homework. called up people trying to see if i could go out but everyone was busy. then my kaila called, so i went over there. we watched barber shop 2. i liked it a lot. maybe even better than the first one. then we had some chinese food and i was brave and tried something. turned out to be sweet and sour chicken. but i get props for trying it with out knowing. lol. after, we had our scenes. lmao. those were great. we read our horoscopes for the year. interesting to say the least. an we just chilled and such. good times. went home about 11:30. around midnight i called ashley and talked til about 3:15. she keeps me entertained. :)

sunday: did bio homework all day!! holy crap- i was dead by the end of the day. i couldnt even talk right. then i went to my aunts house to use her printer..printed my thing. then had to print 64 pages worth of social anthropologhy stuff. got home about 10..read the chapters for davis. finally got to bed around midnight.

monday: BAD, BAD day. got busted for dress code. i never knew you couldnt wear halter tops even if you had a jacket on. and my shorts were too short. and the flip flops i was wearing werent the "newer" ones. they were the "old" kind. wtf?! well, i called my mom to bring me clothes- she couldnt get there til 9:30. so i had to wait in student services. i asked ms. stacey if i could just wear atl clothes until i got mine. she said no because of my shoes. i dont get it- the ones with beads are allowed but plain one arent!? then norris decides to talk to me. yuh. weird kid. i was in detention for pretty much two hours. and they speak in ebonics in there. if they want to yell at me, they need to do it in english. i havent been that mad in a while. so i finally get to trig. and i ran into a desk. yuh. ouch. everyone said i looked scray because i was so pissed. i can believe that. but the rest of the class went pretty well. time for fourth hour- i find out all the bio i did wasnt even due today! lunch and social anth. were alright. in bio, a girl took my seat. grr. on the bus i just slept. oh, and did i mention- im sick??!! i just want today to end.

so yeah, im hoping tomorrow goes better. and i hope i can get through tonight with all this reading bullshit. later. xoxo.

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:: 2004 15 August :: 3.16pm

I feel obligated to write something...
I forsee this year being terrible by all accounts I don't know why.

School is stressful...eagle-ettes doesn't officially start until next week.

When are we all to have time for each other? Between school,work,homework,SAT prep,chores,family responsibility,extra curriculars,community service...we all have so much going on. I don't see any room in that mix for friends and dating. It's depressing to see it all laid out like that.

I need to do well in school this year so badly if I fuck up now I will never get my car in january. My mom never lets me take the car I hate it. Even if she doesn't need it she's just like well its too far or i don't want you driving at night yet or w/e fuck it not like I have anywhere to go anyway.

Michelle is gone she's officially moved into her dorm. It was so sad on friday night. My parents didn't want us driving out to boca because of the storm so michelle lauren and I hung out at my house and ate junk food and watched movies for the last time. We were saying goodbye in my driveway and lauren was crying her eyes out because she always crys and we took pictures on michelles phone and remembered some inside jokes and good times and then she drove away and it was sad.

Lauren ended up crashing at my house and we woke up the next morning and went to go help kristen out with starlets. ok i did this for commnity service but its still sooo unlike me. We helped her run practice for her dance team of 7yr old girls which wasnt too bad since nicki and jenn were there too and we didn't have to do a lot just make copies and demonstrate stuff. Then nick and jenn left and kristen asked us to stay and help at the meeting for all of their parents afterwards. So we were like hell yea get more hours just for siting there but nonono. All of the kids got restless in the meeting so we had to watch them in the other room. All 24 girls plus mikes son dillan and this little kid niko. At first we just turned on a movie and it was all good then they started running around and screaming and I ended up havign to like play with them and make sure they didnt kill each other doing cheerleading stunts and gymnastics. They decided a good game was to hang all over me until i couldnt stand and then pile on top of me. I was so exhausted by the end of the day. I could so be a babysitter though I still hate them but I can handle kids a lot better than I thought. idk i have 59 hours of community service knocked out now.

lol I am just now finishing the bio summer work then I have to get something done of the other work he left us on thursday. This class is going to kill me and I am going to hate him I can see it now.

my teachers are all really goofy there is just no other word.

I had an interesting conversation with altan last night about loves marriage to tragedy among other things and an odd one with lawerence about...i don't even remember but it was random.

I'm so mad I didn't get to see garden state this weekend.

Danielle drove me home the other day in her new pimp ride lmao it was fun. I'm going to steal the car one of these days and go visit her at work.

Oh and this entry goes out to Nicki because she's fuckin awesome. She's so fuckin awesome she deserves a whole paragraph so here goes. If your ever feelin not so great just go talk to nicki and you will be laughing in no time lol she doesn't even have to try sometimes. If you ever want some great 5am phone calls she's your girl but in all seriousness she's a great friend and an awesome dancer and there's your fricken paragraph lol. <3

mmmm what else what else nothing important i'm sure love to all.




:: 2004 15 August :: 2.13pm
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: Dickey Ride

amara got tickets to the VMA's!!!!
wow..that is so frickin koo!!..im happy for them..better take pictures!!..lol

sammi came over last nite..we hung out at my house..saw barbershop 2..i love that movie..sam liked it too.."i can't talk bout luther vandross??..whattttt cha gon do bout it??"..lol..cedric the entertainer is so funny..after the movie we had chinese food!! that was good..then we juss chilled in my room..and pretty much just talked..that was funny..our little "scenes"..lol..u hadda be there..she stayed till like around 11:30-ish..then we took her home..wen we got back we watched the dvd we had bought earlier.."the best of cedric the entertainer"..lol..that was hilarious!! u gotta see it..today's just been a really lazy day..i've been up only two hours but im already sleepy..i think it's the weather..rainy..n icky..i went to publix with my moms and i went to the deli to get ham n salami and the lady didnt speak english..wow..that was interesting..lol..i didnt get her she didnt get me..jon and pat let like an hour ago for baseball practice..this week is gonna be really busy..im not lookin foward to it..lol..cheer practice monday..pictures on tues..and last yrs. spanish exam on wednesday..errr..oh well..gotta get over it..

meli-this friday for sure!!..lol



:: 2004 13 August :: 10.09pm
:: Mood: jubilant
:: Music: Goodies // Ciara ft. Petey Pablo

"should we go up and say sry before he keys the car?" <333 lol
school has been fine. i have to train 2mrw 4 cashier at publix 2mrw. 9am-12pm =) . i'm still refusing to take the bus to school... it's sorta working. not really. grr. anyways, i've gotta go. shower & sleep =) s0o tired. i get to see jonah 2mrw! jason was sweet today.

o yeah we went to taco bell afterschool today lol. and danielle stopped by. o n tim asked me about antonio... n if i was dating him. lol that's funny. there's really no cute guys at our school, and most of them r jerks. nikki's car is super cute & ana & marci r so sweet.

brittany was supposed to call, but she didn't. hm... full week of school starting monday. sickening. <3 bye byes

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:: 2004 13 August :: 4.19pm


i dont think i can get this entry right to the way i like it. i dont know what to say or how to say it.

how to express how shitty i feel just because school makes me miserable. i mean its the first fucking week and i'm already bursting into tears when i get home. i dont understand how i can be so weak, so sensitive, it just makes me cry MORE because its like what the hell am i doing? i'm dragging myself down and i can't stop. it's as if i have some masochistic desire to feel the tears running down my face. my brain must be a little screwed up to make me feel so bad that i can't face the world anymore.

just as long as i never pick up the sharp objects, i'll be okay.

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:: 2004 12 August :: 6.34pm
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lol..amy and her old skoo songs..
the bus was really funny today..we listened to old music..thot bout the old days..i miss being little..no drama back then..stratch that..yea there was..but none i had to deal with..lol..newayysss..second day of skoolio!!
i'm beginning to love it..:D

u.s history: there's alotta people in that class..i can already tell itz gonna be boring as hell but i got my amycita right next to me to keep me company!!..:)..and both ashley's are in there with me too..and caitlin and a bunch of other people..so its all good

trig: wow..what a class!! that's gonna be fun..everyyybodyyy is in there..cept my amara!!..:(..i think its gonna be a fun class..all my buddies are in there..lots of socializing..dr. baum is cool too..so far..dont wanna jinx it..lol

biology: this class is pretty small..but amara's in there..so im happy..so is val and rach..and katherine too..i hope morone jr got better with his teaching skills..it seems like he's more prepared..:/..hope it turns out good..

social anth: sam's in this one too..:D..we did pretty good with classes this year..mr davis is ok..not like other ppl sed he was like..carlos and amy r in here too..

spanish: this class is gonna be really fun too..everyybodyy's in this one too..it sucks we're gonna have mrs levine as a sub for two weeks tho

driver's ed: ally's my driving buddy!!..lol..that shudd be fun..can't wait

english: schilit's on the iffy side..she calls us "chickie poo"..lol..yea..weirdd..

my luches worked out for me too..so im straight for that..hope this year is a good one!! and i hope it goes by fast..x0x0



:: 2004 12 August :: 5.32pm
:: Mood: sick :(
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so far- i'm liking school.
i'll go class by class...

ceramics- so far it's like taking an easy version of art history. it better not stay like this.

trig.- so many people are inthat class!! i know im gonna love that class. and i love dr. baum. oh, and i got the negatives from amanda's pictures from kaila's party. they came out so cute!

lunch- it was amy, heather, and kaila. amy has siome FUNNY stories/comments. lol. then carlos joined in after we watched him look for people to eat with. lmao. i have a feeling we're all gonna get close. :)

social anth.- boring. just went over rules and such. but its a good group of people.

biology- great people in there too. amy, sam, sameen, ashley...etc. LMAO- the lip gloss going in my mouth thanks to sameen! old songs..found out what camel toe was. lol. and just the chats in there.

bus- listened to old music from the good old days. talked..the usual.

home- ate dinner and im talking to vanessa right now.

have a good night children. xoxo.

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