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:: 2005 12 January :: 7.22 pm
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: Real Love - Mary J. Blige

Olympic: Day 2
the excitement from yesterday is today was an ehh day..i rode steph's bus to school and home..i'm getting to hang out with her alot now which is great..i had psychology today which was interesting the teacher is kinda weird but he's funny..then i had ap english..they just started reading The Great Gatsby..but that class was fun..avi's in there..crazy kid..i met a couple new people in there too..i realized today that jaqueline is in almost all my classes..she's cool too..i haven't seen her since middle school when we used to hang out together with raquel..she's straight..a little on the quieter side now..i guess that's was fun..the kids in there crack me up..mrs hart changed our seats around so now i sit by this dominican girl daisy..she's sweet..we just messed around didn't do much in that class..then it was off to american PE teacher teaches that class..and he's the head football little weird..he even admitted that he had no clue what he was teaching so he's gonna give us work like reading the chapter and taking our own notes and then he'll give us a test (the test is made by the other history teacher)there's a total of 10 kids in there..he said that it'll just be a free for lunch i ate with steph, evan, the other stephanie, ryan, camila and a couple other people..JJ's in my lunch he came by and ate with us :)we talked for a while and he's sooo cute!!..i bought my locker and mine is right next to his..hehe..lucky me!!!..:)..he didn't get to play at last night's game (which we won) and he won't be able to for i think 2 more games..him and the coach don't see eye to's what he told me..ahh!! but he's so cute!! tall, black, athletic build so he's got some muscles..and he's got the most adorable smile.. :: snapping out of it now :: tomoro's an even day..i just got through with my pre cal homework and im working on my pysch. notes..but get this, in history we're only on westward expansion it's so im happy about soo looking forward to sunny weather..i wanna go to the beachhhh!!!..i need a new bathing suit too..time to go shoppinggg..hehe..well i guess im done for now..<3

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:: 2005 11 January :: 4.07 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: O - Omarion

my first day at olympic.. went a little like this:
first i missed the bus this morning so my mom drove me to school..then when i went to pick up my schedule they said i was never registered..when we had registered whatever then i had to talk to my counselor and the data processor to pick my classes..that was so complicated because at ATL we do trig and then analytical geometry but at OH its the other way they didnt know what to put me in..after bout a half hour they stuck me in pre calc..i soo cant do pre gonna get out of's the middle of the year and im so behind on what these people are learning..i seriously dont get the point in being in there..but my counselor said that if im not picking up on the lessons that i just wont have a math class..i guess im going with that..but i saw ashley thompson..she's in my math so is ate lunch together, she's graduating this year and going to UCF..the student aides that showed me around were all basketball players and they invited me to the game tonight i dunno if imma go though..we play river..but yeahh, stephanie buck is in my PE we got to talk..she's madd cool..she's on the hip hop dance team..i think im gonna try out for that instead of cheerleading..there were a couple of cheerleaders in my 2nd hour today..and when the teacher asked me what kinds of activities i did at ATL i said cheerleading and they just grilled me..those cheerleaders in my class were madd stuck up and snobby so i know i wont fit in with them so i'd rather not go out for the wouldnt be im gonna dance instead..i saw JJ!!!..he was in my lunch and we got to talk for a lil while..wowww he is just too cuteeee!!...and then after PE i was walkin toward the bus and he saw me and walked me to it..:)..i heard he broke up with his girlfriend too so all in all the first day went good..the class schedules are weird there are regular days which are 1-7..then even days which are 2,4,5,6 and then odd days which are 1,3,5, we have 5th hour everyday instead of 1st hour.

my schedule:
1. Psychology
2. Child Development
3. AP English
4. Pre-Calculus
5. AP Spanish
6. Team Sports
7. American History Honors

(my AP spanish class is definitely ALL native was a lil weird for i saw this girl i used to go to summer camp with!! when i was like that was cool) i was so nervous that i wasn't going to know anyone but it all worked out for me..another weird thing was that this one kid was like "u went to atlantic right?? u went out with carlos right??" was like "ummm yeahh"..i was so confused i didn't even know this kid but he knew i knew carlos, avi and meyeong..he's a senior though and went to atlantic which threw me off even i met this girl shayah..she was like indian or something i dunno..but i swear she looks jut like nadia..its like whoaaa resemblance..with the little nose ring and everything..she's cool..we'll guys i will let u know how things go down tomoro: OH - Day 2..:)..i love and miss all my eagles and my

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:: 2004 16 December :: 5.30 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: How We Do- The Game

yo i am soo frickin stressed out right now!! i calculated my grades and i have to study for like allll my semester exams..not cool!!..this shit sucks!!..and mr davis has been really pissin me off lately too!!..err i effin hate him!!

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:: 2004 6 December :: 5.25 pm
:: Mood: relaxed
:: Music: Soldier-Destiny's Child

party ova ova
yay!! the party was a success!!! sam was soo surprised!! it was great..she even ran to everybody who helped out..amara meli eric amy heather for was fun..carlos for the thanks to everyone who came..we had alot of fun..dancing, music, was great..after the party sam slept over and we just chilled out..altogether it was a great weekend..:D

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:: 2004 26 November :: 4.19 pm
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: If I Could Go - Angie Martinez

err..still stuffed..
or belated hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night!!..i had alot of fun!!..despite the fact that there were i dont know..thirty sumthing people in my house!!! was like whoa..but more family equaled more food..which is always a plus!!..there was a lil bit of everything..turkey, pork, mashed potatoes, rice and beans, sweet potatoes, pasta, tons of vegetables, and then the desserts!!..pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding pie, apple pie, cake, brownies, cookies, good..i never ate so much food in my it was good..then me and china snuck some shots..bacardi here, malibu there..and crown royal and a lil tipsy but nothing my mom and my grandma went shopping..they woke up around 6-sumthing to do the psychotic shoppingness for sales n shit..i stayed home and put up my mini xmas tree in my's sooo cute..besides that haven't been up to too much..homework is just on my desk..dont wanna do it..ehhh..whatever..tomoro is my dad's i kinda HAVE to go over there..hopefully it turns out to be semi-interesting..everyone enjoy your break!!..x0x0


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:: 2004 8 November :: 5.43 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: One Minute Man-Missy

i just thought about the really funny conversations i been having lately..first it was on friday's bus ride home and me amara and amy talking bout how i was gonna have bi-racial babies..tattoos and piercings..and today with me and amara beating each other up in bio cuz theres nutten better to do..and with amy flippin out on the bus driver..cuz we had to take 1368768 other kids home..and with sam its just random giggle attacks cuz we're just weird like that and trying to talk to each other across the room in's been a funny couple of days..thanks guys..x0x0

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:: 2004 7 November :: 2.06 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Oye Mi Canto-N.O.R.E and Nina Sky

we lost the effin game friday nite!!!!!! was 40-29..we were kickin ass the first half..but after half time..i guess boca had sum crunk juice after half time cuz then they kept scoring until they beat was a damn shame..anyways..i had fun cheering..we didnt stunt though..sorry amy!!..:(..maybe u'll see at a basketball game or saw soo many old boos last nite..i saw jermell..anthony..charles..and BRYAN!!..ahhh..they all looked so good!!..i didnt see byrd until i was leaving the game..he was up against the fence..and i just happened to look that way when i was looking for my moms..and then i saw him..i can't even imagine the look on my face..oh then i went up to him and he gave me the biggest hug ever..and we talked..i got his number and he was like "i really hope we can chill soon" im going to cheer gym hopefully i'll learn a back

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:: 2004 3 November :: 5.25 pm
:: Mood: pissed off
:: Music: Encore-Jay Z

omfg..i can't believe bush won!! this sucks some major ass..we really needed a change in our gov't and i truly believed kerry would be able to do that for us..another four years with bush.. :( ..hopefully things dont get any more worse than they are now..(doubt it tho)..errrrrrr...

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:: 2004 2 November :: 4.58 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Diary-Alicia Keys

ai yai yai yai yai.........
it has just hit me the kind of drama i got myself into and how all this can seriously blow up..errr..this fucking sucks

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:: 2004 2 November :: 4.43 pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: Turn Me On-Nina Sky n Pittbull

thanks meli for inviting me to ur homecoming!! it was alotta fun!! i went to west boca's homecoming saturday nite..which was so much fun..they had richie rich..the babalu bad boy dj-ing!! i was like omg!!'re so and meli got to take a pic wid him that wuz koo..i hung out wid her eric and cynthia most of the night..but i floated around meeting up with old friends from middle school..i saw alot of people was koo..i even saw sum ppl from jeff!!..he's doing good..i just didnt kno that he was down wid eric and eric's cousin JJ..wowwwwww..cuteness right met him over the summer and thought he was cute but at homecoming..he was all dressed up and everything..he looked so fine!! too bad he's got a girlfriend tho..:/..yesterday was sammi and amara did the thugged out "gangsteritas" look..haha..we looked hott tho..rockin them baggy pants, bandanas and backwards hats!! hellz went dressed up like that to see the grudge..oo wee..these two were was too..but they freak out..itz so much fun going to see scary movies with u guys!!, screaming..but just dont hurt me too bad in all it was a good weekend..hope u all racked up with that candy!!!

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:: 2004 15 September :: 11.01 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: angel of mine

itz crazy how things like this just happen..
well it started off as a pretty good day..normal stuff..then brice told me what happened..yesterday his cousin and one of his closest friends got into a really bad car was two guys..koby and willy..koby died in the accident..he was just 19..willy got hurt so bad that his leg had to be many people were affected by what happened..especially the football players..koby graduated last year from ATL..i didnt know him personally but i knew of him and knew some of his before cheer practice we went to the AV room with all the football players and some basketball players so Coach Bean and some other people could talk about what happened..we went out of respect u kno?? was really sad..Coach Bean was saying all these really nice things about koby and what a great person he was..and how motivated and determined he was too..and he just broke down crying..and with me i get emotional easily when it comes to things like i got all teary eyed..after some coaches and teachers spoke football players spoke about him too..wagums got up there and said really nice things so did CJ and preston..and alot of other guys too..all the guys were in was really makes you think everything over..and realize what's truly important in's true what they say "live life to the fullest" and "live every day like it's ur last"..because u never know what could happen..and unfortunately it takes something this tragic to realize it all

R.I.P Koby Pierre 1985-2004

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:: 2004 14 September :: 7.39 pm
:: Mood: jumpyyy
:: Music: 99 problems

wow..itz definately been a whileeeeee...
sorry..havent updated in a while..errr...i been so busyyy lately in general..all that good stuff..well to pick up where i left off..damage to my house due to frances consisted of shingles flying off the roof..the screen blown out and no power..our power was out for like a week..but i spent that week at my dadz which was pure hell..but hey it was better than being without light or air..oh by the way..for those of u who dont kno yet..i made a live journal i'll be going back n's check it out if u get a chance..immma still write in here tho..x0x0

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:: 2004 1 September :: 6.36 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Go0dies-Ciara

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! is definately freaking out with francis..pat is boarding up the house people school friday..half day tomoro..i might not even come to skoo 2moro..they're thinkin of leaving to tampa earlier than we had the way a livejournal is under construction for user name is waves_of_hope..just thot i shudd share

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:: 2004 31 August :: 8.33 pm
:: Mood: in pain
:: Music: Sunshine


i was definately dropped today from a stunt at was on accident but dayumm that shit hurt..imma be all bruised up now..:(

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:: 2004 27 August :: 6.20 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: This Love-Maroone 5

re-cap of the week..
Monday: umm can't remember that far back but i kno i had

Tuesday: n sam had fun in math..we took our test..n we were just our crazy wagums before driver's ed..and he gave me a really big hug..:) practice after school..paid for new uniforms that are gonna be soo cute!! can't wait!!

Wednesday: had my lil incident occur..alwaysss was canceled for whatever reason..???..went to key club...everyyyy body was made his lil remark.."u shudd be able to hear with them big ass ears of urs!!"'s definately flapping ears!!..played that weird game.."where u at??-IN MY PANTS!!"

Thursday: frickin DBQ in first hour..i seriously had NO clue what i was writing about..but it was a good day in general..i had practice..we started stretchin on the football field where the band ppl were..saw sam n rachel doing there we moved to the other field cuz it was blazing hot!! we practiced with the football was funny..niche got hit wid a football and flipped flipping out was the funny part..then i saw wagums and him tracey and preston came over and started cheering with us..that was funny too..after i got home wagums called me up..we talked for about 2 hours!!..about everything..just catching up..that was a good day

Friday: today was a funny day..people had a great time crackin on me..i was in my uniform for cheerleading all day..we did the announcements..i personally think we looked so stupid!!..sam said i had one of those smiles that takes up my entire hadda be spirited!! i missed the end of history which was maryellen and amara committed suicide and died in was hilarious!! u had to be there..u kno how the bio lab tables have those sockets??..we were soo maryellen was being funny and shoved her pen into the socket..amara thot it was funny and did it in i was in the middle..and got the "shock"'s us for spanish..nothing too exciting happened..failed the verbs quiz..but i dont else is new?? so hate that class..but sam keeps me nothing too much happened..english..woo..definately went delirious in there no new word is kumquat!! well..i love that word!!..i got the we dont approve talk on the need to work on that..and i finally sent that text message!!

all in all it was a FANTABOLOUS week..another new i got a shit load of homework to

AMY: i'm gonna go back to my bullying days and kick his ass for you!! worry we all hate him and have ur u!!

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