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11-04-2002 01:01pm

Well Bradley, you havn't even updated this journal since you started it, whats up with that? You should start doing that at school. It would give you something to do.


12-03-2002 04:58pm

i was hi brad hows life treatin ya..good i hope


09-14-2003 01:15am

i think its time to update


09-14-2003 03:37pm

yay you listened to me


11-21-2003 09:41pm



12-17-2003 11:20pm

say man, I read what you had to say and it aint that fuckin bad. Most of us get thru it and it aint that bad when you look back at it you'll realize. Enjoy another breath and just know that theres alot of us that feel that way... some on a daily basis. Your gonna be ok. you'll smile after this shit, I promise. You got a roof, friends, family, you got every damn thing and one you NEED.


01-15-2004 08:03pm

hi bradley. *hugs you*


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