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:: 2004 25 August :: 11.05 pm

this is madness!! i'm talking to 4 people at once.. that's like a record for me.. which is pretty sad but.. oh well. lol.

I haven't updated in awhile but ashley made me darn her... lol, j/k :)

i'm not looking forward to school... but i'm excited about getting my schedule which is kind of weird... but if anyone is in Yearbook, Journalism, or AP history.. let me know!

Yay.. I get my license in... less than a month!! ahh.. that will be nice.. then i can actually drive myself to work.. that will be a nice change.

I get to watch my crazy little nephew tomorrow.. he is such a cute little butterball though.. but he's a wild little man. ahh well... it should be fun. and i have to work tomorrow....

Yay!! erika starts work on friday so i get to train her!! which is in actuality kind of a scary thought... but hey.. it's ok!! so that should be fun!

but i don't have much else to say... so i'll probably update sometime soon.....

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:: 2004 13 June :: 10.11 pm
:: Music: jeremy camp

hmm... i thought our bonfire went ok. could have been better if not for that certain "dilemma" but.. whatever. I think everyone had an ok time though.. hopefully anyways.


so me and erika spent the night at my brother brian's house last night... and ate pizza (homeade pizza by the way, and it was very good!) and watched Peter Pan. "I do believe in fairies.. I DO! I DO!!" lol, good movie though. that was pretty fun, and we went to church w/ them this morning and met a lot of nice people from their church. *winks at erika hehe and then sat around their house for like... 6 hours w/ my crazy but adorable little niece and nephew running around the house.

I start working at Pine Ridge tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous.. but it's not a huge deal cause i worked there last year, so it should be fun. but i have to get up at 6:30 every morning. ugh. it's worth it though.

MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONDAY!!!!! so anyways..

Michelle: I'm gonna miss you:'( sorry i couldn't make it to your party last night.... wait, you're all dead now anyways since i wasn't there... hehe. but thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the present:) Nothing you could have given to Erika and I could have meant more than that did.. thank you:') I love you:)<3 *long hug

I wrote a song... that was interesting, i haven't done that in awhile. it was nice though.

I think i shall be off now. Thanks again to everyone who came.. we love you all soooo much:) Thank you.

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:: 2004 6 June :: 6.17 pm

i'm bored. I went to 2 open houses today. I went to Richele's first then I went to my cousin Becky's open house. I saw Jake there and talked to him, that was cool. *waves

and now I am looking up a million and a half tabs of songs that i hope to play. *nods mmhmm. it's kind of fun. yep.

so tomorrow i'm going to Metron for a job interview, and I'm kind of scared about that. it would be cool if i got the job cause then i would be working w/ my brother all the time, and that would be fun.

Oh yes.. This is to Erika:
Phil told me to tell you happy belated birthday. i talked to him. yes.

My birthday is in... hmm... 15 days. woo. I'll be 16.. so then I can officially... date my goldfish. yes, that's right.. my goldfish. and I could get my license except not. but i can in september. woo. my brother's birthday is tomorrow.. he'll be 21. my other brother's birthday is friday.. he'll be 24. woo. not that anyone cares but like I said.. i'm bored.

aww.. Stacy's gone now... that's sad:( I think I'll go call Erika now.. I haven't talked to my Erika in a whole day.. I think I'm having withdrawal.. *hugs

on a good note... school's out:) hope everyone has a good break:)

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:: 2004 31 May :: 10.14 pm

tonight i babysat. that was fine, except joey and jennifer kept crying, but that was okay. but besides that...

I can't believe him. I trusted him, I felt safe with him, I thought I meant something to him. obviously, I was very wrong. I can't believe he would hurt me like that. Well, to you.. you know who you are.. I hope you will eventually see where I'm coming from and find a way to understand me. I also hope you're happy, and I mean that because you deserve it. I also hope you learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them, for her sake.

On a happier note... Erika is officially living w/ me now:)

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:: 2004 15 April :: 2.29 pm

so here i am.. all bored and stuff. but that's ok. i'm here with my dear cousin.. at school. she's working on a yearbook spread. *looks at her. anyways. hmm.. i thought joe was here.. but apparently not.

so i think i'm finally getting over it. not that it matters to anyone but yeah...

i can't wait until school get out. then we will officially be "upperclassmen" that makes me happy. plus i think next year will just be funner than this year was... it better be anyways. Erika and I are going to be in AT LEAST 3 classes together next year!!!!! 3 whole classes!! that's the most classes we've been in together since 3rd grade cause our 3rd grade teacher was evil and wanted to see us crushed in the real world... not really.

so i babysat for another 4 and a half hours on tuesday. that went ok.

well since i have nothing else to say...

Have a great day everyone:)

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:: 2004 8 April :: 10.50 pm

break is going by waaay too fast. I haven't had hardly any free time by myself so far. which isn't necessarily a bad thing cause i got to spend time w/ a couple of my friends. *smiles. but, i'm sad, another 4 days and it's back to school. oh well. only 2 more years right:) Edward Scissorhands is a sad movie... they're so mean to him. *looks at erika.. tear*

i babysat 5 kids yesterday. that was fun. then i babysat 3 today. even more fun. that's ok though.. i like kids and it's good money.

i went to my brother's house tonight... which was nice cause i hardly ever see him. i talked to his fiancee.. aww... she's so nice. i'm telling you this because i know you all care. ha.

i think i'm going to get my hair highlighted soon since i actually have money now. yay. blonde and strawberry blonde.. hopefully it doesn't turn out bright red... that would be tragic, yes it would.

well, off i go.. hope everyone has a good break (or what's left of it):)

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:: 2004 30 March :: 8.08 pm

hello. oh my goodness... i can't wait until spring break... i hate school. that's ok though. yay.. only 2 more days!!! i just got off the phone... I had to call stores to ask them about some stuff for a fundraiser we are doing... I called almost 30 stores... not cool at all. ohh well... it should be fun. ugh... i have to take 3 tests tomorrow.. that i know of. shall be fun. i should probably go study for those. my life has been very boring lately.. i guess that's ok too though. Now I am going to go rummage madly for pictures of Dashboard... so pretty.....

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:: 2004 28 March :: 5.10 pm

hello. erika is over now. we just went for a walk. it was fun... i think.. constuctive anyways.

Stacy and Becky: Oh my goosssshhh you guys... you're so meeeaaaaaannnn.... *whines*

How terribly clever am I.. mua ha ha....

it sucks.. i have a bunch of homework tonight cause my teachers are evil. and my dad might not let me work on it until we get home until like 9 tonight which means i'll be up until like midnight... parents these days...

quote of the day: "Thee art so special...." -erika the brilliant

whetzel's party was fun... for all of you who didn't go... haha... sucks to be you.

other quote of the day: "i've got a secret so im going to shisper it"
-brandi the brilliant.

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:: 2003 23 December :: 7.48 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: chevelle-the red

hey. haven't done this in awhile... i'm updating just for you stacy. *smiles at stacy adoringly* lol, not really. anyways. ahh... I'm SOO happy to be on break... no school for 2 whole weeks!!!! ....I really need a break too. so i get to sit around the house and do a whole lotta nothing for 2 weeks... fun fun. right now my friend laura's over... and we're watching "how to loose a guy in 10 days" ha... great movie. but i'm gonna go now so I can watch the movie.

Everyone have a great christmas... and a great break!

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:: 2003 13 September :: 9.22 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: relient k

hey. well...since I'm bored an no one's on... I decided to update. this has been an...intersting week. lol, I have to admit having "spirit week" does add some excitement to school. last night was pretty fun... went to the game and hung out w/ erika, kevin, and phil. that does suck though that we got beat on homecoming game. oh well. after the game...yeah...that was TONS of fun...(sarcasm). but good buddy stacy is on now so I'm gonna go.

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:: 2003 2 September :: 8.52 pm
:: Mood: lonely

hey. how's everyone's week going so far? Mine's been alright....but today was HORRIBLE!!! but that's ok...I know God is in control and it will work out in the end. anyways...I hope school's been going ok for all of you. school for me is just the same as it was last year. It's weird... people are saying "it's weird to be back in school!" but for me it feels the feels like I've been going all summer. It's weird. Today I had to bring home 3 books. That was NOT fun. hopefully I won't always have that much homework. but that's ok too. but I don't have anything else to say so I'm gonna go now. talk to you guys later. bye.

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:: 2003 15 August :: 6.22 pm
:: Mood: blank

Sorry Stacy.. I'm gonna steal your idea. lol.

If anyone has any of these classes... let me know!

Anatomy & Physiology: Mcdonald, J.
Soc. Stud. Pers2/2: Cooper, J.
Core Plus 1: Holt, B.
Food & Nutrition: Babbitt, B.
Intro to Draw/Design: Dufty, Jefferey M.
Sophomore Comp/Literature: Dolbee, D.

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:: 2003 15 August :: 12.14 am
:: Mood: sleepy

hey. I haven't been on here in awhile! anyways. I've had a pretty busy summer. I'm pretty excited for school to start though... in some ways. I'm not looking forward to my classes but I'll get to see my friends again and that will be nice. I haven't seen Erika and Stacy hardly at all this summer!!:'( Except for erika's over now. but Stacy.. I've only seen her once! (tear, sniff, tear) I haven't seen Phil that much either:(. hopefully I'll see him tomorrow though. but anyways! I'm gonna go now cause Im really tired. Talk to y'all later. bye and good night.

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:: 2003 9 July :: 10.28 pm
:: Mood: happy

Hello. Well, I thought since I haven't done this in awhile and I'm a loser and have nothing better to do... lol, j/k. Well, actually I don't have anything else to do and I am quite a loser.... But, anyways! The last 3 weeks I've been working at Pine Ridge Bible Camp in the kitchen... that was fun. Not the actual working part... but I loved hanging out w/ the campers. So, I'm happy to be home. But at 7 a.m. on Saturday I'm going w/ a few other people from my youth group to Kentucky for 2 weeks on a missions trip to a camp down there. so hopefully that'll be fun... I think it will be anyways. hmm... what else. I went shopping today and got a red sweatshirt from aeropostale w/ monkeys on it. lol. and today I met a bunch more people from Phil's family... that was fun. but... I don't think I have anything else to say so I'm gonna go now. talk to you guys later. bye!

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:: 2003 2 June :: 6.23 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: I'd do anything-Simple Plan

MUST there be a subject?!?!?!
Hello! Well, not that anyone will answer but.. How is everyone doing and how was everyone's day? My life is going pretty good...but eventless. I'm still w/ Phil though... that's always good!! My day was... hmm... alright. I'm SO happy... tomorrow I get to hand in my biology book which means... I'll never EVER have to look at that evil book ever again!! anyways. I'm also happy cause we only got 4 days left! oh yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA!!!! (I know, it's not til Wednesday but that's ok lol) I get to go to a concert on July 5th... Our Lady Peace and 3 Doors Down... cause since my big bro. loves me soooo much he thought of me and invited me to go to the concert w/ him!! Actually, it's probably more like he didn't have anyone else to go w/ him and his girlfriend... but it's still pretty cool!! wow... I'm actually gonna have a busy weekend!! Usually I'm a loser that sits at home w/ nothing to do. BUT... I have 3 open houses to go to on Saturday, and it's my big bro's birthday, and I have to go to my nephew's birthday party cause he's a year old now, and erika's party!! So I don't feel like such a loser this weekend. but anyways... this has been one pointless entry so I'm gonna go now. I'll talk to you guys later. bye!

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