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:: 2010 25 July :: 8.17 pm

First year.
So, it's a little late. Brady and I had our one year anniversary earlier in July. Anyways, it was fantastic. We've had a really great year and we're very happy. He loves me extremely and we're very committed to each other.

My birthday is actually coming up. I'm realizing I haven't made any plans and it's only getting closer. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I mean, Brady and I are spending my actual birthday together, but I figured I should pull all my friends together the day before and go out to have dinner or something. I want to go to this little sushi place that's run by an old Korean couple. They've always been really good to me and I'd like to give them some good business.

Things are okay, for the most part.

Today, I got a dress for Brady's aunt's wedding. I'm very excited. I hope I can find a dress for Dora's wedding too.

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