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:: 2007 18 October :: 10.35 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: mewithoutyou - leaf

I'm watching the USF - Rutgers game, I want USF to win because its cool to see a new team win, and I would like to see them in the BCS title game because I think they have a chance to win it all.

Apparently we are going to get some pretty strong storms tonight, but I'm hoping to be asleep by then because I'm getting up at 5:45, otherwise I'm rushing to make it to class on time, and I like beating the rush around here. It takes me around 45 minutes to get to OU from out here in east Macomb, and traffic sucks from the public high school, along with pretty much all the Chippewa Valley school district buses.

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:: 2007 11 October :: 1.59 pm
:: Mood: complacent
:: Music: Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn

So its finally cold here. Well kinda cold at least, cold to me is below freezing, above that point its a bit chilly. Its sunny for a while, and cloudy a bit later, all in cycles. Its fun.

Its my day to make dinner at home now. My mum came up with the idea of rotating who makes dinner, which has really turned into I make dinner twice a week, my mum pretty much the other three weekdays, weekends are kind of a free for all, my dad usually makes breakfast saturday and sunday, but not of recent because of my brother's tennis tournaments, which leaves me to fend for myself (bad run on sentance). So tonight I think I'm making stew, since its all stewing or whatever it does it the pot while I sit here and type. When I move out I'm fairly sure that my friends will become permanent roommates sorely on the face that I can cook.

I'm actually enjoying some of my classes, because I'm learning some new things. Western Art History sucks because its boring, but I need it for my minor. Intro to Latin America sucks because the prof is a Marxist. In art history I don't really do a whole lot because its boring as hell.

Midterms are coming up, as well as crunchtime for work.
These next few weeks could suck.

first breath after coma

:: 2007 7 October :: 10.11 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Acceptance - Take Cover

I watched a condensed version of the ND - UCLA game, so now I'm in a really good mood, hoping it will carry over this week. I saw a stat at the end of the game, ND hadn't won since playing Army last year, November 18th, 2006. I remember that day pretty well too. I got up and went to breakfast like I usually did on a Saturday, I had a date that evening, so I watched the game for a while in the first half and I remember calling my buddy up and saying that I called ND wearing green jerseys that day prior to them actually doing so. My 1st roommate was moping around the room probably hung over, so I ignored him as I did the shower, shaving and dressing. Borrowed my friends car and picked her up. I had my friend call me with updates, which may have annoyed her, but that was also the night Pat called me to tell me that DLS was going to the state championship game. Yeah, that was a decent day, but I have no idea why I typed that entire day out.

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:: 2007 7 October :: 11.32 am
:: Mood: pleased
:: Music: Journey - Don't Stop Believing

I thought about writing a nice long entry for the hell of it, but I don't really have that kind of motivation. So a quick update of the weekend:

Friday - Hung out with Jeff, Ralph and Mark, ate too much pizza and drove around all fucking night, it was fun.

Saturday - Woke to an empty house, so I kinda lounged around for an hour or two in my boxers, ate breakfast and my dad came back. Drove and watched my brother in his tennis tournament. The padre and I took the long way back home on the back roads for the scenery, even though it doesn't feel at all like fall is weekend, it was nice to look at. Couldn't watch the ND game, which fucking sucked since they won, so I played Halo 3 with my brother for a while and watched part of the LSU - Florida game and my house went fucking nuts when news that USC lost to Stanford came over the wire.

Today - So far I've gone to mass and have had breakfast and I might do some studying in a bit, but other than that is probably going to be watching the Lions game and Halo 3.

I think it'll be a good end to my weekend.

first breath after coma

:: 2007 1 October :: 10.26 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: Brand New - Handcuffs

I'm still sick, but I'm getting better, so that's good. Classes are getting to the point where they all get boring, but I'll make due. I thought I was going to type more, but I don't think that's going to happen on this one.

first breath after coma

:: 2007 23 September :: 11.53 am
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Live - Shit Towne

I went to my old high school's homecoming football game yesterday, they switched around where they played it at, and it was a Saturday morning/afternoon, it did not feel like a homecoming game. They beat Catholic Central 21-14 in overtime, which was pretty cool. After that we went over to play football at Pat's. I found out I am so out of shape its not even funny. I can still throw okay, my arm strength isn't so great anymore, but I still have some accuracy, to an extent. I got sunburned too, I swear I'm slowly becoming more irish, my hair is slowly getting more red tint to it, I sunburn more easily, that or I'm turning into a leprechaun. Who knows. Also, I'm slowly learning to play the piano again, which I enjoy a lot more now than I did growing up. If I try play the guitar for more than an hour my fingers want to die. With the piano I only have hand and forearm soreness, which I can live with. Reading music is a whole other thing though, I can still read treble clef to an extent, but since I never learned bass, it is a struggle. I still write the notes and chords next to the notes on the music, which kinda helps me learn.

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